About me

Hello my Friends,

My name is Ellen and I am a Dutch woman with natural grey hair, who loves to play with tarot and oracle cards. Since I am a fervent writer too, I've decided to combine these two passions into a blog about Tarot, oracles and some of my more creative endeavors: drawing, painting, collage and knitting. I hope my English will improve the more I write in this beautiful language.
Besides all that, sometimes I will give you a peek in my personal life:
I have two grown up daughters who are still living with me. The eldest (S) is on the brink of leaving the nest to go live with her BF. The youngest (M) will probably stay a bit longer with me. The three of us love to bake and M also loves to work in our garden and to play & cuddle with our happy silly senior blind blond Labrador named Tara. 

Update: This update has been long overdue. September last year our Tara died very unexpectedly. We still miss her but the arrival of our Maltese puppy boy Jofee has brought us tremendous joy. He is a very curious, mischievous, lovely little dog who has become a very well-loved member of our family

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.


  1. So nice to "meet" you here. We have many similar interests. I have rediscovered my love for tarot after my second Reiki attunement. I have not picked up the cards in over twenty years. Now, it feels like I am home again. I hold my cards and spend time with them; losing myself in the imagery and symbolism. I am an English teacher by day, a mother of a nine year old daughter. I love to paint, sew, crochet, collage, and cook. I love sitting quietly too, reading or in meditation...or just watching the world of the trees blowing outside my window. I can't wait to read what you are sharing here! Blessings, Cynthia

    1. Hi Cynthia. We do have lot in common. I think that is one of the great advantages of the internet: to meet like minded people from all over the world. (Btw I used to be a teacher myself :))
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Hello Ellen, I love the blog. I too have so much in common with you, I love tarot and oracles and am also a crafter (knitting, crochet, scrap booking ad altered art) I too have adult daughters plus one grandson and an array of pets, I also love your vast amount of decks. I am currently working with Tarot of the Hidden Realm, that is how I found your blog :) Love and light, Pisces.

    1. Hello Pisces
      How nice to hear from you and learn we do have a lot in common. The tarot of the Hidden Realm is now one of my favorite and most challenging decks
      Popping over to read you blog now!

  3. Hi Ellen - thank you for your blog: it is a joy to read - so gentle and magical, and a reminder that we're all human and trying to make sense of the journey. I was intrigued by a response of yours to a comment and I wanted to follow up: you said you were unnerved by the Deviant Moon imagery and so didn't own the deck. (Oh - I love your deck collection: so beautiful and fey, full of hope). I've been trying to decide whether I should get a dark deck because that seems to be what's expected but the dark imagery really unnerves me (tarot of the Vampyres for example). What do you think? If something scares one, should we 'go there'? My favorite packs are the Druidcraft and the Wildwood...although I do own the Mary El. It seems to me that the word can be dark and perhaps it's unnecessary to invite more darkness in - or would using a dark deck help one come to terms with it? Hmmm... again: I love your blog - it's magical. Bright blessings from far away! eileen

    1. Hi Eileen
      Thank you for your very kind words. It is always nice to hear from my readers.
      Most of my decks do tend towards the more gentle type. That was the main reason I've bought the Mary El tarot and the Tarot of the Vampyres: to create some sort of balance in my collection. I do not believe these "darker" decks invite more darkness in to our lives. Since I use tarot mainly as a mirror for reflection, sometimes I need something else than happy fairies. whether it is is because of my mood or the weather outside. Sometimes I want to know what is lurking in the shadows and as you say "come to terms with it". I must say I find the tarot of the Vampyres hard to read. I expected more because of the enthusiasm of Owlmoon about this (which was the reason I've bought it). But maybe next autumn I will give it a go again
      Blessing to you too Eileen and again thank you :)

  4. Hi Ellen, great work, great collection, great insight <3
    Probably only you can help me. Please! I am looking for the SOUL CARDS 1 and 2 everywhere. And I couldn't find it. Nothing in google, nothing on Amazon ... just fat big nothing. And by chance I find it on your blog.
    Please tell me where to get it, how to buy it and who created it. Please.
    You will make my day. <3 I will be sooo grateful.
    Enjoy your passion because people enjoy to read it. Lots of blessings. <3
    Have a nice day Octavia

    1. Hello Octavia. I;v ebought mine on Book Depository and they are still available there. They have a world wide free delivery. this is the link
      Good luck

  5. Dear Ellen,

    Greetings from Ukraine! I found your blog a couple of days ago and I really love your writing, your "voice". This year I came back to Tarot after a long break and I'm finally learning to use my intuition, it's an exciting journey. Looking forward to reading more of your entries!

    My best,

    PS Sending you my "get well" wishes!

    1. Thank you so much for your "get well" wishes and your kind words about my blog. I am glad you find it inspiring. I do miss writing my blog posts and I hope to able to type without pain real soon.