Friday, May 9, 2014

The Star – Trust and Wonder

My card for today is the Star from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Just as many cards in this deck, this one doesn't have a traditional Rider Waite depiction. Here we see a child looking at a butterfly. His hands reach out instinctively  as children always want to touch when they see something new.  This young fey child has still a great feeling of wonder for the world around him. It keeps him grounded and fully aware of the present moment. When you are a child or feel like a child, every moment is full of surprises, adventure and marvel.
This card is the next Major Arcana after The Tower: Everything you’ve known to be true, every illusion of certainty has collapsed like a house of cards. It feels like you been shaken to your very core. Now you have to rebuild your sense of trust and reconsider where it is you want to go; what you want out of life. In fact you have to be to be like a child again: Seeing the world with new eyes. Waking up every morning with a sense of curiosity and excitement. Leaving behind the ruins of the Tower and starting over. This process is asking a lot of resilience from us. And who is more resilient than a child. See how he follows this butterfly  as if they were the only two creatures in the forest; every step bringing him closer to where he needs to be.

“The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now.” Robert G. Ingersoll


  1. This lovely card reminds me how fragile life can be, but how beautiful at the same time. Yet it feels hopeful, as if saying "all is not lost."

    1. The beauty of this deck is the need for an intuitive interpretation of the cards.The many faces which were at first for me the greatest drawback now seem to evoke more feelings rather than words and phrases.