Monday, May 5, 2014

Maker Six - Better to give than to receive?????

For today I've got Maker six from my brand new deck, The tarot of the Sidhe. This is the equivalent of Six of Pentacles. The keyword on the cards says generosity. What an apt card to pull so short after my birthday. The card depicts a woman of the Sidhe, who receives an apple from an obviously content tree. Look at him smiling! Note that she is not picking the apple but she is given one. There is a mutual understanding between the tree and Sidhe woman. Perhaps this woman has cared for the tree during Spring and Summer and now she can have her share the harvest. M and I have been working in our garden  yesterday and we are so grateful for all the beautiful flowers and blossoms which are growing there now. We have also discovered the tiniest little apples in our Apple tree
Although I acknowledge how wonderful it is to give, it is also so great to receive. When I got my birthday presents and all the loving and caring attention I felt so appreciated and loved. Of course as always it is a matter of balance and reciprocity: a beautiful word which Emily Carding has used so elegantly in her verse for this card:
“The spirit of generosity
Brings fruitful reciprocity
A mouth need never hunger more
When those with plenty help the poor”


  1. What a great way to illustrate sharing resources. The tree can't move, so the fey can bring water, etc. if needed to it, and in turn the tree shares its harvest of apples. Of course there are times when the sharing can't be a two-way street, but a smile in return can be worth quite a lot.

    1. Smiles are always a good thing to give away for free and perhaps the balance can also be found in paying it forward.

  2. Both is good. My friend's birthday is in a month and I have a present for her which is so apt that I bought it in January. I can't wait to give it to her. I'll probably post a photo when her birthday arrives.

    And receiving is great. Check out my blog today, since I was gifted one of the most personal things I've ever been given and I love it :) So as much as giving is always said to be better than receiving, receiving can be pretty damn good too, haha. I think sharing is the key. It is often the love that comes with gifting which is important, probably more so than the gift itself. In both cases I have talked about (and your presents) I'd say that the care and thought behind them is what is really important and touching.

    1. "It is often the love that comes with gifting which is important" That is indeed the most important aspect. Sometimes a hug and a smile can be more meaningful than a very expensive present