Saturday, March 31, 2018

Eight of Earth - Follow Through

Today’s cards are Eight of Earth from the Gaian Tarot and “Follow through” from the Sacred Creators Oracle.

I love how the father and his daughter are holding each other’s gaze while drumming the same rhythm. It’s hard to say who is leading and who is following. They probably take turns depending on what feels right in the moment. I sincerely believe that is what parenting is all about. Especially now, while I am entering the autumn of my life, I am still called upon as a parent to set the tempo and the rhythm for a while but also I have to be very mindful of the moment when I have to let my daughters take over again. It is hard but also very rewarding to follow their rhythm, because they both have become such talented drummers.  I know I will never stop drumming with them and I will always pay close attention if one of them is changing their beat...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ace of Swords - When lightening strikes...

Ace of Swords Wild UnknownTarot Kim Krans Blog blogger
Today's card is the Ace of Swords from the Wild Unknown Tarot. This card is all about sudden clarity and spontaneous insights. A card of truth and inspiration. The two lightning bolts emphasize both the swiftness as the brightness of this energy. You have to be mindful of these flashes of insight; ready to catch them if they present themselves to you. This means we have to create open space in our mind for the lightning to strike.
Yet too often we keep our mind occupied by repeating the same old, same old over and over again. So how do we go about getting this open space?
Creating free headspace doesn't mean we have to sit on our cushion the whole day long. It is more about being busy with our hands and/or moving our body. Everything which occupies our mind just enough to keep it from obsessing and moving in circles.
My brightest ideas come to me when I am going for a walk or when I am taking a shower.
Where or when does your lightning tend to strike?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Ace of Cups – Receiving Love

Ace of Cups Wild UnknownTarot Kim Krans Blog blogger
Today’s card is the Ace of Cups from The Wild Unknown Tarot. This is a card of unconditionally Love. The type of love you feel for a little child or a newborn animal. The Love which flows through you when you are in awe of nature or for some of us the Love we experience when we feel close to the Divine
Seeing this card it encourages me to open up to this love; to step into the flow of receiving and giving and receiving again. Living in this flow of Love should be effortlessly but we tend to over think the Source of it, which immediately disconnects of its riches and abundance.
“Who I am to be worthy of this kind of this kind of love?"is a thought pattern which sums up all kinds of disturbing thoughts on this matter. So I asked what energy could be helpful for me if I was to start questioning my worthiness to be loved (again) and I pulled…
The Ten of Pentacles. It feels like I am looking into a colorful well. At the bottom of this well, we find numerous treasures. These are the treasures we have accumulated over time but due to worrying about guilt and regret we seem to have forgotten all about them. Maybe it’s time to dive into this well and remember what Love has given us already. Count your blessings may sound corny, but it does make us more receptive to experience  Love in all its forms.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Queen of Wands - To blog or not to blog

Queen of Wands Thoth tarot Crowley Tarot blog blogger Frieda Harris
The question whether to keep blogging has been on my mind quite a lot. On one hand, I really miss writing about tarot and the connection with my online friends but on the other hand, I keep asking myself why would I want to continue. I have been posting tarot pictures on IG very regularly and that felt as it was enough for me. One thing I am sure of is that this tiny spot on the World Wide Web is still so very dear to me and I don't want it to fade away with so many other inactive blogs.
But truthfully, sometimes I feel as if I have said it all. What possible more could I write about a card....
And then I pulled the Queen of Wands from the Thoth Tarot, which has become an absolute favorite deck of mine. What stands out today are the black spots on her leopard which symbolize the remnants of her past. The story goes she was once a dark haired Queen with a black panther who has transformed into the Queen she is today. But she still carries the scars of all the hurt and suffering she has been through.
The challenge of this Queen is to share her story with others and by doing so to reaffirm time and again what she has learned. so it will be ingrained in her most inner being.
Repetition isn't a bad thing. Originality is overrated. It is the mere act of writing and sharing what counts.
So I sincerely hope this post will inspire me to write the next one....