Monday, September 30, 2013

This too shall pass

30 September: Everything changes in nature. Every day the world looks different. In what way do I cope with change? 
ten of swords Anna K Tarot
Anna K Tarot
Well that figures. Today’s card is the ten of swords from the Rider waite!( I've deliberately chosen the picture of the Anna K tarot because that one emphasizes that you can get up again)
It is easy to answer this one: I don't cope well with change. I've had some major changes in my life and the last one was the most traumatic and I didn't cope well. It has cost me several years to finally get a grip on my life again and to learn to accept life as it is. Looking back it was the most intense painful period of my life, but this experience has changed me incredible. I've learned to shed my victimizing thoughts, bit by bit. And it can be life changing to replace them with empowering ones. That brings me to my solution on how to cope with change. you have to change with it. It’s like the strength of bamboo that waves in the wind and thus does not break. Nothing and nobody ever stays the same. Having that said doesn't mean I am able to do that every time when change comes by. A little wavy change I can manage. I think we all can. It’s those dreadful storms that can blast the feet from under us. And that can shake us to the core. We tend to put our heels in the sand and stiffen up inside and out. A deep NO! rumbles in our guts. That’s just life. But whenever I’m hit again by my  crumbling thoughts in my back I know in the end I can get up again.
Happily I am in calmer waters now. But I know change is on its way. I only can hope I'm better equipped than the last time.

“This too shall pass”  is a saying I've read somewhere and is really speaking to me

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Smelling the roses

The rest of this Sunday will be about relaxing while smelling the roses I've got as a gift from my daughters this week :D

Facing my demons

29 September: St Michaelsday. Michael is the angel who has driven the devil out of heaven. How do you drive your “demons” away?
strength Anna K Tarot
Anna K Tarot
I have to admit I felt rather hesitant to write about my demons. Who wants to face them out of his own free will. Aren't those scary little voices throughout the day bad enough? But I don’t want to be called a chicken so I've put on my harness, and picked up my sword and went to battle in the inner darkest crevices of my mind. I've pulled Strength from the Anna K tarot to be my guide...
Strength is all about bringing balance to opposing forces in our nature and sometimes conquering our shadowy aspects. But instead of slaying her demon, the lovely fair-haired lady is looking it right in the eyes with gentle compassion. Sometimes when we are setting out to fight our negative traits  they just become stronger, but when we face them, acknowledge them, they tend to blend into who we want to become: A whole balanced person. Sometimes our demons can become our daemons  (Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods (Wikipedia))who will assist us with great love, gratitude and admiration for bringing them into the light.

Tarot Prompts from Mabon to Samhain (part2)

These are the prompts for the next week. Have fun!
Again, all credits go to Berthe van Soest.

October 1 : Squirrels are gathering nuts,  acorns etc. for the coming winter. What do I have to gather for this winter?

October 2: In the Catholic church it is the feast of the guardian angels. What does my guardian angel ( or spirit guide or patron….) want to tell me?

October 3: The trees have to let go of their leaves in order to bud again in spring .  What do I have to let go in order to receive something new?

October 4:  Today is World Animal Day. St Francis talked to the birds and tamed a wolf. Wolfs can also exist within ourselves. Which wolf in me should I show compassion for?

October 5: Sparrows and blue tits are finding insects to eat, especially  beetles and earwigs, between the seeds of a sunflower. In what unexpected places do I find nourishment?

October 6: When the Rowan berries go red, summer has come to an end. These berries are said to have protective properties. Put some in a vase in your home and ask yourself: What needs protection in my life?

October 7: The grapes, apples and pears are harvested. What can I look back to with satisfaction? What is my harvest of the last season?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Earth Protection Meditation/Ritual

 I have decided to also join this ritual, It’s a great cause. I feel that it’s necessary in this time and age to connect with our earth mother and with everyone who feels the importance about saving our environment. 
earth protection ritual altar
Earth protection altar
This ritual was scheduled at 12 noon. For me it was at 1pm due to the time difference with the UK. I've created a little focus point/altar and have meditated for some time with the intention of healing, caring and honoring the earth, I personally don't like to have intentions against something (fracking) but rather I bend it so it will become positive: bringing sense to those dumbheads J
I had started ten minutes late, but that didn't discourage me. It was a simple meditation ritual. But it felt good. The weather was very good. It was also nice to realize that I was participating to something so important.

Help is already here

28 September:  Tomorrow it’s St Michaelsday: He is said to protect us and helps the ones in need. What do I need help for. Draw a card and see what help you've got
the map, bone collector, colete baron reid
The Enchanted Map Oracle
This morning I have taken the Enchanted Map Oracle from my shelf. It has been lying there far too long. It's by Colette Baron-Reid.With this deck you'll navigate a metaphoric map of your life's journey. You go places, you meet challengers & allies and you encounter situations. Everything takes place in the magical realm of your imagination. 
She has also written a book called “The Map”. It is a good read and it gives you more insight in this deck.
For today I've got the Bone Collector. No, it isn't as creepy as it sounds. The card depicts a peaceful elderly woman who is sitting in a circle of stones. She is smiling and she looks quite inviting to talk to. When I've opened the guidebook for some guidance (It has been long time ago J), I read the small sentence that summarizes the meaning of this card: "You are whole and have everything you need within." Further it says:
  Whenever we're wounded, especially when we're young, it’s as if something essential is stolen from us. We adapt, and accept a particular version of the truth that then sets us up to behave a certain way in the future when faced with a situation that reminds us of the original event. What we know about ourselves thus becomes influenced by a perception of limitation “
 “The Bone Collector reminds you that the truth is that you are a powerful being with limitless possibilities. She has kept safe what was stolen from you in the wounding, and is here for you to reclaim it now. You have everything you believe you lack, and the Bone Collector is your inner resource. Act as if you have what you need and you’ll find you have it after all.”
That gave me goose bumps!  And I do like that when that happens when I'm reading cards. I find it really exciting when readings follow a theme throughout several days. Then I feel like the cards are really speaking to me.
So this darling old lady will help me with everything I was set out to do after my encounter with The Daughter of Poseidon. The Bone Collector is the one where my help is coming from. And the most striking part is that I just have realized that she is a part of me. Yes, all this help is coming from within! So I just called myself me a darling old lady. That’s the first step on the road of self acceptance J
This card also reminds me of the story of La Loba from “women who run with a Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: 
The sole work of La Loba is the collecting of bones.  She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world.
If you haven't read this wonderful book already, please do, because it’s a must read for every woman

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Goddess Altar

With this video I would like to share my altar for the Goddess that I've set up in my room. I've told you that this blog will also be a place for me to share my search for the Goddess and to write about my ever changing relationship with Her. This is much more difficult for me to write about in English than about other topics. Sometimes I don't even have words to describe my connection with Her in Dutch. But I'll give it a go.

For me at this time in my life, the Goddess is an indescribable force. She is too immense to comprehend so I commune with Her Aspects in deity form. I see Her in every goddess all over the world . I don't think it matters which deity you choose for every deity is a part of the Goddess. I don't think that even the earth mother is the all-embracing Goddess. Even she is a part of Her. Because it’s She who is behind every other deity.

In my point a view it doesn't matter how you honor Her as long as you honor Her with your best intentions. You can’t make mistakes in rituals or prayers. You can’t fail in Her eyes when you do your best. I believe the way we try to relate to her is more about us than about Her. She always relates to us; every moment of our life. We however still have to stop in our daily life and make a shift in awareness through meditation, prayer etc.
We often like to follow ancient lore, because that’s giving us the certainty we do everything right. And many aspects of the goddess have imbued the female archetypes. That’s why we don't honor for instance Freya for wisdom. It just doesn't feel right. But deep down I think it also doesn't really matter. Likewise any stones or herbs associated with any deity can be mixed up at random. That’s what I mean by you can’t make any mistakes. It is all about how we feel. And if we feel great and empowered then we can align with Her much more easily.

universe, the divine
The divine
This is why you see goddesses of different pantheons on my altar: Isis, Bast, Hekate, and the earth mother. The old lady near the vase represents every old crone goddess. I also have sometimes representations there of Holda, Demeter, Tara and so forth. It variates by my feelings for Her and what aspect of Her I think I need to work with. The other items on my altar represent the elements (stones, shell, feathers and candles).  Also I have some symbols thereon (crystals, pumpkin, owl, book…) And there are always cards. I cannot imagine my altar without cards. Oracle or Tarot, it doesn't matter. I tend to choose the cards for my altar because they represent attitudes or situations I want to focus on.

My view is my own and I want to emphasize in no way  that my view is any better than anyone else’s. I would like to know very much how you experience God(dess) and how you've set up your altar.

Shining bright and learning patience

27 September: This is the time that the Michaelmas daisy blooms . How do I radiate and shine?----
If you want to know more about this daisy, go over to Eowyn’s post: Everybody plays the fool
seven of pentacles Anna K tarot
Ann K Tarot
Today  I've drawn the seven of pentacles from the Anna K Tarot. Yesterday I was so eager to get up and paint with my watercolors. I was really motivated. But when I sat down with my supplies, it was hurting me too much. I was disappointed, but I realized that I had set my goals too high. I have to admit that some of the things I like to do are not possible for me right now. So no painting, no knitting, no crocheting, no gardening…. Those are my pentacles that I've put down to rest. I have to be patient for a while. I know that I will get better (this happened to me before)
I am really happy that I have discovered blogging. It keeps me occupied and I'm meeting a lot of new people. J
I radiate and shine bright because I've uploaded my very first Youtube video. More about this in my next post ……(patience J)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's go for it!

26 September: Sometimes the sun warms the earth like it is still summer. Where do I need the autumn sun for, why is this warmth important to me?
For this question I’ve got the Magician from the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso.
watercolors the magicien crystal visions tarot
Crystal Visions Tarot - Jennifer Galasso
I’m not always so keen on getting the magician. He is urging me to manifest all those thoughts, dreams,  ideas, inspiration that I have circling around in my head. I love to have all those fantasies about things that I’m going to do, but I’m sometimes fearful of putting those ideas into action. Afraid of failure, you know. When my aspirations are swirling in my mind, they can still become masterpieces. But when I bring them into being they often look dull and less colorful than I have imagined them to be.
But there he is, my magician. With a drum roll he jumps out of my deck. “Let’s do something today! The sun is shining. Come play with me outside! Look at the warmth and the light radiating from my head. Look at the tools in my hands. Take up yours and let’s make it happen!”
Hesitant, I thought lets pull another clarifying card….. The sun… rest my case. The cards remind me of the warm feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that I get when I have created something. So I need the autumn sun to warm up my intention, my drive to create and then… I will do it.
Today I will go outside and enjoy the autumn sun and think about how I can be creative today without hurting my neck :D

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our treasures within

Yesterday my favorite postman rang the doorbell… Yay, package!!!
I had bought The Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Being so enthusiastic about the Oracle of Shadows and Light I took my change with this oracle to. The cards are beautiful and they really get to me. I am usually more a tarot person but these two oracle decks are becoming two of my favorites. So let´s see what´s in store for me today…
Oracle of the Shapeshifters - L.Cavendisch
“Mushrooms appear in the forest. They live in symbiosis with the trees. What do I need to survive? What can't I live without?”
Poseidon’s Daughter - You have been given everything you need
It seems like all I encounter this week are hints to search for my authentic self. To ask myself: “Who am I; who is my true self?”
So the question for today is not about people or things in my surroundings I can’t  live without: It is more about reassessing my treasures within. I wasn't even conscious about the abundance of love, talents, skills wisdom, intuition, qualities and so much more in myself, before I had pulled this card. When we were born we have been given all that we need. And we can’t live without it. But along the way we have given away parts of who we are, just for the sake of peace or to adjust to a situation or even worse because we were told parts of us were not acceptable. But now it is the time to take back what is rightfully ours and become the beautiful, wild, strong, gorgeous self we were meant to be
Yesterday I had started to write in my gratitude journal again. Today I will honor my true self by making a list of everything inside me that I am grateful for. 

This card has made this deck already very special to me…..:D

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take of that blindfold

eight of swords druidcraft tarot
Druidcraft Tarot
24 September: This is the last day of the corn harvest: “Harvest home”.  From the last corn a corn dolly was made to keep the spirit of the harvest alive till spring. What can I do to keep the spirit of this harvest  alive?

Today I’ve drawn my card out my Druidcraft Tarot. Just for some variation. Imagine my surprise when I’ve got (again) the eight of swords. It is the same card that I ‘v picked for the waning part of this moon cycle (what do I want to release). So let’s remove that blindfold…

The spirit of the harvest is for me all about gratitude, abundance and celebration. It is easy to forget those attitudes in the coming weeks with heavy rainfall and stormy weather. Or in our ordinary daily life’s, when routine takes over and we just struggle to get through the day. For me it is so important to be aware of my blindfold and limiting beliefs. So I am going to dig up my gratitude journal and taking up that practice  again: writing down at least three things for what I am grateful for at the end of the day. In that way I will take of that blindfold and step out of the circle of swords

Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing about tarot cards you dislike

Enough to journal about.....
Today I've got "Voodoo in blue" as my daily draw and my first instinctive reaction was to put the card back in  deck then shuffle again and hope for the best. Perhaps I can pull a more gentle card. Sometimes it happens; you've got a card you dislike, or you don't have any connection with it. Instead of “cheating” and pick another card, (who will notice but you…J), I have found that writing about that card brings sometimes a lot of clarity. Disliking a card can give just as much insight as liking a card.. Sometimes we learn more from our antipathies than our sympathies. Negative emotions can make us react stronger. They can even give us physical reactions.  So just grab a journal and start free writing about your card. Write down everything that comes up. Don't hold yourself back. The only one who will read it is you. And you always can tear the page out of your journal or push the delete button on your computer. Just pour your heart out on the paper and write down everything that you dislike and why you dislike it. Be detailed in you writing. And perhaps you will find a little gem there.

Voodoo in Blue

voodoo in blue oracle of shadows and light
Oracle of Shadows and Light- L. Cavendish
23 September : Fruits ripen; De birds nourish themselves before their great journey ; what feeds and sustains me in the fall?

With this question in mind I drew “Voodoo in Blue” (Back Off). My first thought were :”That will be a lonely autumn. What/who will sustain me when I kick everybody out?” J

Since I'm not familiar with these cards yet, I looked in the guidebook what was written in there about this Voodoo in Blue. A sigh of relief: This dark fairy is really on my side. She warns me for people and situations that can drain me dry; wear me out. I don't always have to be the kind and loving woman everybody wants me to be. It is very healthy to set my boundaries and be clear about them to others. I liked it that there were no pins in the puppet, because that is not really my style of communicating J.  When I look at her this way, I can imagine that she is helping me to stay strong and stand up for myself during this season.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Fairy of the Highlands

oracle of shadows and light The Fairy of the Highlands
Oracle of Shadows and Light- L.Cavendish
22 September:  The animals prepare for the coming season. How do I prepare for/adjust to the new season? How do I find harmony with the demands of this period ?

Today I pulled “The Fairy of the Highlands” It is time to be brave. I think this Fairy is adorable, She looks at me with her great scary  eyes, still frightened, but there is a spark of courage in there when she says: it is time to be brave. A spark of courage is all we need to prepare for the coming season; To take on new challenges, to start new projects. But most of all to look inside ourselves and go for battle with our inner turmoil., Raise your sword and be brave. On the other hand it is also brave to decline demands from others; to stand up for yourself so you don't get overwhelmed with other people’s expectations. Be brave enough to follow your own path this season. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Mabon

Happy Mabon everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful day. My daughter and I have baked an apple-pie together. It’s always fun to bake something with her. Sometimes we quarrel because both of us wants to take the lead, but this time it went smoothly. The pie is in the oven right now, so I have to wait to post this until it is ready, because I want to add a picture of . Yay, it smells so good!

homemade apple-pie
I have pulled my card for today; 21 September:  what stands out in my life at this moment; the dark or the light, or is there balance?
I’ve got “The mend a broken heart fairy” Healing from Heartache.

Oracle of Shadows and Light - Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket
Oracle of Shadows and Light - Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket
This card emphasizes the darker side of life for me. But with a door open to the lighter half. It is true that although things are getting better, I still need some healing for the sadness and grief that is inside me. I wish it was as easy as putting a bandage on the most painful part. It’s good to experience the love of my daughters now that my neck is injured and to see that they do more around the house. That is comforting. But it’s also important to give some healing to myself. This is the most difficult part for many of us: Being kind, loving and patient with ourselves. How often do we think that is has been long enough; we have to go on and get over it. But we do need to give ourselves time and attention, otherwise feeling like sadness and grief can fester. So I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea and  think about what kind of healing I can give to myself. (starting with a piece of pie :D)

Tarot prompts from Mabon to Samhain (part 1)

I have had a request to translate a series of tarot prompts that can accompany you from Mabon to Samhain.
These are the prompts till October. I hope they give you a boost for your daily draws
All credits for these prompts go to Berthe van Soest

21 September:  what stands out in my life at this moment; the dark or the light, or is there balance?

22 September:  The animals prepare for the coming season. How do I prepare for/adjust to the new season? How do I find harmony with the demands of this period ?

23 September : Fruits ripen; De birds nourish themselves before their great journey ; what feeds and sustains me in the fall?

24 September: This is the last day of the corn harvest: “Harvest home”.  From the last corn a corn dolly was made to keep the spirit of the harvest alive till spring. What can I do to keep the spirit of this harvest  alive?

25 September: Mushrooms appear in the forest. They live in symbiosis with the trees. What do I need to survive? What can't I live without?

26 September: Sometimes the sun warms the earth like it is still summer. Where do I need the autumn sun for, why is this warmth important to me?

27 September: This is the time that the Michaelmas daisy  blooms . How do I radiate and shine?

28 September:  Tomorrow it’s St Michaelsday: He is said to protect us and helps the ones in need. What do I need help for. Draw a card and see what help you've got.

29 September: St Michaelsday.  Michael is the angel who has driven the devil out of heaven. How do I drive my “demons” away?

30 September: Everything changes in nature. Every day the world looks different. In what way do I cope with change?

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Oracle of Shadows and Light

This morning my favorite postman brought me my oracle deck that I had ordered online. It’s the Oracle of Shadows and Light.  Writing this down I realize that it is the perfect deck to give myself at Mabon. Since this deck is all about balance and embracing your shadow.

oracle of shadow and light pumpkins
Oracle of Shadows and Light - Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket
Life isn't all about light and happy faces. I did hesitate a long time before I decided to buy this deck. I thought it would be to girly, superficial perhaps. But OMG I was wrong.
I already connect to the pictures of this deck on such a deep level. It seems like those lovely whimsical creatures are calling out to my little inner child to come out and play and don’t be shy. I like them that much that I’ve just ordered the Oracle of  the Shapeshifters too. Usually I’m not that splurging but this time I knew I had to have those two decks. I think they can teach me a lot about myself in a playful nonjudgmental way.
The Dutch version of these decks have the artwork of the Australian versions. I like them more then the American. Probably because the somewhat darker atmosphere in some of the cards and perhaps my age???
I’m going to do my daily draws with these decks. There is a Dutch Tarot website which gives a question for each day from Mabon until Samhain which you can answer with your daily draws. So this challenge will hopefully motivate me to play with my cards daily. And I’m also planning on combining these cards with my Anna K Tarot deck. What a wonderful way to begin the darker months of the year. Yay!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon in September and Seeking Balance

mabon equinox autumn fall balance
This is the time to celebrate the playfulness I have welcomed in my life on the new moon (zet daar een link in):
I have started this blog which is for me a huge step out of my comfort zone. I’m more the quiet listening type. Not so keen on getting out there.  But so far it has brought me a lot of fun writing it and I’m so happy with all the nice comments I’ve got.  Also I have tried to do some creative activities. The page of Swords I have drawn will be the subject of a next post.  Although I have had idea’s enough to “play”, I wasn't able to start them all because  I've strained my neck which caused a pinched nerve in that area. That hurts a lot. (Ouch)
So this full moon will be all about being proud  of what I have accomplished and about rethinking my options. How can I be playful and enjoy myself, when my body doesn't want to play along. I am certain though that I don't want to fall in my eight of swords trap; feeling sorry for myself and block every option of having fun.
Saturday it’s Mabon. Usually I celebrate the wheel of the year only with some decorations and baking. But this year it will be all about balancing my physical and my mental  well being.
The picture is a collage I’ve made last year representing the seeking of balance during this season

The translation of the Dutch text in the picture is : “Between the past and the future there is only  “I am”.”

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spending time with mum

This weekend have visited my mum. It is a two hour trip, so I don't see her as often as I would like. I like being with her, She tells a lot of stories from our past. Most of them I already know. But now and again I hear something that is new to me. It is like finding a little treasure. She is a very detailed storyteller and so her tales become vivid and expressive. All I have to do is sit with her, drinking coffee and listen…
My mum has  had this beautiful little statue on her mantelpiece for years. It is a statue of a father and a mother and their child. You could also see it as Joseph and Mary and Jesus, or as the Divine in its Father and Mother form, where I could be their nurtured protected child. It has multiple meanings for  me and  I've always loved it. I think that was noticed by my mum, because this weekend she gave it to me and now it has a place in my windowsill.
It was in many ways a wonderful weekend 

family, father mother and child
Father, Mother and Child

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the thirteenth

ten of swords, tarot hanson roberts
Hanson Roberts Tarot
After reading this blogpost from Siddaleah I wondered: Is it wise to draw a card from your tarot deck on Friday the thirteenth.  
Just like Siddaleah I use tarot mostly for self-development and not for fortunetelling. My idea is that fortunetelling can create fear and anxiety. For me reading tarot is a balance between using book knowledge and your own intuition. It’s my opinion that intuition and fear don’t go hand in hand.
Then why do I feel hesitated to draw a card on Friday the thirteenth; metaphorically speaking.  Sometimes there are situations so pressing, so important, that I hesitate to draw the cards for advice. I think afraid that those dreadful cards that everybody knows will come up. Mostly I do a spread afterwards, for insight in how I have handled things.
I wonder what you think about this; do you believe in Friday 13th ?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review of the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (Updated)

Normally I just buy a deck, but this time I really wanted it on the day it was released, so I've preordered the Tarot of the Hidden Realm from an online bookstore. Finally today it arrived in the mail. I was so excited and yes, the cards were amazing. All the cards were beautifully painted by  Julia Jeffrey, with natural earthy colors. When I flipped them through it was indeed like you were strolling through a hidden realm. I came across so many different creatures and fairy folk. 

And with that said, I had discovered my main problem with this deck. There are too many people in the cards. I didn't mind that some of the meanings were different then with the standard Rider Waite. But for me it’s hard to see the meaning behind the people, for instance just a guy with a sword looking up to the stars as the seven of swords.
The book tells you the stories and the circumstances of these fairy people and it is beautiful written as you would expect from Barbara Moore. But for me it would take me to long to learn the characters of the people on the cards with their full story. I like to just take a glance and know what a card is telling me. Later on, if I want to, I also like to search for little details in the scenery on the cards.  
tarot of the hidden realm julia jeffrey
Tarot of the Hidden Realm - Julia Jeffrey
So I did hesitate, because I liked the pictures a lot. But I don't want to have a deck that is likely to end up in a drawer instead of on the table.
At first I thought I would keep it and think of an oracle meaning to go with each card. But I recently bought the Anna K Tarot and for now this deck will keep me occupied, so I’ve send the Hidden Realm Tarot back to the bookstore.
This is just my personal meaning for I  still think that it’s really a great deck. The cardstock is not to thick but good enough. They are smooth and have a matte finish. The pictures are phenomenal and the book is awesome.

I still am a bit sad it’s not for me L (for now…)

Addition May 3 2014

Today I've received this deck for the second time (birthday Present) and I am ever so happy this deck and Iwill get another chance to connect. I never felt good about my giving up on it, If you are curious about my new experiences with this deck I invite you to follow my blog because I am going to use this deck regularly for daily draws for the coming time. I am really looking forward  to it!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've got Presents!

This morning I drove my daughter to town. She had some shopping to do and it is was raining cats and dogs. The shop was nearby a new age store where I went to drool over some beautiful things they had in displayed. I thought it was time for a treat. So I bought myself a beautiful smooth Labradorite. The properties of this crystal suits me fine. It helps to hold on to your energy and don’t let it slip away in draining situations. It is a very protective stone and I am utterly in love with the iridescent surface. I’m carrying  it with me in my jeans pocket, so we can become best friends.

labradorite crystal
My new BFF
My daughter had decided to buy me a present too. That was a lovely surprise! When we had returned to our car, she gave me two beautiful wrapped packages: a gorgeous carved little box for burning Incense cones and two boxes of the finest incense of  “The Mothers Fragrances”.  We always burn incense of that brand. It has such a natural, soft smell.

incense burner, incense amethyst rose quartz
Yay, I'm so happy!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Autumn is coming…..

Finally the temperature is dropping to normal for this time of year.
I am really an a fall/ winter person. When summer is almost over I begin to long for the indoor activities. The wonderful peace and quiet of my own living room, where I can read a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee . I long for my long-sleeved shirts, for scarves and for socks and boots. Lots of earthy colored candles  can be lit again…. .

Yesterday I have pulled out my Watercolor supplies It has been too long since I have played with them. Yes that is the main issue: dare to Play. Don't be scared if it is not going to good enough. It doesn't have to become a  beautiful painting on the wall. Just play. I recently had bought some small books in a local  thrift store about how to make watercolor paintings. One was about making flowers. So I made a flower and It felt so relaxing to copy this flower right out of the book  with the watery paint on my paper. Just one flower, nothing more. It was fun to do and I am sure I will play again.

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Moon in September

After a meditation in my garden, I drew two cards for this new moon from my Osho Zen deck. (This is an idea from Neopaganpriestess).
What should I let go of: Conditioning
What should I welcome in my life: Playfulness

osho zen tarot conditioning playfulness
Osho Zen Tarot
 These cards gave me the goosebumps for they talk about attitudes I really want to try to let go and to develop.
The time is now right for me to shed my sheepskin and let my wild woman run free to play and enjoy herself. Perhaps first like a gentle fun-loving cat to rediscover my inner self. But I am certain my inner Lioness will emerge in due time.
I have combined this spread with a slight variation of the tarot spell from Monsoonmagick:
Pick three cards from your deck that represent your intentions for the next mooncycle and put them on your altar as a focus point;
One card for the waxing moon; for what you want to welcome in your life.
One card for the full moon; for your goal. What do you want to have accomplished  and is to be celebrated on the full moon.
And one card for the waning moon; for what you want to release or be careful for.
From my Crystal Visions Tarot I’ve picked the matching cards: The devil and Page of wands,
so for the waxing moon I've already got the page of wands. For the full moon I've picked the Strength (Yes, me and my lioness J) As my goal for the full moon is to embrace my inner lioness. For the waning moon I've picked the eight of swords. My all-time nemesis card.  I want to be strong enough to prevent myself from falling in to repetitive blocking and paralyzing thought patterns.
All four cards are now on my altar. During this waxing moon my page of wands is on top. I put some  carnelians around them to enhance the energy.
crystal visions tarot jennifer Galasso
Crystal Visions Tarot - Jennifer Galasso
I am very excited to work with these three cards this monocycle and I will let you know how it went.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Clay Earth Goddess

Another project from some years ago I am very proud of and wish to share, is my Earth Goddess statue I have made from river clay.  I was inspired by Helen Demetriou, who has made a video about making your own goddess. It took me a whole afternoon to make it and all the time I really felt connected with the Earth Mother while working with the clay. In the summer I fill Her bowl with lavender or other dried herbs; in the winter with clear quartz crystal chips and this season I give Her wheat grain. She always  has a place on my altar in the living room. 

earth goddess clay

My Selfmade Runes

Some years ago I incidentally found some beautiful pebbles in the driveway of my friends neighbour.  I rang the door and asked if I could have some of those stones for decoration. They allowed it but perhaps they  thought that I was very picky because I had to examine every pebble  before  it landed in my pocket. Twenty four of the most smooth and even pebbles  were to become my rune set. Al they needed was a symbol of the Futhark drawn on them with a permanent marker . I am still very happy with them and wouldn't want another set ever

runes, runeset, clear quartz cluster

My First Blogpost

Hello to everybody,
This is my first post on my blog. So often I would like to share something with you. Something I have bought, made, read or whatever comes to mind. 
Since I am a Dutch woman It is not so easy for me to write in English. So bear with me if I make any mistakes. Lately I have practiced my English writing because I have made a lot of comments on blogs and Youtube video's 
But now and then I  get asked to show my take on things. And sometimes I am so proud of or happy with something , I just want to share it with the everybody out there 

This is the primary reason for this blog: a show and tell.