Monday, May 19, 2014

Green Tara - Start delegating

Goddess Guidance Oracle, Green Tara, Doreen Virtue
For today I've drawn Green Tara from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. A familiar deck for most of you and for me my first oracle deck. I've been blogging for about two weeks about tarot now and perhaps I need a small break from it. Sometimes Tarot tend to dig deeper into the soul than I can handle. Maybe that is why I think  I prefer to do my daily draws with various decks rather than with one deck for a whole week.
So let's continue about Green Tara. She is originally a Hindu mother goddess, who has been adopted by Buddhism. Her name means Star. Each of her aspects is depicted in a different color. Green Tara is the one who comes to our aid when we are in need for help. She is the embodiment of compassion. You can see how she has already one leg ready to get up and help us. The caption says: Ask others (including me) to help you, Instead of trying to do everything by yourself”
For me it is, like probable for many of you, very difficult to ask for help. Somehow I always seem to think I should be in greater need for help more before I can ask it.  There is always that nagging feeling of guilt: "Shouldn't I do this myself? I don’t want to bother others". But on the other hand everybody is asking me for help and I almost never refuse. So perhaps today I could ask for some help to make my day a bit easier.
Green Tara is also about reconnecting with your own inner strength by getting the bigger picture of the situation at hand and feeling more, sure about your decisions. In that way she teaches us to help ourselves and find inner peace when there is nobody else around.


  1. Interesting that her name means "Star;" she is quite like the Star card in tarot, bringing hope, healing and guidance. Lovely deck!

    1. We've called dour dog Tara without knowing it was a goddess name. It happens to be she has a lot of those goddess qualities.:D

  2. I have never seen this oracle deck but I like this Tara. Definitely a lesson for me to learn ... allow myself to ask for help. I never do. My first thought is always to others and how I can help. Your post has given me food for thought, especially in connection with the on-going process of re-finding my inner strength. It has been missing. :)

  3. Hi Carol How nice to hear from you again! How are you?
    Asking for help is so difficult. I've just asked S to walk the dog with M so I could skip this evening because I am so tired. If it wasn't for this card I would never have asked. I wouldn't have thought of it.
    But it felt so good :D