Thursday, July 31, 2014

Death is more than catching butterflies

Crystal Visions Tarot, Death, Jennifer Galasso
For today I've drawn Death from the Crystal Visions Tarot. I like this version of Death a lot. It has dark and light in it and depicts sadness and hope. Recently I've read a really great post about Death by Olivia from First Earth Tarot.
She emphasizes the necessity to see Death as so much more than a card for new beginnings. Of course we all agree that if you want to give way for change often some things have to end first. But ending parts of your life which have been dear to you for perhaps many years is raw and painful and there is sadness, fear, grief and not knowing what to do or where to go next.
The body of the woman is merging into stone while the butterflies, a symbol of transformation, fly away. There is even moss growing on her leg so she must have been there for a long time, The Angel of Death is standing beside her, following the process. Because that is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the Death card: going through the process. The death card is more about the work than about the reward afterwards.
I have had a lot of “Death” experiences in my life and only afterwards I was grateful for every one of them, but during these periods of intense pain and sadness I didn't find a single butterfly.
What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly” R. Bach
(The text on the stone says: Life is changed not taken away)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seven of Wands - Boundaries

Goddess Tarot, Seven of wands, Kris Waldherr
After our family weekend, the Seven of Wands is coming up repeatedly for me. Today it is the version from the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. When I look at the picture I instantly feel like I have to brace myself for something. This card is all about being faithful to my own convictions and to stand up for my beliefs. I am the only one who knows deep down what is good for me and I will stay strong and chose my battles wisely.  I am not going to start any argument but I will not give in to manipulative behavior either. It is obvious this is a solitary act of bravery against six other wands but I am rather with myself  than with people who don’t really see me for who I am.
So this card is all about creating boundaries for my emotional balance and as a way to keep “the peace”

When I am writing this the Goddess Durga comes to mind. I haven’t given her much thought lately. Maybe it is a good idea to reconnect with her energy by chanting to her during my meditation and/or to meditate with her seed mantra: Dum
"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others".Brene Brown

Monday, July 28, 2014

New moon in July - Release

Conscious Spirit Oracle Kim Dreyer ReleaseA little bit late, but this is my card for the new and waxing moon of this lunation. This is my Embrace card and it is a bit funny because the card is called “Release”. So I have to embrace a releasing energy which is very apt for me now. This weekend I've had to deal with some family problems which are beyond my power to change and so I've decided to try to let go. And then I drew this card from the Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer:
I release that which does not serve me with gratitude and love
Of course I was pleasantly surprised by this synchronicity but I also noticed the last two words: “with gratitude and love”. Releasing, letting go is one of the hardest things for me to master, because it means also to let go of control, to accept how things are. Mostly my releasing is combined with resentment, failure, anger and sadness. It leaves me with scars and holes, which then have to be healed over the years. How different would it be if I would try to release with gratitude and love. Softly, silently saying my farewells  and sending light and love with them. It couldn't be better depicted then this: an angel, light as a cloud,  moving on and leaving light behind…..

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going to visit my mother!

This will be my last post until next Monday or Tuesday because tomorrow I am going to visit my mother to celebrate her 80th birthday. My youngest brother is going to pick me up and together we will go to her. It will take us about one hour and a half. My eldest brother is coming by train and it will be good to meet each other again. I have to be  mindful to focus on the positive because as you all will know family visits can bring out the worst in you J. My brothers are both more inclined to “behave” than I do.
To give me a head start, I pulled three lennies to answer the following question: How can I contribute to this get-together in the best possible way for the good of all of us?
Moon + woman + garden
Enchanted Lenormand, Moon, Woman, Garden
  1. Intuition will guide me through this visit
  2. Emotional satisfaction for my mother during our stay is very important. ( it is not so often the three of us are there together and it is her birthday)
  3. During our stay we will be sensitive for my mother needs
  4. I will keep my emotional tides within while I am there ( keep my big mouth shut when necessary
When I count the inserts I get Stork: besides change, according to Caitlin Matthews this can also mean an annual celebration, (Moms Birthday), travel which is also obvious and nesting. I guess my mom will feel a bit like that when we all come home together.
Al together this is some good advice for me to make our stay a pleasant one for all of us; especially for my mom who I love so dearly
I see you in few days. Have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Thrift Store Haul

For today no daily draw. Yesterday I've been with M to  her new dentist and unlike previous experiences this time everything went so smoothly. She was very happy and she suggested to celebrate  this with a visit to a very  large thrift store in the same neighborhood. We both enjoy to snoop there.
We had a great time and got some amazing finds. Somehow a lot of my purchases are mainly spiritual items from different spiritual traditions: 

I have found a dark wooden standing crucifix and a wooden painted Madonna and Child. Together they are for me a representation of my most earliest belief system which I still hold dear to my heart.
Also I've found a little terracotta statue of Ganesha and a small elephant to go with it. He is for me the Kind Remover of my blockages. Then a dark wooden statue of a female mermaid (in my opinion Yemaya) with big breasts and a bowl filled with seafood in her hands, caught my attention and I couldn't leave her behind.  After that I thought I saw a small statue of an otter which reminded me of the Page of Cups from the Wildwood Tarot. Only when I came home S mentioned it was a seal (oops) but M suggested it could also be a selkie friend for my mermaid sea goddess.  The  Brigid’s Cross (made in Ireland) appealed to me very much. We already have a Brigid’s cross, I've made of wheat hanging, in our hallway and now I can have this one for in my bedroom
Also I've found a gnome with a mushroom head and some acorns in his hands to put up when autumn comes, and two little wooden boxes. One has the shape of an apple which reminded me of our apple tree and last but not least a lovely wooden tray and a tawny altar cloth (also for the Fall)

Immediately after we came home I've grabbed the beeswax and started polishing my wooden finds. Now they shine and smell great! What a perfect afternoon it was! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

King of Cups – Seek some guidance

After too many good intentions and new ideas to better my life: to be more positive, meditate more regularly, write my morning pages every morning, rise earlier, eat healthier, exercise more etc, it is no wonder the King of Cups from the Original Rider Waite tarot  has come along to help me to get real with this eagerness to improve my life on every level at the same time. I do have a bit of an all of nothing mindset J.  He is the one who keeps his feet on the pedestal of his throne. Unlike his Queen he doesn't like his feet to get wet. He doesn't look at his cup either. To me these are all signs of emotional detachment in order to make the right decisions and to give a sound advice. He is the calm mentor, a loving (grand)father, an example of emotional stability.
 When I tell him my concerns, he smiles, nods and empathizes with me. He tells me to take it slowly, one step at the time. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will all these good intentions transform into solid habits overnight. Be gentle with yourself and when you “fail” you can try again tomorrow. There will always be another day….And I know he is right (as always)

“I am the grandfather at the end of the long journey of life. I have done it all, I have seen it all. I have turned within, and have found great solace there. I have gained much experience, and now people come to me when they need my wisdom. I do not lose myself in ideals of perfection, for I understand that everything is perfect, even in its weakness. My place is not to judge, but to help. I bring peace and serenity. I offer healing for old wounds. I am supremely patient and when you fall, I am unconditionally compassionate. I am secure in my wisdom and strength. I have earned my way to this state of being.” Leila Vey

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sun - A Good Omen?

Is my Tarot deck pulling my leg? Yesterday I’ve written about the ”horrors” of Summer. And I came to term with taking some Hanged man time in order to fill my well. Today’s card is The Sun from the Original Rider Waite tarot. My first reaction was: "You've got to be kidding me"! But then I realized this card is so much more than only a symbol for the Hot Summer Sun. The Sun in tarot is all about understanding, enlightenment, self confidence, feeling vital and happy, being radiantly energized, etc. And although I don’t do predictions, I cannot help but wonder, if I heed to the call of the Hanged Man, The sun might be  a likely outcome (Yeah!!!)

The Sun is also representative for trusting my abilities, letting my inner child play and feel free. So regarding my next art project this is very good prospect. J

I am the welcome burst of good fortune and clarity that floods your senses like the midsummer sun. I bring understanding and glory, happiness and freedom. I bestow vitality and radiance and usher in times of success and confidence. Bask in this moment. Enjoy it; savor it for this time will not last forever. Just as the sun sets and makes way for darkness, so my brilliance must, in time, give way to rain.” (leila Vey)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hanged Man - Acceptance

It is still hot and moist here and I don’t function very well in this kind of weather. It is wearing me out and I am looking forward to some serious rain and thunderstorms (and so is my garden). So the Hanged Man from the Original Rider Waite Tarot is a very timely card for me. This card is all about letting go and coming to a standstill; life in suspension. Summer is the time for me to put many activities on hold. If I could go in a summer hibernation I would gladly J. But putting things on hold is only effective if you can let go of the desire to be active and energetic and accept how things are right now. The Hanged Man isn't resisting his status quo. Look at his peaceful expression.  He is making the most of it.
The halo  is the symbol of wisdom and tapping into your intuition. I read this as an advice to make time to ponder and meditate and to find new ways of connecting with the Divine, reviewing my beliefs and practices for whenever the heat cools down. Lately I've been thinking about observing the moon cycle more elaborate than just my usual new moon readings. The hanged man is also the one who urges me to see things from a different point a view. To revisit this practice and adept it to my current needs. I want it to be a fluid and intuitive practice without rules and lengthy texts and rituals. Maybe burning a candle, sit outside, pull or pick a card, draw or write something . Anything goes as long as I feel comfortable with it.
Maybe I also feel like this Hanged man because I've finished my painting recently, which leaves me in a kind of limbo. Not knowing where to go from here and a little bit anxious if the next one will be "as good" as this one. This too will pass, I know. I guess acceptance is my keyword for this card today.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Painting of the Femine

Yesterday I've finished my painting of the Feminine. I was inspired to make this painting by Connie Hozvicka from  Dirty footprints Studio. She promotes an intuitive way of painting called Fearless Painting®
First I will show you a few pictures from the painting process, so keep scrolling for the finished painting. The painting is made with acrylic paint and oil pastel.

Note how I've turned the painting. I originally was going for a landscape with mountains in the shape of a woman. It literally “turned” out differently 

And here she is; my rendition of the Feminine. Now she has a face! And again M has made this beautiful picture with her camera!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Magician - Go for it!!!

For today I've drawn The Magician from the Tarot of the Sidhe. This is a card that I rarely draw, so I will pay particular attention to its appearance today. I like this depiction very much. This Magician is situated in a landscape where all the elements are present: sun, sea, sky and land. He himself is composed of different elemental aspects: fishtail, a tree, fire in his hands and wings. He says: “I am the Mouthpiece of the elements.
 At first I thought he was a bit scary but now I appreciate his diversity. I especially like the blue throat chakra (Sidhe Glyph) to emphasize the power of the spoken word. When you speak your mind, you can manifest your thoughts into being. That is magic and that’s why it is so important to think before we speak. How many words we have wasted on quarrels and gossip, on whining and complaining.
The Magician teaches us we can channel our inner power into the world and choose where we want to focus it on. We can draw from the elements which are all around us and inside us
Sometimes it scares me to see this card. It is like The Magician is expecting more from me than I am able to give. “Go for it! Do the best you can”, he seems to say to me. Usually This feeling has a tendency to extinguish my creative fires. Then I am more inclined to dig my heels in than to manifest anything.
But today I finished my painting of the Divine Feminine. I knew exactly when it was finished and I was so happy with the result, I think I am going to buy a frame for it and put it up in the living room. (I’ll post about it tomorrow)
So today the Magician was all about self confidence and creativity for me.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flower Power haul!!!

Just a quick update about our trip to the gardening center. It was a very hot and moist day. But M and I were determined to buy some blooming plants for our garden to add a touch of color to al the greens. It was very difficult to choose from such an wide range of plants. Our garden isn't that big so we  had to be careful not to buy too much. 

After some serious decision making we went home with a nice set of plants,which are now a member of our garden family. After seeking out the right spot and planting them, we welcomed them home with a lengthy watering session. J

To be honest, although we enjoyed working together, most of the credit for this project goes to M. as well as for the photo’s she took with her new camera.

For this occasion I have picked three lennies which in my opinion are very representative. Although the meaning is of course crystal clear, I tried to elaborate a bit….just for practice
House + heart + bouquet

Enchanted Lenormand, House, Heart, Bouquet
  1. Some flowers in the house and garden is good for everybody’s well being!
  2. Receiving love from your family is a precious gift
  3. Homemaking is a satisfying talent
  4. An abundance of love will give emotional security
  5. Trying to make a small business from home using your gifts and talents
  6. Developing you talents at home with care and love 
  7. ….etc
(The guidebook of the Enchanted Lenormand is AMAZING!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warrior Four - Foundations Blessed

Tarot of the Sidhe, Warrior Four, Foundations Blessed, Emily Carding
Rest , Rejoice and Recuperate: those were the first three words that came to mind when I drew the Warrior four – Foundations blessed from the Tarot of the Sidhe.
This is a card about celebrating achievements and gathering around hearth fire to share stories, food and most important love.  No need to worry about the mountains in the background yet.
Love is the inner fire that drives us. Sometimes tender and gentle like a flickering candle flame, sometimes with blazing flames of passion and desire.
Love is what brings us together and connects us through ties that transcend time and place. In that way you will never be alone although it might seem so. Love is a fire which needs to be kindled and rekindled, especially the love you feel for yourself which somehow often has a way to be smothered.
So it is important to go through this gate and take the time to celebrate what you have accomplished so far and to be grateful for the love in your life.
Today I am going to buy some more plants for my garden and for my husband’s balcony. Flowers do have a way of making a house a home. Also I am also going to try to slow down today and be more aware of the love which lives in my heart and home and try to permeate my words and actions with it.
“The gate becomes a hearth, a home
No need for ever being alone
They celebrate the inner fire
Joyous love that will never tire”
 Emily Carding

 “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.”  Mother Teresa

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dreamer Six - Insight’s Voyage

Tarot of the Sidhe, Dreamer Six, Insight's Voyage, Emily Carding
For today I've drawn Dreamer Six - Insight's Voyage (Six of Swords) from the Tarot of the Sidhe. In this card we see predominantly yellow and blue colors. For me these colors stand for truthful insights and intuition. The wind from the East with eyes as bright as the morning sun is blowing the little ship forwards to wherever she thinks is best. The sailor is steering and adjusting her sail so she can benefit  from this fresh bracing wind.
This card is all about journeying. Not only a physical journey but even more often a spiritual one.  I can identify with the wind as well as with the sailor. The wind, my inner self, will lead me into the right direction of my quest. She will lead me to where the light of understanding shines the brightest. But there is also the sailor; my conscious self, who knows what I want and where I want to go. The sailor knows which ideas have become outdated and which ones can use some patching up. She is also open to new ways of thinking.
When I look back at my believes and convictions I see they have changed a lot over the years. I've matured in my spiritual believes, became more liberal and open to other philosophies, religions and practices. I've embraced the notion that I never can get lost and I never can get it wrong. So I just sail away and throw my big net into the deep, blue ocean of new ideas and insights
Heed now Dreamer, a brighter quest,
The winds of Fate who know you best,
Will guide you now in secret ways,
To brighter truths  and clearer days.”
Emily Carding

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ten of Swords - Sometimes I get so angry.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey, Ten of Swords
"This has to end! This has to stop right now!" The screams of the Morrigan  resound in my mind when I look at this Ten of Swords from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. I can so relate to this feeling of inner rage. Always being kind, nice, friendly and polite does that to a person. 
A few days ago I had a serious fight with M (we 're all good now J) It did release a lot of stress and just half hour after this outburst we were able to communicate and sort out our differences in good harmony.
Yesterday I had visited my husband and as usual that caused me some anxiety and stress.That's why I had planned to do something relaxing for myself afterwards. Only a "friend" called me the minute after I came home, again  with some self-inflicted problem, which blew my fuses.  I kept calm and friendly but after our conversation., I had to free one single scream of deep felt irritation. On slash of this sword and there was silence in my mind and a sigh of relief. This Ten of Swords is a culmination of terror and anger and at the same time the end of it all. So for me it was a most welcome card to explore 

Affirmation: Today I am going to speak my mind instead of fueling my rage.

I was raised in a family where none of us ever raised a voice, so there was no room to express feelings of rage or even unabashed joy - a little bashed joy, here or there, or being mildly disgruntled.” Anne Lamott

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knight of Pentacles - Practice with Patience

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey, Knight of PentaclesToday’s card is the Knight of Pentacles from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. What a difference there is between this guy and yesterday’s Mr. McSteamy. This knight could be my best friend; my tower of strength. His whole demeanor radiates a quiet gentleness. He merges into the background as if he doesn't want to disturb anything with his presence.
He is Patience incarnated. And this patience is making him strong, reliable and trustworthy. He will help you when and where needed because he has this drive to do good for others being a knight and all.
Don’t expect him to invent the wheel but he can get the job done. It doesn't matter how long it takes he will finish what he has started because he is dedicated to the task.
A blend between the two cards would  present us with perfect marriage material. So how can we find this mister Right within ourselves?
I guess Passion, Patience and Practice are a golden triad of attributes for my inner knight in shining armor. When I can find the balance between these three aspects of myself, my knight, who is patiently waiting, will come to the rescue.

 “Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.” Saint Francis de Sales 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eight of Pentacles - Practice with Passion

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey,Eight of Pentacles
What is joy for the eyes this is. This is the eight of Pentacles from the Hidden Realm Tarot. We see a strong male Fey: a dedicated muscled blacksmith who is proud of his work and wants to improve his skill with every item he produces. Hour after hour he stands in the sweltering heat of his smithy while he forges one pentacle after the other. Look at his eyes. He is examining his work with the greatest attention. Is it perfect or could he perhaps do better the next time?
This eight of pentacles is so much more then only practicing  conscientiously in order to  improve your skills. This is about expressing a deep fiery passion and  hot flames of creativity; about not being satisfied until you get it right, about focus and fine tuning, about being totally absorbed by what you are doing and becoming one with your work.
Lately my thoughts and actions have been scattered and all over the place. It is tiring and restless. So I guess this is good reminder to pick myself up and try to focus on one thing at the time. I suppose this will improve my inner calm and help me to stay more centered.

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, July 11, 2014

Four of Cups – Enjoy what you have and feel abundant!

Anna K Tarot Four of Cups
This Four of Cups from the Anna K tarot couldn't be more fitting for me and is so right on time to be my wake-up call.  I've told you before I was feeling a bit under the weather lately and  I have to admit I have ordered a few decks to feel better. Although I am super glad with those decks, I know I wasn't ready to explore new decks since I've got my birthday presents in may. But one way or the other they just kept being delivered by the postman. He is such a great guy! J
Anyway I feel a bit like this man in the picture. He’s got all these delicious dishes handed to him by his loving daughters and he doesn't seem to appreciate the taste or the effort at all. He is just sitting there wanting something  better or different.
Emotional shopping or eating or whatever takes your mind of the hurt or the sadness is never fulfilling. The hole is just as deep when the first rush of excitement about a new purchase or chocolate bar with hazelnuts has faded.
So what does this all practically means to me?
  • I am going to put a stop to my splurging on decks until September the 21
  • I will keep meditating  to be more connected with The Divine and myself
  • I will play with the decks I have and try to enjoy them and connect with them on a deeper level (diviner)
  • I will pick up my gratitude practice in order to be more aware of the abundance in my life
  • I will try to take better care of myself; to be more attentive to my actual needs instead of burying them under heaps of stuff and cookies
  • I am not going to beat myself up if one of the resolutions above don’t work out  (Broom )
Enchanted Lenormand, Broom, DivinerThe last deck which has arrived was the Enchanted Lenormand.
When I took the cards out of the box two of them fell out : the Broom ( something is swept away, cleansed or some kind of punishment or quarrel ) and the Diviner ( well guess who that is with all her cards). It seems I have to clean and organize my drawer and take stock of what I have and be happy with it. Then I want to sweep out  this negative behavior of numbing my feelings.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” Melody Beattie

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Storyteller; read me a story, tell me a tale!

Chrysalis Tarot, Storyteller, The Hermit
For today I've drawn Storyteller (Hermit) from the Chrysalis Tarot. This card has such a different feel to it than its counterpart in other decks. Hermit cards are mostly painted with hues of blue and grey. The cards often depict an old wise man who has sought solitude in a mountainous area. This card however is nothing like that. Here we see a colorful passionate blossoming old crone. She is holding a luminescent sphere in her hands which probable contains a vast amount of stories she will share with whoever comes to her, asking for guidance.
Yes this archetype is more about sharing her wisdom then seeking out her own solitude. Like other members of the Troupe (court cards) and characters of the Major Arcana they are, besides mirrors of ourselves, also guides who come to meet us when we need them in our lives.
This Storyteller is a vessel of experience and wisdom gathered through the ages. For each question she has a story to tell and it is up to us to discover the answer embedded within the tale.
This card is all about quiet solitude and listening to the soft, wise, and gentle inner voice of the Story teller. This card also remind me of the books I have, filled with fairy tales, myths and legends. In these stories you can find universal wisdom and truth too. Sometimes I even read them  aloud to myself so I can absorb the words and rhythm of the story more intense.

“Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My first Square of Nine with the Lenormand about Creativity

Yesterday I've read my first square of nine with the Piatnik Lenormand. This little deck is my main practice deck. I like the pictures and it's classic look and  also because I have two copies of this deck so if I'll ruin it, I still have a spare one left. This little deck is living in my purse so I can practice my combinations where ever I go.
I've seen how Chloe from Inner whispers  has tackled her square and I thought her approach was clear and structured, which is wonderful way for a beginner to learn this spread :
Piatnik Lenormand, cross, lily, key, bouquet, moon, sun, fish,whip, heart, square of nine.To add something personal to the reading I decided to turn the center card first, in order to determine the topic of the reading: Moon - intuition , creativity. These keywords jumped out to me for this reading. 
Then I turned over the other cards....
First I've read the corners. 
Cross + Key + Heart: 
Open your heart to lighten you burden. The solution to your emotional setback is to be found in your heart.
Cross + Fish + Heart: 
Setbacks are asking for abundant love. An abundant rich spirituality is the solution to your problems
The Action Cross has the following cards:
Bouquet + Moon + Sun: talent and intuition will lead to success
Lily + Moon + Whip : Practice frequently until you  are satisfied  and content. Don’t beat yourself up but be gentle for yourself
I like it how the corners clearly state the problem en the action cross contains a practical advice: it is not only talent you need but also practice, practice, practice.  And not to forget a kind and gentle attitude towards your efforts. It is also good to notice the first card was the burden (Cross) and the last card is love (Heart).

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aeracura – Blossoming

Goddess Guidance Oracle AeracuraFor today I purposely picked up a Doreen Virtue deck as a way of self care. No difficult or startling messages but a gentle nudge in the right direction was what I was looking for. I've chosen the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck and I've drawn Aeracura. Never heard of her before. She is a  not so well-known Celtic and/or Germanic benevolent earth goddess who helps us to reach our goals without unnecessary stress and who restores our faith in the future. She is devoted to blossoming. She represents the "blossoming" aspect of ourselves  The cards depicts a small faery like being, emerging form a budding flower. The message on the card says:
 “You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up. In many ways you are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow. Don’t rush this process, as it is part of your beautiful path
Aah, that’s good! Patience is good when you’re feeling not that perky. After this first feeling of relieve, I realized that is a very odd notion to consider yourself as a blossoming flower when you are  at my age. But I guess you can apply this notion to every new phase and or project in your life. You plant a seed, tend for it and have patience. Don’t try to hasten this budding process. Take good care of yourself, practice your new skill or work on that new project but take time to rest and refuel too. 

So after I've had my second cup of coffee I am going to put a first layer of paint on new painting. I have no idea what I am going to paint  and I will try to let go of the end result because I have noticed this will enhance the feeling of flow and freedom while painting.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Monday, July 7, 2014

Forest - Breath

Earth Magic Oracle Steven Farmer Forest Breath
For today I've drawn “Forest” from the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven Farmer. In the guidebook we read:
" Your breathing is too shallow. Although it may feel natural, it is an unhealthy habit that causes this shortness of breath. When you subconsciously shorten your breath, no matter if this is habitual or triggered by some event or circumstance, it activates certain physiological signals that prepare your system for “fight or flight.” Another conditioned response to perceived danger is to hold your breath. This is your survival response, although it does not serve you to do so.
So… breathe! Inhale deeply, regardless of your concerns, worries, or problems; then let it go. Next, allow yourself to breathe a little deeper and slower a few times. Remember that every breath you inhale is a gift, and every breath you exhale is a gift. The forest is a clear reminder of how this works."

This is definitely happening to me lately: I feel more anxious than usual, and I can’t put my finger on the cause. I am tired, and I’m feeling a bit under the weather and maybe I've just got some mild summer flu. Who knows. The fact is I don’t feel so good. Breathing will definitely help. And of course I am  skipping my meditation sessions so picking up that will be a good starter to focus on my breath again. I will try not to fight this phase but damn I wish it was over! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Three Card Daily Draw with the Chrysalis Tarot

Since I’ve received the Chrysalis Tarot, I’ve been playing and reading with it constantly. I like the new perspectives these cards are giving me and how they are requiring the open mind I was writing about earlier this week. It is almost if I am  just starting out on my tarot journey. Of course this deck has the familiar Rider Waite foundation but there are so many different angles and viewpoints; it keeps surprising me.
For today I will do a daily three card spread with this fabulous deck. The positions are as follows:
1 The general energy of the day
2 The challenge of the day
3 The gift of today

Chrysalis Tarot, tarot bag, Eight of Scrolls, Eight of Spirals., Two of Stones

1 The general energy of the day – Eight of Scrolls
This card is all about letting go of preconceived notions and self-limiting thoughts. See how pieces of the scrolls are flying over her head. When you reach deep within, you will intuitively know how to break free from these repeating inner tapes (scrolls) and how to change your perspective into a more positive outcome
2 The challenge of the day – Eight of Spirals
Run, don’t hesitate, you know the right way to go. There is a lot of movement and change going on but everything will be alright. You will survive this meteor storm and find your way out but it will be a hectic challenge
3 The gift of today – Two of Stones
This is the grounded attitude I will need for today. When everything is changing(the ice is melting, spring is coming) it is good to be careful and look out before you make your next move. Make sure your are safe and secure. With three paws on the ground and one in the air nothing can push you over

The gift is somewhat contra dictionary to the challenge but  to me it looks like you have to find a place of stability inside yourself;  of feeling strong and confident, before you can face the challenge of the Eight of Spirals . By the way it did you notice the bear (again) J

Tarot Exercise - Creating your own Wish list

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey, Fortune FairyFor today I wanted to write about a little exercise I've created: Creating your own magical wish list
Sometimes we exactly know what we want and we  can wish for it. But other times our desires remain a bit foggy and cloudy. Deep down we know, we feel what we want, but it is difficult to put words to those feelings. Now isn't it handy  we have a deck of 78 cards which contains numerous words which pop up immediately when even we look at such a card. Yes, tarot can be our instant wish list. Similar to my Gift boxexercise this is a free association game, which is also a fun way to get acquainted with a new deck.
So this is how is goes:You sit quietly with you deck, shuffle it thoroughly, pick a card, say : “I wish…...”  and turn the card around. Then say whatever comes to mind and that will be your wish. You can repeat this as often as you want and wish and wish and wish…..
These are a few of my wishes, triggered by The Hidden Realm Tarot:

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey,XX Life Renewed, Ten of CUps, VII Fairy Stallion, Nine of Swords, five of Pentacles

Life Renewed: I wish it was Autumn
Ten of Cups: I wish I was a more passionate cook
Feary stallion: I wish I could go horseback riding along the seashore
Nine of Swords: I wish could let go of fearful thoughts more easy
Five of Pentacles: I wish I could be more compassionate
You might want to put the most prominent and surprising wishes on you altar or a cabinet so you won’t forget what you've wished for.
When you want to take it one step further you could rephrase your wishes (passive) into affirmations (active): “I  wish I was a more passionate cook” versus “I am a talented cook who enjoys to cook a tasteful dinner for her family”

I hope you will enjoy this little exercise 

Friday, July 4, 2014

When you stay flexible you can reach for the stars!

Chrysalis Tarot, The Acrobat, Page of Stones
For today I've pulled The Acrobat, the Page of Stones from the Chrysalis tarot. This Page is all about changing your perspective, be open for new idea’s and knowledge. While swinging on her pole she is rising above her troubles and is able to see new horizons. Her monkey symbolizes the benefit of an agile, quick witted mind.
The Acrobat is studious with a playful sense of humor. She likes to keep her mind sharp and pliable. She has a positive mindset and encourages us to keep developing our skills and knowledge. That way we won’t get stuck in fixed and rigid ways of thinking but instead we’'ll always be able to see different sides of a situation
The question I can ask myself today is: 
“how do I keep an open mind?” 
I've chosen the Mystical Lenormand to give me the answer to this question:
Bear+ Rider+ Stars
Mystical Lenormand, Bear,Rider, Stars

In this line of three we see the Bear again as  the first card. He resembles power and inner strength. But sometimes also an older person who might be less flexible then our youngsters.
The second card is Rider, as a symbol for movement and new insights and messages  from other sources. Things are changing quickly.
The last card, the Stars, is a card for intuition, spirituality, dreams come true and nowadays also the internet: What a source of information and new contacts. Reach for the stars, the sky is the limit. In this depiction you even see the learning attributes next to the cat.
So I guess the answer might be something like this:
In order to keep an open mind you have to be willing to embrace and keep up with new ideas and information. Keep studying with diligence and enthusiasm and a touch of intuition. Your success is written in the stars!
Cher has taught me to add up the inserts to add an extra layer to the reading.The inserts of these cards (if they were depicted here) would add up to 25, which is Ring. So in order to be successful I've have to stay committed to study and finding new perspectives. 
Of course after this post I am open for suggestions how to read these three cards differently J

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Combining Tarot and Lenormand in one reading (II)

Original Rider Waite Tarot, The Hermit
Yesterday I liked doing this exercise so much, I thought let’s do this again. For today I've chosen the Original Rider Waite Tarot and the French Cathomancy cards. 
For the topic of the reading I pulled the Hermit. A card of seclusion and  meditation; of seeking inner wisdom and calm. The question this card seemed to ask me was; "How do I find the time for myself to meditate and reflect on a daily basis?". 
I often start out very enthusiastic with a new or rediscovered practice to forget all about it in a week or two, three. I've been meditating for some time now and I would love to maintain this practice for a bit longer than a few weeks.
And that’s when the Lenormand cards came into play and I drew a line of  three:

Bear + ring + whip
French Cartomancy Cards, bear, ring, whip

This immediately made sense to me (Yeah!!!)
For me these three card are telling me to develop my inner strength and resilience by committing myself over and over and over again.  When I've skipped my meditation yesterday, I can start again with my daily practice today. When I've skipped it for a week I can start with my daily practice today. Every day I can commit myself again to a daily practice. In this way there is no room for guilt and regret, only for the courage to start again!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Combining Tarot and Lenormand in one reading

Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Ciro Marchetti, Ten of Swords
Inspired by Chloe and Siddaleah  I've been practicing again with my Lenormand cards for several days now. And I have to say it hasn't been easy. There has been times the cards only spoke jibber jabber to me and I felt like throwing them into the trash can. Could it be possible I'm not cut out  for this? Since I am a stubborn woman (Taurus) I didn't want to be defeated by 36 pieces of cardboard so I kept practicing.
And gradually the fog was lifting and the cards started to make sense to me again. It was helpful for me me not to search for generic meanings but to ask a question first. Was it about love, money or health? But how many questions can you come up with while practicing on  your own. So I included my tarot cards in the reading. I picked a tarot card which would be the topic of my reading and then I drew a line of three lennies about this topic.
The topic for this reading was the Ten of Swords from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot : How can I let go of all my self defeating thoughts and move on?
Then I pulled three cards from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand (both decks are by Ciro Marchetti):
7 Snake +15 Bear + 5 Tree

Gilded Reverie Lenormand, Ciro Marchetti, Snake, Bear, Tree

Biting thoughts (suspicions and self loathing) can be conquered by confidence and inner strength which will improve your physical (health) and mental (wisdom) well being.

I liked how the bear was swimming away from the snake and towards the tree; moving on from one situation to another.
Building confidence is certainly helpful for me while practicing with these cards. Whining about how I will never, ever be able to read them won't help me to improve my skills.J
Practicing like this is so much fun and very encouraging for my confidence in reading the Lenormand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Letter from My Inner Self with the Enchanted Map Oracle

Last week, Kate from Daily Tarot Girl  wrote a post about a tarot spread which could be seen as a letter from your Inner Self to you. I missed this post and was happy to read how Cher from Tarot Guidance had done this exercise for herself
I personalized the letter a bit and used an oracle instead of a tarot deck.
Question: Inner Self, what message do you have for me at this time?
Answer: My dearest me. I would like to tell you three things you need to know for now. You need to_____________ and_________________. It is also very important to let go of_______________. Please  know I write to you with love and affection and I hope you’ll take my advice to heart
Love to hear from you soon
I pulled the followings cards from the Enchanted map Oracle:

So this could be my letter:
My dearest me. 
I would like to tell you three things you need to know for now. You need to Slow down and take it easy. This is no time to hurry and you need to realize you a whole person and have everything you need within yourself. It is also very important to let go of The urge to push others to see things your way and do what you want.
Please  know I write to you with love and affection and I hope you’ll take my advice to heart.
Love to hear from you soon

Cher has made an affirmation to go with her reading so I would like to finish this post with mine:
Slow down; I am okay and so are they J