Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eight of Vessels - Rebirth

The Wildwood Tarot Eight of Vessels Rebirth
My card for Today is the Eight of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot. The caption for this card is Rebirth. There is a large cauldron hanging in a tree. It gets filled with water (probable rainwater) from three bowls hanging in the branches above and it overflows and fills four cups which stand on the rocks  and in turn, overflow into the stream.
In short this is the cycle of water. Like with energy there is no drop lost nor added since the beginning of time. The first living creatures on Earth drank the same water as we do.
Each drop evaporates (dies) and condensates again (is reborn) This is a beautiful metaphor for our own life: We live and do the best we can. We make mistakes, we love, we experience, we release and let go and we start over, to try again and to do better or to seek out a different path. We do not need to physically die to be reborn again. Making a shift in perception or in attitude can be such a major change in life, it could be perceived as a rebirth. And for every rebirth something has to be released; has to die first.
The river needs to keep flowing because when water is stagnant it will become smelly and overgrown with algae. So letting things go and moving on is a natural, sometimes difficult, part of life.
When I look back at my own life the most challenging times have brought me the most precious gifts. In order to receive these gifts I've had to embrace the release (death) of some important aspects of my life. Living without regrets and to go with the flow, is an art I have not fully mastered yet, but I am still learning.
“Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.” Christina Baldwin

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Wheel – Weave your own destiny

The Wildwood Tarot The wheelFor today I've picked up My Wildwood Tarot and I've pulled The Wheel. Usually I am at bit at a loss when I draw The Wheel of Fortune but this one with the loom, speaks to me more clearly than most of my other depictions of this card. I love how it feels like this loom is waiting to be used. I feel invited to pick up the shuttle and continue to weave this garment. It has already a woven wheel of the year design, a representation of ongoing cycles and inevitable changes. In the back we see three herons waiting for the weaver. They are symbolizing the three Norns or Fates. They spin the threads of life for each person and decide when to cut it. When I think of the balance between fate and free will, I guess this loom is a perfect symbol. Perhaps the waft is the Grand design and the weft is our own personal destiny which we shape with each choice and action we make.
Yesterday M had two wisdom tooth removed. The surgeon had offered her to wait some months to be more prepared and accustomed to the idea of having her teeth pulled but in the end they would have to come out anyway. She made the brave decision to go ahead with the procedure and now she feels fine and is so relieved. This choice has become a strong piece of yarn to weave in her robe.
“Fate is what you are given. Destiny is what you make of it”

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New moon in May

For this new Moon in May I've drawn, as usual two cards from my Osho Zen Tarot. Because I've used this deck for all my new moon readings, it is no wonder the same cards come up now and then . Both these cards have been pulled for a previous New Moon readings. No-thingness was in the Release position this last Lunation and Patience came up in the same position in January.
Release: Seven of Rainbows – Patience
It has been a difficult period with lots of challenges these last few months.  And all I could think was: “When this is over I will…..” But perhaps I should have known it is never over. This is just life. There is always something which is more important than my own needs, desires and aspirations. I will have to say goodbye to the waiting game. My time is Now!
Embrace: V No-thingness
When I do let go of the waiting there is this great black void of No-thingness to dive into. I have been so busy with everybody else's life I've forgotten to color my own. But for the next lunation I will embrace this emptiness. This space between breaths were everything is possible:
“All you can do now is to relax into this no-thingness...fall into this silence between the this gap between the outgoing and incoming breath. And treasure each empty moment of the experience. Something sacred is about to be born.”

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prince of Pentacles - Steady as she goes

Druidcraft Tarot Prince of Pentacles
Where would the King of Pentacles be without his trustworthy Prince of Pentacles from the Druidcraft Tarot (aka Knight of Pentacles). Look at him standing there, watching from the hilltop over the land. Guarding it, keeping it safe and if necessary defending it with valor. He is pragmatic, reliable and he gets the job done. This card is for me all about doing the same chores day in day out and keeping our home running: Cooking, doing the dishes, grocery shopping, paying bills, gardening etc. I always have found fulfillment in being “just” a stay at home mother. It is hard to belief how many times I had to defend my decision to quit my job after having my first child. Of course I was in the luxurious position my husband had a job too but it was definitely a financial challenge. It has worked out for all of us and that is what counts the most I guess.
Nowadays I feel I am the king as well as the Prince. Luckily I have two princesses around who are willing to help me as much as they possibly can.

"It's the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win in the lifelong race".Robert W. Service
(Ps. I've learned the drop shadow technique from Prince Lenormand)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

King of Pentacles - Enjoy the earthly delights

Today’s card, the King of Pentacles from the Druidcraft Tarot, has a whole different feel than the two previous cards from this Deck. They were both painted with a cooler color palette of mostly blues and greens. This card however, with a lot of red, yellow and orange, has a much warmer colour tone.
It is like this king is inviting us to join him for a glass of wine near his fireplace. The day is done and he is satisfied with his accomplishments in his earthly realm. He is barefoot, a symbol of his deep rooted connection with the element earth and all it's aspects like food, health and money. Don’t expect to have an in depth talk about your feelings with him, but he does make you feel comfortable and he is willing to share his practical expertise and his secret of how to enjoy the earthly delights without feeling guilty afterwards.

While conversing with this king I've learned I have a lot to be thankful for. My table is set for dinner every night. I have a warm and cozy house. The health of my family is good. We have a steady income. I am proud to say my household is organized sufficiently; no need for perfection here J. So in the Pentacles area no worries are insight.(Expect the annual checkup for our car) And realizing this I sit back and enjoy with a great sense of gratitude the life I've build for us right here and now. This calls for coffee and …….

Monday, May 26, 2014

Five of Cups – Every tarot card has a silver lining

Druidcraft Tarot Five of Cups
Another gloomy card for today: the Five of cups from the Druidcraft Tarot. We see a cloaked figure with a sad demeanor, staring over the lake where a salmon is  being chased by an otter. (Cerridwen is chasing Taliesin) Next to him there are three empty cups fallen over. It  looks like everything is lost. But behind him two filled cups are still standing. The question is: Which cups is he going to focus on?
Maybe it is time to take off this cloak of sadness and emotional protection. The otter (playfulness) is chasing the salmon (inner wisdom and reflection) Perhaps this fish could do with some fooling around.
If the man would turn around and look at the two cups behind him he would see that all is not is lost. Maybe a sip or two from these cups will restore his believe in the future. Sometimes it is a good thing to turn around and see how far we’ve come and how much we have achieved. Yesterday Sycamore gave me the advise to make  a list of all that I have gone through and came out okay on the other side. This has given me a renewed sense of trust and believe in myself.
So all and all  in the end this is quite a positive card. Every cloud has a silver lining: Every tarot card too.J

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ten of Wands – enough is enough

Druidcraft Tarot Ten of Wands
My card of the day is the Ten of Wands from the Druidcraft Tarot. The depiction is following the Rider Waite  tradition: a man carrying Ten Wands uphill which is obviously a heavy load. In this card however there is no house at the end of the road; in fact there is no house at all. We know nothing of his destination. The man is walking on a road with no beginning and no end and for me this enhances the severity of his exhaustion. There is no where else to go than uphill and we don’t know how much longer he has to carry this load. 
Maybe he should sit down for a while and enjoy the flowers on the side of his path. Who knows he might be able to leave a wand or two behind…..
I have the tendency to pick up the wands of those who are more tired, more stressed and more busy than me. As I've stated before that is very often the case since I underestimate my own need for rest. Perhaps this is a bit of a martyr mentality???
Anyway I see this card as an advice to pick up only my own wands today and be very cautious to pick up other's too. Because my path is very steep these days and I don’t know yet when I will reach my house where I can lay down my wands, I need to prioritize and be mindful of the beautiful flowers along the way
“It is sometimes good to stop and ask: 'Do I really need to do this?'

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The moon – Facing fears

The Original Rider Waite Tarot, The Moon
Today’s card jumped right out of my deck. Perhaps it was my lack of shuffling skills or something else but for now The Moon from the Original Rider Waite is my card of the day.
After having done some structuring together with The Emperor  I have to say  this card doesn't affect me that much today. Yet there is always some anxiety lurking in the shadows which can jump us unexpectedly. The fact that I am thinking about it proves to me it is still there.

When I worry there is always a constant movement between illusion, fantasy and reality. I feel the anxiety and tell myself this is not real; it is all in my mind. This will only work for a while and then I find myself worrying again etc. I feel like I am both the fearful one and the comforter. The dog and the wolf as well as the moon. The dog and the wolf howl to the moon and they reveal their innermost fears. Today I see the moon in this depiction as the light bringer in the darkness; the mental clarity in an anxious situation. Although not as bright as the sun it will have to do until daybreak .
I am often attributed with illusion, but I teach that all is illusion. I am the key to breaking through illusion, for only by exploring my energy and connecting with your inner guide will you see beyond. I challenge you to trust what you do not understand, for in trusting the universe, you will begin to know. When you know, there will be no more fear, no more confusion, no more illusion. (Leila Vey)

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Emperor - Keeping my wits

The Original Rider Waite Tarot, The Emperor
My tarot card for today is the Emperor from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.  After a long time of not pulling this card at all, this is the third time in a short period I am getting The Emperor. And I am not surprised at all. Yesterday the Queen of Swords came along to inspire me to make some firm decisions instead of stalling and procrastinating any longer.(More dental issues for M) And I did. But I guess it wasn't enough. There are still some appointments to schedule, more agreements to make and decisions to take and so forth. But by doing so we will be able to restore our inner calm again because we will know what and when is going to happen. And after it has been decided, we can let it rest until the day of her treatment is at hand.
I remember being apprehensive the first time I got this card at the end of April but now I can appreciate his need for structure, his overview in times of trouble  and his decisiveness in difficult matters.  Even looking at this card gives me a peaceful calm feeling. I suppose I have developed a sense of trust in my Inner Father figure, Male Divine or Animus
I am decisive and I keep my wits about me in a crisis.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Three Card Daily Spread – Trusting my swordy skills will remove my blindfold

For today I've done a three card daily tarot spread for myself with The Original Rider Waite Tarot. The positions are as following:
1 The general energy of the day
2 The challenge of the day
3 The gift of today

The Original Rider Waite Tarot, Four of Cups, Queen of Swords, Eight of Swords
The Original Rider Waite tarot
1 The general energy of the day – Four of Cups
For me today this card is all about having enough to deal with and not needing any more cups  with emotional “surprises”. There is a lot going on at home which is putting me in the position of maintaining the emotional stability and to be honest it is exhausting. So three cups in a neat row is manageable but I don’t want anything else on my plate. Please !!!
2 The challenge of the day – Queen of Swords
My rescue might come from my inner Queen of Swords if, I will be able to channel her qualities: Keeping my head above the clouds. Making kind but firm decisions and setting some boundaries to take care of my own peace of mind. How I love this Queen and the wisdom with which she reigns
3 The gift of today – Eight of Swords
Yay, my gift is to take of my blindfold and step out of my circle of limiting beliefs. I am stronger than I think I am and pitying myself is not the way to tap into that strength. So chin up and try to take some time to recover, without wallowing in self pity.
So I will be able to cut away the ropes which are draining my energy and do the things I love which a clear mind. Staying active is the best medicine for today and every tomorrow

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Compass –We are never lost

The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron Reid Compass
For today I've drawn “Compass” from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.  When your are on a journey a compass is the tool to maintain the right direction. Colette calls this your True North. The direction of your higher self, the divine, your purpose in life, your heart’s desire and so forth:
As long as you orient your compass to True North — the direction of your higher power — you will never be lost.”
Although we encounter many distractions on our path and we might think we've lost our way, this isn't the case. Our higher self follows without a doubt our winding path through the thicket and the swamps back to the meadow where it is visible again. Every experience is a footstep further on this path. How small and rough it might be it is our path and we never lose our way.
These last few days have not been my best days and when I feel like that there is always the fear of relapse, which is almost never the case. Now, while I am feeling somewhat better again, I wonder as always; how did I lose my way and every time I remind myself: this is my way…
Have faith and trust, for your compass, with Spirit as True North, will ensure that you’ll never be lost — even on a starless night when all seems dark”.
It all comes down to trust and being in the moment, where we are able to look at our compass and decide on our next move. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Assertiveness - Be true to yourself

Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Assertiveness
My daily draw for today is Assertiveness from The Magical Messages from the Fairies by Doreen Virtue. We see a fairy freeing herself from the boundaries of a tree. She is showing us her true self. And she should, because she is gorgeous, radiant and unique as we are all. It is not so strange I've pulled this card today because on various blogs I've been reading about standing up for yourself and reclaiming your own power.
The caption says: “Stand up for your beliefs, and only say yes if you really want to”.
My previous post about Green Tara has touched this issue slightly.
Being assertive is not the same as being aggressive; it is merely stating your believes and opinions. When you start out with ”I….” nobody should be offended or hurt because it is your opinion which is as valid as everybody else's.
"Assertiveness, honours everyone's rights (including your own)...:  Speak your truth with love; and let go of unhealthy, old communication habits"
Assertiveness is all about being open and lowering your shield; showing the world who you truly are. You don’t have to apologize or feel guilty for who you are. You are worth it to be heard and to be seen.
"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”― Dr. Seuss,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Green Tara - Start delegating

Goddess Guidance Oracle, Green Tara, Doreen Virtue
For today I've drawn Green Tara from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. A familiar deck for most of you and for me my first oracle deck. I've been blogging for about two weeks about tarot now and perhaps I need a small break from it. Sometimes Tarot tend to dig deeper into the soul than I can handle. Maybe that is why I think  I prefer to do my daily draws with various decks rather than with one deck for a whole week.
So let's continue about Green Tara. She is originally a Hindu mother goddess, who has been adopted by Buddhism. Her name means Star. Each of her aspects is depicted in a different color. Green Tara is the one who comes to our aid when we are in need for help. She is the embodiment of compassion. You can see how she has already one leg ready to get up and help us. The caption says: Ask others (including me) to help you, Instead of trying to do everything by yourself”
For me it is, like probable for many of you, very difficult to ask for help. Somehow I always seem to think I should be in greater need for help more before I can ask it.  There is always that nagging feeling of guilt: "Shouldn't I do this myself? I don’t want to bother others". But on the other hand everybody is asking me for help and I almost never refuse. So perhaps today I could ask for some help to make my day a bit easier.
Green Tara is also about reconnecting with your own inner strength by getting the bigger picture of the situation at hand and feeling more, sure about your decisions. In that way she teaches us to help ourselves and find inner peace when there is nobody else around.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dreamer Three – Be gentle with yourself

Tarot of the Sidhe Dreamer three Soul Loss Three of SwordsNobody likes to get a card like this: Dreamer Three (the Three of Swords) from the Tarot of the Sidhe. We see a Sidhe woman with her heart ripped out. It is torn apart and eaten by three black ravens. The three trees which are rooted in her skirt are bare. With her hair she is connected to the blood red clouds and behind her a large sun is rising behind the mountains. She is fully merged with her surroundings yet she is heart - and soulless.

“The heart of Dream is torn in three
Leaving a hole where the whole should be
The blessed ravens feast on sorrow
That the light may bring a fairer morrow”

How many of us are living like this. Going through the motion of our daily lives and not being aware  of how we feel and if we are living the life we want. Is our heart still in it, or is it torn out and crushed by unresolved grief and heart break. So often we don’t take the time to acknowledge our pain and we think when we act as always, eventually it will go away. But believe me it won’t. It will strike back even harder just as long until you feel the hole inside you.  The positive side of this card is when you do connect with your pain you will heal. Your heart will become more resilient and at the same time more compassionate, tender and loving. “Be gentle with yourself and only go as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to go”. After you've healed your heart and soul, you can dream again about what you want out of life, because with a heartfelt dream all options are open to us again

Lyrics:Gentle With Myself
By Karen Drucker

I will be gentle with myself.
I will be gentle with myself.
And I will hold myself like a newborn baby child.
- repeat…

I will be tender with my heart.
I will be tender with my heart.
And I will hold my heart like a newborn baby child.
- repeat

And I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go.
I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go.

I will be easy on myself.
I will be easy on myself.
And I’ll love myself like a newborn baby child.
- repeat

And I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go.
- repeat

Now, I know…
I am gentle with myself.
I am gentle with myself.
And I hold myself like a newborn baby child.
- repeat…

And I rock myself like a newborn baby child.
I hold myself like a newborn baby child.
I love myself like a newborn baby child.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dancer Prince – The Gift of Passion

For today I've drawn the Dancer Prince , aka Knight of Cups, from the Tarot of the Sidhe. As you can see the court cards also have a little phrase at the bottom of the card but with them it is circumscribed as a gift . So this Prince will bring us the gift of Passion.
In the background we see a very large full moon with a cup depicted on the inside. For me this represents the intense emotional nature of this Prince. He has even got a tattooed cup on his chest near his heart.  
“The brooding hero of the dance
A poet’s spirit of romance
He’d steal the heart that you would keep
And lead you darkly to the deep”

This little poem is speaking  o.a. about excessive Prince energy. When passion and feelings are combined with the fiery nature of this court card they could boil over and be magnified all to quickly .
The Germans have a saying derived from a song written by Goethe: "Himmelhoch jauchzend, zum Tode betrübt" (heavenly joy, deadly sorrow). Sometimes I wish I could feel this intense and also be aware of every feeling in between. As most of you know I am mainly a swordy person. Cups come in play when  others need me and I will fulfill the role of the King of cups but this Prince has been neglected by me far too long. So I will gladly accept his gift and try to seek out and revive my passion. 

“Don’t worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Warrior Ten – The great Task

For today I've drawn Warrior Ten, the equivalent of the Ten of Wands. After  three Major Arcana Cards finally I've got one from the Minor Arcana and here we can see they have a short phrase to clarify the meaning of the card. Usually I read the Ten of wands as a warning about getting burned out,  or as a sign I am almost done but here the emphasis is put on responsibility and the dedication to bring the task to an end.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pan – Live a little!

To be honest, my first impression was to put this one back in the deck. But then again after having drawn two days in a row such morally correct cards like The Emperor and Justice, I thought it was time to loosen up a bit. This card depicts Pan holding a woman in one arm and a chalice filled with wine in the other. The woman is held loosely by his vines and she doesn't seem to mind at all. He is not the typical devil you see in many decks but he is the Spirit of the Wild and the Green. He is asking, perhaps  tempting us to let go of our self made boundaries and restrictions; to let go of wanting to be too spiritual and to do good all of the time. He appeals to our wild nature which we deny often for too long. And if so the chance of indulging ourselves excessively is so much greater than when you  dance with the wild and the free on a regularly and integrated basis. We are both physical and spiritual beings and one side isn't less valuable than the other.
So for me this card suggest to be treating myself with some physical pleasures without being afraid of consequences and feelings of quilt afterwards. Deep down there is always the seeking of Balance so dancing a little bit out of the center isn't that bad at all.

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods…”(Byron)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Justice - Keeping the balance

Yesterday I've posted  a comment on Chloe’s blog about how Balance seems to be one of the most reoccurring themes in tarot spreads and daily draws. We could say that living a balanced life is an everlasting life lesson for everybody. As a confirmation of this idea I've drawn for today Justice from the Tarot of the Sidhe.
This depiction of Justice is emphasizing the necessity to find balance in every aspect of ourselves and our lives. Our Body, Mind and Soul should come together in perfect harmony. But when we speak about “should” it often indicates this isn't the case.
The card contains a lot of symbolism which is representing for balance: The sun and the moon with clouds swirling around them in the shape of a lemniscate and a Sidhe woman balancing  between night and day on the hilt of her sword which is pointed in the center of the spiral. She is “The  cosmic  dancer of truth and balance” And she knows as nobody else the moment you find balance you lose it and you have to adjust a bit to find it again. It is like a never ending dance; a perpetuum mobile.
“ The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it”

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Emperor –Working with raw potential

For today I've drawn The Emperor from the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding. Just a fortnight ago he has appeared on my blog for the first time and now here he is again. I like this Emperor more than most of his counterparts. He is more vibrant, fiery and alive than the other rigid stern and arrogant emperors I've seen so far.
He is wearing a crown of flame and fire. In his cloak he has gathered the harvest of the cultivated fields. Seeds and sprouts are nice but not always enough. The land has to be farmed and cared for. Every creative impulse The Empress has brought forth is formed and structured by The Emperor. Without him there would be Chaos. This emperor feels more like an inspiration to work hard and to follow his instructions  than a severe monarch who has to be obeyed in fear of punishment. I think this emperor could get a temper too but I guess he is mature enough to stay  fair and just. And, he knows how to get things done.

So why again this card? Perhaps I still have to stand up more for what I want and how I want to run our household. Living with three queens in one castle isn't always easy. We want a lot of different things in even more different ways. We are full of good intentions but the outcome is sometimes not what I've hoped for.J

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nine Of Cups - Follow the yellow brick road

My daily draw for today is the Nine of Cups from The Hidden Realm Tarot. Like in the Rider Waite tarot we see one man alone with his cup but he is not smug and complacent and he is fully aware of the challenge of this card. Although we have a lot to be grateful for and we feel content and satisfied, it is our life’s quest to keep looking for the one thing that is truly fulfilling; our hearts desire. This man gazes in his chalice filled with water which he hold carefully in both hands. He looks calm and relaxed. In this cup he sees his hearts reflection; the good and the bad. There is a lot to be grateful for but also a lot of pain and sadness. Yet all these experiences together made him the man he is today and from here his journey will continue. He is going to find his dream and follow it. He knows it won’t be easy but he has enough strength from all the challenges he has overcome already. Although it is tempting to stay put with your cup and reminisce over the good old days the road to the Ten of Cups has to be taken.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step “. Lao Tzu

PS. This was the first time I've done  my daily draws with one deck for a whole week. It was a good experience. I liked it to immerse myself in the symbolism and artwork of this deck. Throughout the week this deck felt like a constant companion. One thing less choose each day. J

Nine Of Swords - Fear of Silence

For today I have drawn the Nine of Swords from the Tarot of the hidden Realm. No nightmares, no dangling swords over your head but definitely a feel of tension and anxiety. This young Fey woman is crouched on the ground behind a leafless tree which obviously doesn't give her any shelter. She has been on the run for too long and has been through a lot. It is so difficult for her to relax; to finally acknowledge her battles are over.
In her mind she repeatedly hears the same warnings, accusations and she sees images of what has been and what should have been; an endless stream of consecutive thoughts. The owl in the picture represents wisdom and compassion which will help us to let go of the repeating self defeating tapes in our head. Only when you acknowledge those thoughts, you can start to release them. For each thought the white owl releases a tiny soft feather. After all her thoughts are touched by one single feather, she will be able to get up and move on.
I can relate to the anxious restless feeling of hurry and haste. It really feels sometimes if am on the run for myself. Always keeping my mind occupied; afraid for what will come up when there is only silence. Perhaps it is a good idea to sit with this card and try to find out what causes this feeling…

"When my mind is still, Silence will guide me."

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Star – Trust and Wonder

My card for today is the Star from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Just as many cards in this deck, this one doesn't have a traditional Rider Waite depiction. Here we see a child looking at a butterfly. His hands reach out instinctively  as children always want to touch when they see something new.  This young fey child has still a great feeling of wonder for the world around him. It keeps him grounded and fully aware of the present moment. When you are a child or feel like a child, every moment is full of surprises, adventure and marvel.
This card is the next Major Arcana after The Tower: Everything you’ve known to be true, every illusion of certainty has collapsed like a house of cards. It feels like you been shaken to your very core. Now you have to rebuild your sense of trust and reconsider where it is you want to go; what you want out of life. In fact you have to be to be like a child again: Seeing the world with new eyes. Waking up every morning with a sense of curiosity and excitement. Leaving behind the ruins of the Tower and starting over. This process is asking a lot of resilience from us. And who is more resilient than a child. See how he follows this butterfly  as if they were the only two creatures in the forest; every step bringing him closer to where he needs to be.

“The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now.” Robert G. Ingersoll

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Four of Pentacles - feeling safe

For today I've drawn the Four Of Pentacles from The Hidden Realm Tarot. This is the third card in a row I pull form this deck and I rather like the feeling of flow this is giving me.
This Four of Pentacles has a different depiction than we are used to see on this card. No miser, no greediness, but instead a badger guarding her young. They are sleeping safe in the burrow their mother has dug out for them in the earth. The Earth who is a Mother for us all. She has chosen a place nearby the standing stones. Did she feel the energy radiating from these old and special place? Who knows. She is watching her litter carefully for there is nothing more precious in the world to her.
Without a doubt I can most easily identify with  mother Badger but sometimes I yearn for the comforting security her litter is experiencing in their burrow and for somebody who looks after me….
After some precarious times and more to come (dental issues) it is good to pause, rest and re-energize while She is watching over us. 

“I am safe; all is well”

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three of cups - final celebration

For today I've drawn the Three of Cups from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. This card is my all time representation of my daughters and me. It shows our love and appreciation for each other. This card is also very timely for we have had again good news from M’s doctor. She doesn't need any further tests or procedures. Only a check up in two months. This was cause for a little celebration with apple-pie, some flowers and tonight French fries for dinner. Of course we've called my husband and other family members to share this exiting news
As the picture shows, the three fey also like to share their good fortune and their happiness. It is like the middle girl is beckoning us to join them. Why? Who knows; there is always a reason to be happy and to celebrate. The most fun occasions are the ones unplanned; spontaneous moments of joy and togetherness. This card encourages me to be more aware of the joyous moments in my life and to celebrate them not only by myself but to share my happy feelings and good mood with my loved ones.

“Joy can be found in every moment; in every breath”

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Strength – just breath and be patient

I always feel good when I pull the Strength card for my daily draw. As if a lost well, where I can replenish myself, has been found again. This card is from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey and it depicts a woman and a wolf. They are both entirely at ease with each other. You cannot see her right hand but I suspect she doesn't have to hold the animal's scruff. The energy is of gentle strength and trust. This card is all about patience, courage and aligning yourself with your true nature; becoming one thought, one breath; becoming a whole person. This kind of strength is often more valuable and accomplishes more than any other display of power.

She does remind me of M and how she sometimes gets reassured and calm just by sitting next to our Labrador. They have a bond which is very strong and so special. Tarot books often state the animal in the Strength card represents our wild nature and the woman has to gentle submit and restrain those impulses with compassion but here in this card I feel there is gain for both creatures in this encounter because they meet as equals.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Maker Six - Better to give than to receive?????

For today I've got Maker six from my brand new deck, The tarot of the Sidhe. This is the equivalent of Six of Pentacles. The keyword on the cards says generosity. What an apt card to pull so short after my birthday. The card depicts a woman of the Sidhe, who receives an apple from an obviously content tree. Look at him smiling! Note that she is not picking the apple but she is given one. There is a mutual understanding between the tree and Sidhe woman. Perhaps this woman has cared for the tree during Spring and Summer and now she can have her share the harvest. M and I have been working in our garden  yesterday and we are so grateful for all the beautiful flowers and blossoms which are growing there now. We have also discovered the tiniest little apples in our Apple tree
Although I acknowledge how wonderful it is to give, it is also so great to receive. When I got my birthday presents and all the loving and caring attention I felt so appreciated and loved. Of course as always it is a matter of balance and reciprocity: a beautiful word which Emily Carding has used so elegantly in her verse for this card:
“The spirit of generosity
Brings fruitful reciprocity
A mouth need never hunger more
When those with plenty help the poor”

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Post Birthday Gratitude

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a small family celebration which I often prefer too large  gatherings. I’ve received mostly tarot presents. From each of my girls I've received a deck: the Tarot of Sidhe by Emily Carding  and the Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey
The last deck has arrived at my house for the second time.  Last year September I’ve bought it for myself but I send it back to the store because I couldn’t connect with it. But I wasn't able to let go of it either. So here it is again. And I am so happy with it. The other deck was love at first site and I am so pleased I've got it as a present.
It was only on my birthday I had realized both my new decks have the Other World as their theme. (I am really getting older J).Each with their own point a view and style of art. How fitting to spend time with them these coming weeks up until midsummer. I will enjoy exploring these two decks even more now I’ve realized this!
From my husband I’ve got the book from Joan Bunning about reversals. I seriously want to  start learning to read with reversed cards more in depth. I figured this was a good book to give me some more insights about several ways to approach reversals.
And besides all those yummy tarot goodies, I’ve also got some beautiful  Carnations in pink and white and a lovely little plant which is called Tolmiea menziesii  It is known by the common names: Youth on age, Thousand mothers, and  Piggyback plant. In Holland we call it “Little child on mother’s lap” An last but not least  a bouquet of small red roses

All and all I am ever so grateful for my wonderful gifts and the pleasant and lovely day we’ve had together as a family

Friday, May 2, 2014

Horse (Each)– Running free

Today’s card is Horse  from the Druid Animal Oracle . Just after my Beltane reading, which was all about moving forward and just before my birthday, this is a very fitting card. How I would love to climb on this horse, hold his manes tightly and run free over the meadows. To feel the wind through my hair, the sun on my skin and to let go of any control I thought I might have had. To be able to surrender to the wisdom and guidance of this magnificent animal.
The keywords for this card are: The Goddess, The Land, Travel
“The card shows a gray mare with the chalk hill figure of the White Horse of Uffington, Oxfordshire, in the background. Carved on one rock is the symbol of a key, and on the other a mounted warrior. The sun is prominent in the sky above.
The spirit of Horse calls us to journey, to travel. This may manifest itself as a desire to travel in the physical world, or we may be drawn to voyaging in the inner realms. She brings us energy and speed and connects us to the power of both the land and the sun. 
The horse-goddess (Epona) is the  patroness of the complete life-cycle of birth, death, the afterlife and rebirth.” (guidebook)
Epona is normally portrayed as a woman either sitting on, or surrounded by, horses. Originally she may have been another form of the Great Mother Goddess because in some cases she is also portrayed with a cornucopia, a symbol of the land, abundance  and fertility. She has also been portrayed as carrying keys, which may indicate her role in the underworld.
I think coming across this high spirited energetic horse goddess will be a great  kickoff for my personal new year J

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Queen Tarot Spread for Beltane

This lovely tarot spread is created by Christine Jette for Beltane and is found in her book “Tarot for all Seasons”, which I’m using this year for every turning of the wheel: “May is a time of fertility and high spirits. By Beltane, the dark time of the year is a distant memory and the possibilities of life seem sweet. Use the May Queen spread to regain or confirm a sense of abundance and safety”
For this spread I will be using The Joie the Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy 
1: Safety. Emotional security.  Page of Swords
What do you need to feel safe. Where are you secure in yourself?
This is one of my favorite  court cards. He cuts to the chase. He is direct and refreshing. His hair is blowing in de the wind and clouds are clearing. His mind is full of new and exciting idea’s and he is eager to follow his desire to learn. It makes me feel safe, I can always rely on the insights and clarity of my mind.

2: Abundance. Feelings of plenty. Eight of Cups
Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breath of your life that is full and sweet.  
Abundance can also come from the feeling of emotional fulfillment and the longing to broaden your  horizons. The possibilities are numerous. There is always room for emotional growth. The beauty of this card is that he's taking his cups with him instead of leaving them behind. Spiritual journeys are not always taken because of dissatisfaction with your current situation. Sometimes you just want to explore and feel free.

3: Regeneration. Exploring the possibilities. The Fool
The bold action needed to grow and flourish.
It couldn't be more bold than this. The Fool encourages us to take the leap and go for it. The little spider on her staff is reminding her she is the weaver of her own life. She wants to discover and experience. The fool is also about trusting your inner voice. Deep down you know you are on the right track. See the world with childlike eyes and look for new opportunities but don’t ignore your little bat

4: Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, The World
Apparently my relationships are doing well. The last couple of weeks I've been painfully  aware of the fact how much I love both my daughters. My other relationships are quite easy going. But when I look at the winged Merlion and how careful he is holding his world between his paws, I realize love is never to be taken for granted but to be cherished and respected. Love and relationships are dynamic forces which are asking for our constant attention

5: The Future. The present conceivable outcome. The Six of Cupsok how confident thes three are on ther way.
Look how happy and confident these three are on their way. They are strengthened by their happy memories and emotional contentment. From this stability they can move forward to seek out new possibilities. Al the cards in this spread are talking about moving forward and trying new things. It is obvious I am emotionally in a safe place. Perhaps it is good to acknowledge I am strong enough to expand my horizons and not to be afraid because I can always rely on my wits J