Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New moon in Januari

For this new moon, I have pulled one card from the Thoth Tarot as to what energy I should embrace during this next cycle of the Moon and I got The Hanged Man. Some of its keywords are: rigidity, ending of a stagnated situation, new ways of looking at things, letting go of old behavioral patterns.  This hanged man has nowhere to go. There is now way to escape his situation. His eyes are closed, blind for everything which doesn’t align with his point a view. He is totally disconnected from his intuition and heart centered wisdom.
Yet, since there is no way out the only forward is to go within.  Only then will the snake wake up and rise from the dark grave. Then the Hanged Man can find freedom from past convictions and behavior. It is there  and then that he can undergo a profound transformation. He can free himself from the need of being always right and in control. If he can let go of these rigid ways of thinking he will set himself free and become a different person altogether.
It’s is a lot for one lunation but I am not surprised this card has comes up for me (again). If I will be able to only touch the surface of this card during the next four weeks I will be thankful and content. Habitual patterns created over many years are usually not discarded in a few weeks.

Affirmation: “I will let go of my need to be in control all the time and realize that life will present itself moment by moment”

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Falling in love with the Thoth Tarot

Yesterday, after watching a video from Elyse of Wild moon woman about how one of her goals for 2018 was studying the Thoth tarot, I got my long-forgotten copy of this deck out of the “I don’t know what to do with these decks” box.  I shuffled the deck thoroughly and I pulled: Six of Wands- Victory. Since I am a total Thoth dummy I opened the book: Tarot a mirror for the Soul” by Gerd Ziegler and I read the chapter for my card. Not only did I found the description and meaning of this card but also some in-depth questions and an affirmation. What I read gave me goosebumps and so did the next card, the Prince of Wands which I pulled for answering one of the questions.
Thoth Tarot Three of Wands Virtue Five of Cups Disappointment blog blogger Aleister Crowley
This morning I pulled the Five of Cups – disappointment, which talks about an emotional crisis, perhaps by unconscious fears come true. The next card was the Three of Wands – Virtue and this card advised me to center myself and find that inner place of peace and quiet, so outside circumstances won’t disrupt me so easily. Again these two cards definitely hit a chord with me and I carried them both with me throughout the day

All in all a very auspicious beginning of my love affair with the Thoth Tarot….I am so excited. It feels like I am in the first grade of Tarot school all over again! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Nine of Wands and Strength – Breathe and stand down for while

My question for today was which part of me is in need of some nurturing and loving attention and I pulled the Nine of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot. 
Shadowscapes Tarot Nine of Wands Strength Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Blog Blogger
Yes, lately I am too often fully armored and expecting the worst. That is my default mode when stress is piling up and I feel like I have to be ready for whatever calamity might happen next. But of course, that is all in my head because nobody knows what the next moment will bring and I am not responsible what others might do. My sole responsibility lies in my answer to their actions.
Then I was wondering how I could pamper my inner warrior, my always present sentinel and I pulled Strength. In this card, the rider has dismounted his lion and caresses his manes.  Behind him, a cat is playing with a bell tied to a ribbon. Birds are flying over him and the bamboo in the background is reminding him of how swaying in the wind without breaking, is a strength too. Look how the yellow from the first card lowers itself easily into the next. While the first card is uptight and is asking for constant alertness, the second card lets us breathe and enjoy the moment. Today this card radiates balance and inner peace for me

Even the guy in the Nine of Wands needs to stand down for moment if he want to do his job properly otherwise when the real attack come he is lying in his bed with a burnout  

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Uruz and Six of Pentacles - Both sides of the coin are equally valid

Today’s rune is Uruz (ox) the rune of strength and vitality and I wondered what kind of energy would make me feel more alive and would invigorate me so I would be able to jump into the new year with some fresh enthusiasm and inspiration. Then I drew the Six of Pentacles…
Not what I was expecting but it does make sense. Often we feel the most alive when we matter to other people; when we give our time and energy to those who need it more than we do.  Mind you the Six of Pentacles is a card of reciprocity. It doesn’t only encourage us to give, give, give, even though this is often the easiest part of this card. When we, in turn, are lacking resources it is up to us to ask for help to others. Don’t expect they will notice our need because this often leads to disappointment and further withdrawal. Ideas of not being seen or worthy of love will start to arise. No, let’s be brave and ask for help. This will strengthen your love for yourself and your trust in other people. So either way, this card will strengthen you.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Father of Air - A perfect aid in legal matters

Father of Air Vision Quest Tarot Gayan Silvie Winter Jo Dosé blog blogger
Today's card is Father of Air from the Vision Quest Tarot.
He comes across as a much easier going fellow than his Rider Waite counterpart. To me it feels as if he invites me to confide in him, to ask him what the right course of action is for me. He will help me to do the right thing, to make the right decisions.
Since the beginning of November, I have major water damage in my bedroom which is most likely caused by the adjacent bathroom of my neighbor. I am insured for this kind of damage but my neighbor refuses to find out what causes it. Before a cause is found and also fixed my damage can't be repaired. All this causes M and me a lot of stress but I am also confident that we will find a way to come to an agreement with our neighbor. Luckily I don't have to do it all by myself. There are a lot of skilled professionals who are giving me advice and practical assistance.
So yes, the decisiveness, intelligence and verbal skills of the Father of Air are very welcome to me.