Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice - making balanced choices

Druidcraft Tarot Justice Will Worthington
Today’s card it Justice from the Druidcraft Tarot. We see  a woman  dressed in shades of blue and purple sitting on a slab of stone. She has a sword in her right hand with a pair of bronze looking testes as its hilt. In her left hand she holds balanced scales. She has an owl to her right as a symbol of wisdom and seeing in the dark to discover secrets and a spider to her left weaving it web in a bush, which shows the interconnection of everything.
Although this is a Celtic themed deck I immediately was reminded of the Greek goddess Athena. But this woman is Brigh who was both druid as judge in pre-Christian Ireland.
Justice is calling upon our discernment to do the right thing, say the right words and make the right decision after carefully consideration of the all facts. Justice calls for choices not for impulsive reactions
With clarity and fairness she decides for the good of all because she knows every decision has numerous consequences (spider) not only for the here and now but also,  and maybe even  more for the future (testes). Everything we do or say has an impact for our future how insignificant the decision might seem.

For today I will try to make the right decisions for the here and now by taking the wisdom, gained in my past, into consideration and with compassion for the future.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The King of Swords can be somewhat intimidating….

Druidcraft Tarot King of Swords  Will Worthington
After yesterdays Queen, today the King of Swords is making his appearance and he doesn't seem to be too happy about things. Maybe in his point a view the queen was still too soft. His blue colors are more vibrant which tells me he is even more sure about himself than the queen. When necessary he can detach himself from his emotions; his feelings and his intuition. He is holding his swords more firmly than the queen and his eyes are piercing through you which might make you shrivel when you have to approach him. He has lot of idea’s but he is also a man of action so when he decides to do something he will execute his decisions and he will have the discipline to uphold them.

Of course this could be about M’s promise to take care of her puppy and be responsible for him not only for the first weeks but also to be committed for the long run. But since not all is about the puppy (yet) I feel as if I have been summoned to his court and he is asking me about my meditation practice. Oh my, I did have such high intentions and I can meditate for a week in row but then things happen; first appointments are starting to  interfere with my routine than the little things as TV series, the laundry etc, are becoming “so important”. So today I have picked up my practice and meditated in my garden. It was so good to do this for myself. I hope I will be able do this every day and to experience it as a daily gift to myself instead of another box to check. I hope the King is pleased with me J

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sneak preview of our puppy

Yesterday we've decided to adopt this puppy. We'll have to wait for two more weeks until he is old enough to come home with us. This will give us enough time to purchase his supplies and accessories and to decide on his name,
But here is a sneak preview of our lovely puppy when he is 5 and half weeks old.

Queen of Swords – Sometimes she just knows

Druidcraft Tarot Queen of Swords  Will WorthingtonFor today I've drawn the Queen of Swords  from the Druidcraft Tarot. For me this is one of the most beautiful depictions of this queen that I have in my collection. Maybe the reason I can relate to her so easily is because she has gray hair . I love her dress too. Its purple color  radiates her inner wisdom and in the Prussian blue of her robe I see her intuitive side which she can rely on while making decisions for her people. She is situated on the top of a mountain with a clear view over her land but for now she has her eyes closed, looking inward, asking herself what is the right thing to do . How does she choose for the good of all?

Yesterday we went to look at a puppy. Before that we had discussed with each other what we would ask, what we had to pay attention to, how we could decide if the doggy could be fitting for us. So many questions, so many decisions and how would we be able to signal our feelings to each other and decide what was the right choice??? 
Al those questions weren't necessary because when we saw the puppy, we fell in love instantly and M took the rule as queen, swayed with her sword and it was hers. (M will be the primal caretaker of this little dog). Of course we did keep our wits and asked the questions anyway but what we learned was more than satisfactory. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nine of Cups - taking a moment

Druidcraft Tarot Nine of Cups  Will WorthingtonDruidcraft Tarot The Prince of Pentacles Will Worthington

Today’s cards are the Nine of Cups and the Prince of Pentacles from the Druidcraft tarot. In the first card we see a man sitting at his table with eight cups .  He is holding the ninth cup in his hand ready to savor the drink which it contains. It is almost as if he is making a toast to himself. He is obviously very content. Often we call him a bit smug but since this is also the wish card of the deck, I think he is enjoying the quiet time before the other guests are arriving. In my point a view he doesn't mind being with himself. Sometimes that is all I wish for after a long day. I wonder what he is thinking about and I pull the Prince of Pentacles. Aha, peace at last, after a hard day’s work: guarding everybody’s needs and well being. Getting the job done day after day while shielding yourself for too much emotions can be very demanding. Although there is still grief, life goes on and a new routine has to be established. So no wonder he is sipping contently from his cup and enjoying the quiet before the next storm (I‘ll bet it is coffee J)

Friday, September 26, 2014

The World: Farewell - Hello

Today’s card is the World from the Druidcraft Tarot. This is one of the decks I love to use when Autumn is here without a doubt. It is raining and windy and windswept leaves piling up in my garden. I am enjoying my coffee with a big “speculaas”. (Dutch spiced biscuits )
Back to the tarot: the World is the last card of the Major Arcana and represents completion and fulfillment; the end of one cycle and the beginning of something new. Although the figure in this card has gained complete mastery over the elements and both male and female qualities, he/she is about to jump through the vulva like shape of the vesica pisces in a Celtic knotwork design, into a new challenge; the beginning of a new phase in his life
This card can be about larger periods in  your life but also and quite often it is more about the smaller ones, the ones you almost can’t notice or are happening so fast and abruptly you can hardly keep up with them. Sometimes new things are already approaching before the old has been laid down to rest. The old and the new, organically intertwining in the fabric of our lives. Maybe if we could learn to approach life as open an vulnerable as this Star like naked figure, we could more easily deal with the flowing and blending colors of life
We are heading into a new period; one without Tara but probable with a new puppy. It is hard and it seems so wrong sometimes but at the same time it feels like a soft balm for my heart. So no clean and razor-sharp endings and beginnings but more a daily, sometimes hourly moving back and forth between saying goodbye to Tara and making room for …….who knows

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chosing Joy, moment by moment...

How do you start to live fully again after having suffered a great loss? How do we pick up our daily chores and activities.  How do we start to feel joy without guilt and feeling like we do something wrong. As if laughter isn't allowed while grieving.
It has been a week since Tara died and we miss her every hour of the day but we are also trying to move forward. Yesterday we have buried her ashes but in the meantime we are also thinking about a new puppy. We've always had a dog and the emptiness is screaming to be filled by a furry little rascal to love, to cherish and to care for.
After a long time without playing with my cards, I've picked up the Mystical Lenormand and asked how to embrace joy:
And I pulled Whip + Sun + Roads

I see this line of three as a encouragement to consciously choose joy and happiness over repetitive regrets and guilt. Grieving is good but it is also okay to take you mind of the sadness and enjoy the little things which might make you happy. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saying goodbye to Tara

Thursday, September 18th,  our beloved friend and companion Tara passed away. So unexpectedly, so sudden,  so abruptly.  How many words do you need to tell is was too soon. We only found out that morning how terribly ill she was. No warning signs, no nothing, but a bad cough.

We have adopted Tara when she was two and a half. So we can be grateful for eight beautiful years with her. She was gentle, very intelligent and such a loyal friend in good and bad times. She was literally our star in some dark nights. We will miss her so much.
Although she lost her eyesight a couple of years ago, she could still manage herself our around the house and she was a great example how to be grateful in the moment and with the little things which were still there for her to enjoy. 
It is so hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful friend, who we love so dearly. 

Thank you so much for all your kind and supporting comments, loving thoughts and prayers.
I don’t know when I will start blogging again. Hopefully soon, because I miss you all. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Emperor - Compassionate Control

Joie De Vivre Tarot Paulina Cassidy The emperor
For today I have drawn the Emperor from the Joie de Vivre tarot. This card is all about authority, leadership, structure and masculine, active energy.
Pauline’s story is as charming as ever:
“The confident and structured emperor, Eminence, has earned his wisdom through experience. His ram's antlers and warrior headgear are a reminder of his great leadership and authority. His dragon companions, Order and Conviction, stand by him in the coordination of systematic plans. In a position of strength, Eminence is clothed in sunlight gold, symbolic of growth and comfort. He's an ideal source of advice due to his scrutinizing ability to see through the most clever of disguises. He is defender of the vulnerable, and rejector of the lazy.”
This is a very apt card  for me because yesterday we had to go to the vet with our dog Tara for an X ray of her longs. The results were not conclusive. The vet wasn't sure if it was a pneumonia or metastases from an unknown tumor. She took some blood to investigate it further and today we will know more. I have the strong feeling I have to be the one in charge and be strong for all of us because in worst case scenario decisions  to be made. Although I have to say M behaved very imperial too while she was calming down our dog in the X ray room. Only after we came home she showed how she really felt. Also I see the vet in this card who was professional, thorough and wise enough to seek council with one of her colleagues.
I will keep you updated  in the comments.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Ace of Cups - Love has to flow freely

Joie De Vivre Tarot Paulina Cassidy Ace of Cups
Today’s card it the Ace of Cups from the Joie the Vivre Tarot. One of my “sigh” cards; my “all is well” cards. After picking up the pieces yesterday and trying to look at the more positive side of live, this card is an affirmation I am going to be just fine. Because there is always Love which never runs out. Whatever happens, however we feel, there is plenty of Love flowing form Source. We just have to tap into it and be receptive.
The story: Living and breathing the spirit of love, Euphoria knows no end to the flow of beauty she draws forth and exudes. Her cup overflows with the waters of emotional fulfillment. A sprite hovering above the cup holds the key to the heart, and three pink doves offer her loveberries.
When we open our heart this can become our cup. First fill it with Love then share it and Love will flow effortlessly. We are not supposed to hoard Love and be greedy. When we give freely we’ll notice a soft rippling flow and we are able to develop and ongoing river of Loving kindness.

This is of course an ideal situation. So for today I am just going to do some maintenance on my stream bed; clearing some emotional blockages, deepen and broaden my trust in, and awareness of the Love which surrounds me and to really dig deep and try to let go of, or at least acknowledge some very old sediment. This with yesterdays card in mind:  It is not about the end result but so much more about finding honor and gratitude  in the process how to get there

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seven of Pentacles – Honor and Gratitude

Joie De Vivre Tarot Paulina Cassidy Seven of Coins
For today I've drawn the Seven of Pentacles from the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy When you  could use a lighthearted and cheerful message, this a deck which will always be one you can count on without being too cheesy.
For each card the artist has written a little story about the characters in the picture. For the Seven of Coins it goes like this:
“A pair of fairydeer, Gratitude and Honor, planted a tiny seed. Through thick and thin, they were dedicated to nurturing this tree through its stages of growth. Ultimately, their seed had grown into a monument of beauty and grace. They pause for a moment of contemplation, reaping the rewards of their hard work.”
The two fairydeer are aspects of ourselves which are vital when working on a long term project.  Honor and Gratitude are what keeps us going when we commit to an idea or an intent: a tiny seed of love we sow and care for.  It will grow and develop and during this process we can be proud of ourselves for our commitment and achievements. Sometimes it is good to pause to see how far you’ve come. Although you are not there yet the change is evident. So pause, reflect and think back where you came from to see how your seedling has developed and grown stronger. You don’t have to wait for your goal to have been reached. Just tend to you seedling with honor and take pride in its development. Enjoy the process moment by moment and count your blessings every step along the way.

Affirmation: Today I am going to take a step back and look at my  “garden” with honor and gratitude

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wolf Moon – I will watch over you

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, Wolf Moon - I will watch over you
For today I drawn  Wolf moon from the Oracle of the Shapeshifters. We see a girl and wolf together in the picture. It is night and probable cold, since the wolf moon appears in January. We don’t now for sure who is the one being watched over, but I strongly suspect it is the girl who is about to change into a wolf under the light of the full Wolf moon. She is holding the wolf, hugging him and she is finding comfort in the warmth of his fur and the strength of his spirit. 
This card reminds me of the Strength card, so maybe the girl and the wolf are representing  two aspects of the same being
Wolf Moon heralds a time of change. Although we are always constantly changing, some times change can be more obvious than usual and these are the times we want to be held, because change can be scary and painful: Often we have to leave a familiar situation behind and then we have to step into the unknown just like the Outsider or the little bird from my previous posts. Yes, again the cards seem to tell us a story like a in daily comic strip.
The wolf is a loyal guide during such transformations. For me he represents (inner)strength, loyalty and trustworthiness. Whether you see him as a spirit animal, an angel, a part of your inner self or the divine itself, is of no consequence; just know you are watched over.

Affirmation: Today I am going to be aware of the spiritual protection, I will receive in difficult situations.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The page of Water - Understanding

Osho Zen Tarot, Page of Water, Understanding
My card for today is the Page of Water from the Osho Zen Tarot. The card is called: Understanding. Being the counterpart of the Page of Cups in the Rider Waite system, this page's understanding has nothing to do with his mental abilities but more with a deep knowledge of Truth; almost like a feeling of enlightenment. Suddenly you just know….
“The bird pictured on this card is looking out from what seems to be a cage. There is no door, and actually the bars are disappearing. The bars were an illusion, and this small bird is being summoned by the grace and freedom and encouragement of the others. It is spreading its wings, ready to take flight for the very first time. It is the dawn of a new understanding; that the cage has always been open, and the sky has always been there for us to explore (..) Move with the sweetness and gentleness of the present moment. Feel the fluttering within. Spread your wings and be free.”
How fitting, this card comes after  yesterday’s  Page of Rainbows  – The Outsider. Now the gates are wide open and the bird realizes he is free to go wherever he wants to. The so feared excluding and bullying birds are not so scary anymore. They are like him: just birds.
When we let go of our limiting preconceptions about the world and it's inhabitants, we can grow wings and fly high. Our possibilities are endless when we embrace freedom. First our inner freedom and then the freedom to step into the world with confidence and trust. This is of course so much more easy to write down than to put into practice. But this card might be a nudge in the right direction.J
No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal.” Marilyn Ferguson

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five of Rainbows – The Outsider opens the gate

Osho Zen Tarot Five of Rainbows, The Outsider
For today I've drawn the Five Of Rainbows (Pentacles) from the Osho Zen tarot.
“A small child is standing on one side of a gate, looking through it. He is so small, and so convinced that he cannot get through. He cannot see that the chain holding the gate is not locked; all he has to do is open it.
Whenever we feel 'left out', or excluded, it brings up this feeling of being a small, helpless child. It is not surprising, as the feeling is deeply rooted in our earliest childhood experiences. The problem is that, because it is so deeply rooted, it plays over and over again, like a tape, in our lives.”

This card is telling me to stop doubting myself. To stop imagining what other people might think of me. I have been disappointed in people many times, many ways. Always thinking there had to be something wrong with me. That I wasn't good enough. I was raised to be a people pleaser and when I didn't feel accepted I always thought I hadn't done enough to get them to like me. When I look at this card I even think maybe the chain is the child’s way of keeping the bad world outside; afraid to get hurt again.
But lately I have come to realize there is nothing wrong with me. I am  good just the way I am right now. I've learned to accept and yes, to truly love myself. I know I am precious and worthy of Love. So let’s open the gate and step into the world full of rainbow colors!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Courage to dare to embrace the Ordinariness of Life

Osho Zen Tarot Eight of Rainbows, Ordinariness
For today I've drawn the eight of Rainbows  (Pentacles) "Ordinariness” from the Osho Zen tarot. We see a woman walking in nature, enjoying the blossoming trees and the flowers all around her. “Beauty can be found in the simple, ordinary things of life. We so easily take this beautiful world we live in for granted. Cleaning the house, tending the garden, cooking a meal--the most mundane tasks take on a sacred quality  when they are performed with your total involvement and love.” (guidebook) 
This is an attitude which can bring us so much joy but is so hard to maintain. So I pulled another card with the question: what do I need to enjoy an ordinary life? Imagine my surprise when I pulled "Courage" (Strength) from my deck!
This little tiny flower had the courage to meet the challenge of the rocks and stones and it has become the flower it was meant to be, basking in the sunlight. 
Our daily life with its chores and routines can easily be represented by the rock and stones This courageous Daisy is asking us this: Do we dare to meet the challenge of our daily life; "to dare to live life fully right where you are" and embrace each moment of it. Maybe it can be helpful if you can look at your life as a beautiful painting. Instead of looking at the whole picture in a glance, and judging it in second, look for the details, the brushstrokes and how the light is captured on your canvas.  See the beauty of the colors and notice how they deepen by your perceptive look. Enjoying life can be as simple as looking at it with wonderment.

Today I am  going to be grateful for the colors my day is going to be painted with. So I will brighten the palette of my life

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Five of Pentacles – a helping hand

Anna K Tarot five of Pentacles
After having pulled rather challenging cards the last two day, I decided to draw today’s card with a positive question in mind:  “What can I do right now, in this moment that will bring me pleasure and also positively impact my future (Sasha Graham). I’ve written about the origin of this question in a previous post.
How happy I was with my decision when I pulled the Five of Pentacles; an obvious example of a again a challenging card. It felt almost as if the tarot was pulling a prank on me. In this depiction we see an elderly couple sitting under a make-do shelter covered with snow. This card is about deprivation, poverty and physical, mental or material hardship.
But this card does also imply that comfort can be found in such situations in partners, friends or unexpectedly compassionate strangers. The card invites us to look for help and to accept help that is offered to us”(guidebook). So that is the positive side of this card.
In answer to my question; I will look for how I can  be compassionate to others and how I can try to gracefully accept offered help. The last part is the most difficult because I usually want to do everything myself so it will good for me to learn to depend on others too. 
This morning somebody friendly let me cut in line at the grocery store and when I came home my girls offered to put the groceries. So it was a good start of my day
I love it how the question has  determined the atmosphere of this reading J

Today I am grateful and accepting for a helping hand, either mentally or physically

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The full Harvest Moon of September – Tarot Spell

Yesterday, it was the night of the full Harvest moon and encouraged by Bev from By the Sycamore Tree I've decided to create a tarot spell/visual prayer in order to help me cope with and accept the coming changes in my family. (S will be moving out when her boyfriend finds a job) Also to help me see these changes in a positive light; perhaps even as a kind of personal harvest after years of mothering.
I've  learned this type of spell from Kerry from Neopagan Priestess. The tarot is a wonderful tool to visualize and focus on your desires, need for change and maybe even your gratitude before you have actually experienced the fulfilling of your desire or noticed a positive change.
Because I've been working with the Anna K Tarot lately, this deck was a natural choice to use for my spell.

tarot spell Anna K Tarot, Eight of Cups, Three of Rods, The Sun, Ace of Pentacles, full harvest moon

First I've laid down yesterday’s card as the main theme. Then I flipped through the deck to find cards which resonated with me and/or were connected one way or another to this theme. This went very quickly and without a lot of thought. Finally I narrowed the little pile down to three cards to put around the theme card.
I've picked the following cards:
Ace of Pentacles for Me and M nourishing our roots, planting seeds, redefining our living together and for new exciting opportunities for both of us
The Sun as the symbol  for joy, a positive outcome, and self-confidence for all of us
The Three of Rods for S making plans and starting out on a new exciting journey 
I loved how these three cards were radiating their yellow sunlight over the darker Eight of Cups. Yellow and blue, a match made in heaven!
I've put it all on tray (thank you Kerry!) to put it wherever I want it to be. To focus on my intent I've come up with this little prayer. I tried to translate it as well as I could.
May the sun shine its light over you and your journey and your choices yet to make and over us while we are keeping our home safe and enjoying the new opportunities this change will  bring us.”

Monday, September 8, 2014

Eight of Cups – rearranging life

Anna K Tarot, Eight of Cups
For today I've drawn the Eight of Cups from the Anna K Tarot.  Similar as in the seven of Rods from yesterday I have the feeling the main character isn't symbolizing just me. This card feels more like the illustration of what is about to happen to our family in due course. You all know I don’t use my cards for fortunetelling: This Eight of Cups reminds me of an inevitable event. In my opinion this is about my eldest leaving home and M and I are staying behind. And there is sadness in this depiction although I am aware she is so ready for moving out. Her boyfriend has finished his studies recently and is now going to apply for jobs. I do hope they will find something nearby but nowadays you can’t be too picky. Anyway a familiar situation is left behind and a new life is about to be found

Besides this card made me think about S her moving out, this card is also about me and M being left behind and rearranging our eight cups. The stable situation of three women together in one house is going to change for sure. Family dynamics will be shifting. To be honest, although I trust we all will be alright in the end and for S it will be a big adventure, I think it rather scary too. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seven of Rods – respecting boundaries; no trespassing!

Today’s card is the Seven of Rods from the Anna K tarot. We see two men in this depiction  They are in conflict, fighting, attacking and defending. Usually I identify with the person defending the tower. I always have the feeling I have to defend my personal place and time in this household. A remnant of when my girls where younger and my husband was ill. But  today I am not so sure this is only about my boundaries. We are living with three adult women in one house and it’s still difficult for me to see my girls that way because I am also still there mother who worries a lot and is quite controlling in nature J

So maybe this is a sign for me to let go of the reins a bit more and trust them to make their own decisions and let them make their own faults. Of course when they ask for help or guidance I will always be there for them. Seeing us resembled in this card  the need for change is obvious. We all need our personal space. Since there is also a chance my  S.I.L. will come and live with us for a few months there will be definitely need for some checking and/or maintenance on our personal fences  and discussing  some ground rules about "fair fighting".

Friday, September 5, 2014

One year Blog anniversary!!!

Anna K Tarot Three of Cups
This afternoon I realized it  is exactly one year ago that that I've started writing this blog. It was it was initially my intention to have my own place on the internet where I could show some of my creative projects if somebody would ask for this.
Little could I know I would enjoy writing my daily posts about  my tarot and oracle cards that much. Since then, I’ve written 355 posts which I am so grateful for. This blog has given me so much joy, new insights and fulfillment.
But most importantly it has given me the chance to connect to my far away living but also very close, dear friends from all over the world and also it has been such a good experience to feel passionate about something this much and for such a long time: Writing and tarot; what a great combination. Even though I may have felt creatively  blocked sometimes, this blog was always there for me. For some reason I can always write
So, to all of my dear readers, known and unknown, a heartfelt thank you  for following me on this exiting and empowering journey and for always being there.  

Hugs Ellen

Ten of Pentacles - Is everybody Happy ???

Anna K Tarot - Ten of Pentacles
For today I've drawn the Ten of Pentacles from the Anna K Tarot. As I’ve said before, this beautiful and vibrant colored tarot deck reads for me like a storybook. This card is the “They live happily ever after” card for me. It is all about family, security, loyalty, traditions and yes… also about gratitude for all these things J.
Honestly, the guidebook says:  “The Ten of Pentacles stand for the kind of wealth that can be found in daily life. They stand for happiness with your family, for the small joys of life - garden, sunshine, a cup of tea, the sound of rain, the visit of a good friend... Those who know and appreciate this kind of wealth will hardly ever be discontented or unhappy.”
So as from today this can also be my "gratitude" card!
Yesterday I've addressed the issue of last post and although difficult is was the right decision to do. Afterwards I felt so much better. It  was such a relief to have been able to express my feelings and to be heard.
What stands out to me the most in this card, is the love and care for this tiny baby. It is surrounded by family and friends and is safe and protected. When I consider a tarot card as a mirror of who I am then the child is that little precious part of me who I want so badly to be happy and cherished. And today I am sure I am not the only one who wants this and  I feel loved and supported by my family and dear ones

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nine of Swords - What to do when you worry too much?

Anna K Tarot Nine of Swords
What a fitting card I've drawn for myself today: the Nine of Swords from the Anna K Tarot. Being a rather anxious worrier myself I can often relate very easily to this card but today even more because yesterday evening I was feeling down and hurt and I had trouble sleeping. When you look at the girl in the depiction you’ll see she doesn't even have room to lay down in her bed because of all the swords are sticking in her mattress. Sometimes I wonder if I expect too much of others but I felt left out and forgotten and it did hurt and I felt sad about it.  And then I find it difficult not to wonder about the why’s and I worry about how deal with this issue; what is the right thing to do. Should I forget about it and act if nothing has happened or should I share my feelings and risk to be completely misinterpreted or brushed aside. 
Anna K Tarot Seven of Cups
So I ask what is the best solution if I worry too much and can’t stop my train of thoughts. And I got the Seven of Cups. This card is shouting to me: “you should practice what you preach” 
Last Tuesday I had written the post: “a thousand gifts”. This was all about how to be grateful and see the beauty and wonders of life even when you’re down or in a stressful situation. And look at me two days later. Needing the Seven of Cups to remind me of my own resolution to practice gratitude and list my gifts J
So for today I am  going to pick up my journal and write down the content of those Seven Cups!

It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Star – Rebuilding yourself

For today I've pulled The Star from the Crystal Visions Tarot and like any other Star card from each of my decks this one too gave me a feeling of peace and relaxation. This is the perfect card of the Major Arcana to follow after The Tower. It represents o.a. hope for the future. After a major Tower drama we can trust to always be able to regroup ourselves and to reevaluate our direction, our life purpose.
The woman in this depiction is fully dressed unlike other Star ladies. Still she seems vulnerable without her ego build walls and barriers. She is surrounded by eight stars which is the number of Strength, so she is strong enough to stand on her own two feet again.  But she is also strong enough to recognize her own imperfections and rebuild her self esteem in spite of them and to learn to love herself as a whole being.

Maybe it is the challenge of this card to really, honestly appreciate the beauty of your own imperfection. To see who we really are deep down and to love ourselves because of it . The woman in the Star is connected to both land and water, which means to me this challenge has to be met with both reason and  feelings; with both mind and heart We have to tip our toe into our inner wisdom (lake) to acknowledge our true self and to adore our uniqueness . 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Thousand Gifts…

Crystal Visions Tarot, The six of Pentacles, Jennifer Galasso
For today a slightly different post than usual. Lately I've been thinking a lot about Gratitude and what it really means to me. Maybe because we are heading for the Autumn equinox this concept has been a lot on my mind. Gratitude is the one pillar of my spiritual practice which never wavers. When everything else is put to the test and doubted, gratitude remains fully alive and intact. I even don’t mind if I can figure out  to who or what I am grateful.
Yesterday when I was Googling about Gratitude, to explore how others practiced it and what they had to share about this subject, I came across  Ann Voskamp, a Christian writer, who has written a book called: “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are”. It was written in 2011 so perhaps many of you have heard about it already. Although her spiritual path isn't exactly mine, I think she has a very important message for all of us, since in my opinion Gratitude is a universal principle. She dares you to list one thousand things you are grateful for. One thousand gifts from who/whatever you think they are coming from. It is a well known practice to list five things each night before you go to sleep but to list one thousand is something entirely different. 
Crystal Visions Tarot, The Tower, Jennifer GalassoAnn Voskamp has been through a lot in her life and she claims her faith but even more her Gratitude practice has pulled her through. Gratitude is not all about being thankful for the big things in life but even more for  the everyday events, like a bird singing, a leaf falling or the snoring of your dog. Just try to notice the beauty around you where you are at that moment. You don’t have to live a grand life to be grateful. This morning while drinking my first coffee in the garden, I enjoyed the first signs of Autumn in crisp morning the air.
Being grateful when times are good isn't so challenging but being grateful when the wheel turns and life gets difficult is not that easy.
Crystal Visions Tarot, The Fool, Jennifer GalassoSeeing beauty when the lightening hits The Tower is a gift we can gracefully accept with our hands wide open. That’s when trust comes into play. Do you trust the flow of life; trust that everything will be okay again. That’s something to be grateful for and everything else will follow. We are all worthy of so much; even of one thousand gifts and more
So for today I am going to start with my list of a thousand gifts.

Wherever you are, be all there." I have lived the runner, panting ahead in worry, pounding back in regrets, terrified to live in the present, because here-time asks me to do the hardest of all: just open wide and receive.” Ann Voskamp 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Three of Wands - Almost on my way again

Crystal Visions Tarot, Three of Wands, Jennifer Galasso
After the Ace and the Two of wands, today we have the Three of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot. It almost feels like a sort of drum roll before I on my way, moving forward again after being ill: First the Ace with all the expectations en choices and options; then the Two which urged me to slow down, find out what I truly want and think about how I want to pursuit it. And now in  the Three of Wands we see a woman sitting on a rock. The lake is left behind and she is watching her radiant crystal ball. She knows  what she wants, where she wants to go. Her vision is crystal clear. Her path is laid out before her and she only has to follow her star. (This star is in fact a blemish on my card J). She doesn't have to go alone on this adventure She has two animal guides to go with her: A lion cub and a little dragon. Both animals are still young and immature but when fed and played with, they can grow into fierce allies on a creative journey.  They both represent inner strength and passion which are definitely Wandsy traits, I personally have to nurture and develop more. I know they are in there, but I don’t have the guts to see them in their true appearance. In my mind they will  always stay small, similar to the two pets of this woman in the three of Wands. Maybe this card is also about gathering confidence and strength and about raising these youngsters before we are good to go. (luckily in our mindscape this can be done a lot faster then in reality)
So for today I will feed and play with my inner dragon and lion and see if they are already up to the challenge to move forward again.