Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch – Count your Blessings

Oracle of Shadows and Light, Lucy Cavendish, Jasmine Becket Griffith, Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch – Count your Blessings
Tonight is All Hallows Eve or Halloween, the evening before Samhain. My last two posts were about my intention to look into my fears and anxieties. So for today I've asked the question, what will help me to face my fears. And I pulled The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch from the Oracle of Shadows and Light.
The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch Speaks:
Something that is a blessing is being overlooked. It appears cloaked and seems almost invisible to you. You must stand in your field – that is to say, your life – and look around you, and see all that has been given to you again, and give thanks for it. You are forgetting how much you truly have, and how much you will have again, and again. My time is the harvest: it is now your time to bring in, or harvest, the joy and love of what you have so much of, and share your abundance.”

When you want to face you fears it is wise to first count your blessings. This will give you lots of security and strength for your inner journey. Life is not always as bad and scary as it seems. Skeletons in the closet are a lot smaller than the sound of their rattling bones might suggest. Spiders in the attic? Humbug, Monsters in the cellar might be just brooms and boxes when you are supported by the joy of your blessings
I've written  a lot about the practice of gratitude and this card is a reminder to uphold this practice when dealing with the harder parts of life
Count your  blessings and don’t take anything for granted. Count until there is nothing left to count, not even the smallest little squash in the corner of  your patch.
Happy Halloween and Samhain!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Queen of Stones - waking up from hibernation

Wildwood Tarot Queen of Stones Will Worthington
For today I've drawn the Queen of Stones from the Wildwood tarot. We see a mother bear checking the weather outside her winter lair. Is it already warm enough to end her hibernation and go out with her cubs? Or is it still too cold? 
Like a good Queen of Stones, this bear puts her children first. She is the nurturer, the caregiver, the main source of food and she teaches them how to be a bear. She is protective because she knows  how dangerous the world can be and perhaps she is even hesitant to take her cubs out of her safe haven.
I can relate to this fear for my “cubs”, which started when they left my house to play outside. When I think back this was the time I became more anxious and controlling. Somewhere along the line I began to fear the outside world. Of course this was a long-term process but some intimidating events did speed it up.

When we look at this queen, I feel her hesitance but also her longing for fresh air and adventure; to play with her cubs in a stream filled with salmon. To feel the warm sun on her pelt. Longing for all the good life has to offer, which is so much more than the cave were she was sleeping….

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kali - Facing fears

Chrysalis Tarot Holly Sierra Kali The TowerYesterday I've compared Storm Angel with the Tower and that reminded me of The Tower card from the Chrysalis Tarot which depicts the goddess Kali
She is a Hindu goddess, an aspect of Devi, the Divine Feminine. She is a slayer of Demons (mostly inner ones) and a Goddess of Time and Death. Although she has a frightful appearance she is a loving, protective mother goddess
She is the goddess of the ending of cycles, the death and transformation energy that lets go of the old and brings in the new. Kali is a loving energy that helps free us of fear, she only destroys that which keeps us in bondage”,
She will help us with: Courage, Determination, Direction, Focus, Motivation, Protection, Tenacity
 I am going to put a depiction of her on my altar as a focal point for the coming time. It is almost Samhain, a time to let go of old and non serving thought patterns. Fear is one of my largest stumbling blocks and is keeping me from the things I really want to do and even to a point  I don’t always know what I really want anymore. I am so good  in avoiding difficult situations

Kali is all about facing our fears and acknowledging them is the first step. I don’t expect to get rid of them right away. She is also goddess of time. It will probably be a spiraling process; each time around I will free myself a bit more. To accept this is a learning process too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Storm Angel – Searching for new Balance

Since we are heading towards Samhain, I've drawn my card for today from the Oracle of Shadows and Light. I like this deck a lot but haven’t used it for a long time.Maybe because it feels like this is a deck for only the darker moths of the year. Lately I've been working a lot with tarot and much less with oracles. So I thought this was a good choice for today. The key words for this card are: Collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energies.
These  words are well depicted by an angel dressed in purple storm clouds and surrounded by lightning bolts. I imagine the thunderclaps must be deafening. She doesn't seem too happy to be the bearer of such heavy weather but she is up to the task:
 “…I bring change, and when change comes for some it is simple, easy and flowing, for others, dramatic, erratic, wild and full of static!... I then appear to burn away the old and create a clear, fresh vibration, where all that is stale, and fearful, and unpleasant has been cleared away! The wonderful thing about this challenging collision is that while you’ll be nudged out of your comfort zone, you’ll also realize just how much has changed, and how far you have come! The results will be worth the pressure – trust me!”
To me this sounds a lot like The Tower where we also have this kind a of weather.
The three of us have experienced a lot of big and abrupt changes lately and we are still adjusting to all of this. Gradually things are falling into place and we are establishing a new daily routine. We are also noticing we are very tired. (And some of us are still recovering from the flu) So miscommunications are understandable but we are trying to be considerate towards each other.
The biggest change around the house for me personally is the bustle Jofee is bringing with him. The long quiet hours when I could read,  paint, write and do anything I wanted are gone and I have to search for little moments in the day for myself.  But on the other hand I do enjoy these short moments so much more
I am positive we will find our balance in due time and stormy weathers will calm down again.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Three Blessings

It sounds like the title of a fairy tale but in fact it is the subject of a three card tarot reading which Carla from Rowan Tarot came up with. Kerry from Neopagan Priestess has tried it too.
I liked it so much and thought it was such an uplifting spread, that I would like to try it for myself. I've used the Morgan Greer tarot and after shuffling my deck I asked: “What are my three blessings for this phase in my life?”
And I've got:
Morgan Greer Tarot Eight of Wands, Eight of Swords, Three of Pentacles

The Eight of Wands:
Things are speeding up and going my way. Actions of the past are setting things in motion for today. My eight wands are sprouting, so lots of my creative ideas are full of possibilities. I can pick the one which I feel most passionate about without letting myself get overwhelmed by the other seven (The Eight of wand is my todo list card J)
The Eight of Swords:
No more bondage by limiting thoughts. I am able to take of my blindfold and remove the ropes around my body. I can enter the castle behind me and go to my art room to play because playing is sacred, making mistakes is a must, and trying is a gift to myself.
Three of Pentacles :
And the first two blessings are coming to fruition in the last one: Creating with pleasure, inspiration and fulfillment. This card is one of the most supportive cards in the deck for me. The Empress may be all about creativity but here we see a craftsman doing the work en enjoying himself. Improving your skills day by day is a gift not a chore.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Page of Swords - writing practice

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Page of Swords Julia Jeffrey
For today I have drawn the Page of Swords from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. We see a young fey woman, with feathers in her hair, handling her sword. She is about to start her practice or perhaps she is just finished and putting her sword back in its sheath. In either case she is determined to get more proficient each day. She want to be ready for battle when needed.
Swords are all about thought and ideas and today this card is telling me to wrap my thoughts about some issues I’ve been putting off. To stop the doubting and swaying back and forth  and to try to be more specific with what I know, belief and stand for; to try to put words to my blurry thoughts. Doubting is great but it is also good to determine exactly what it is what is making you doubt. I have the tendency to avoid the more intricate subjects hidden in the corners of my mind.
Although I am a fervent journaler,  I am also a bit apprehensive to see my more uncertain thoughts in writing. I have to remember I am just like this page: practicing, so not every slash with my sword  has to hit its mark.

 “Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time”  M. Murray

Friday, October 24, 2014

New moon in October - be careful with your egg

I've been skipping my New Moon reading for a few times but for this month I thought let's give it another go to make this a monthly habit again. I like to have a kind of theme for the coming lunation and drawing tarot cards is a wonderful way to determine this.
I drew two cards from my deck; one for the Release and one for the Embrace position. Just a simple spread. No ritual and no meditating beforehand, just a thorough shuffle and an open mind should be enough for today.
The deck I've used is the Tarot of the Hidden Realm and the cards are:

Release: Eight of Pentacles:
This cards invites me to release the need to be disciplined and structured in my writing and other creative outlets. Practicing can wait for a while. Just do what you like when you can find the time. And stop being so hard on yourself and try to stop obsessing about slacking

Embrace: Ten of Wands:
In this card we see no burdened man with ten wands on his back but instead a little boy with the huge responsibility of carrying a Phoenix egg. He is destined to merge with this egg which is full of possibilities of drive and fiery passion. It feels to me this card already contains Ace potential. As long as you can be patient and vigilant, this egg will hatch and you can be filled with all its strength. This is a promising energy to Embrace.

Conclusion: When I am able to let go of the need to create regularly, I can focus on this fiery energy of the Ten of Wands, which can fuel my creativity when everything settles down in this household. In the mean time I can scribble, doodle and play a bit, but no pressure is to be applied because we don’t want to break the egg!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Knight of Wands - Hunting or shopping?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Knight of Wands Julia Jeffrey
For today I've got the Knight of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. We see a Fey man hiding in the foliage of an Oak tree. His eyes are fixed on something in the distance. He wants it and he is going to get it. When? Not sure, but soon. His passion is seeping out of his pores and the need to change from observer to hunter is great. He is not concerned about the consequences or what might go wrong; He is totally living in the present moment. The only thing on his mind is to kill the prey. He is overly confident he will succeed, so let’s do it quickly…

I can relate to this knight. I want to be free to pursue my own desires without having to be considerate with my girls and my dog. I know it sound selfish but sometimes that’s me too. Luckily I am not entirely filled with Knight of Wands energy and my inner Queen of Swords will talk some sense into him, but he is there and he want to open the door so badly to go exploring. Maybe some sublimated hunting in the form of shopping might help???
I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand stores. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in.”(Bjőrk)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three of Pentacles- adapting my creative choices

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Three of Pentacles Julia Jeffrey
Today’s card is the Three of Pentacles from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Here we see an older Fey man; a skilled craftsman busy in his workshop. He is creating torcs, an ancient type of jewelry. They were often used to identify the wearer as a person of high rank. The craftsman is enjoying his work and the process of creating. First there is the vision of the torc he wants to create and then trough his hands this idea slowly becomes tangible.
When I look at his card I feel somewhat envious. Probable because I miss my creative outlet. Usually I am going to my craft room quite regularly and there I play with paint and paper scraps.This is my “humming time”
Tarot of the Hidden Realm Five of Pentacles Julia Jeffrey.But since Jofee has arrived, a lot has changed.  But is this really the main reason why I am not creating? I pulled another card and I had to laugh out loud! 
Of course: My girls are both ill. Although M is recovering slowly, S is feeling a lot worse. And I feel like the comforting woman in the Five of Pentacles, taking care of them both. And most important watching Jofee for them. Now I realize this is only temporary. When everybody is up and about again, there will be enough time for me to go to my “workshop”. For the time being I have brought my watercolors and my watercolor pencils downstairs. These  art supplies won’t  make such a mess and I can leave on the table until I can find some spare moments to play and hum…

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Fool – Let's go for it!

Original Rider Waite Tarot  The Fool
Today’s card is The Fool from the Original Rider Waite Tarot. For me this is the card of trust, living in the present moment, making a leap of faith and following your hearts desire.
The Fool enhances courage, risk-taking and the creative expression needed to open up new areas in our life. If it wasn't for the fools energy nothing new would come into existence. We would never dare to try something new.
With the Fools energy we have bought a little puppy. Yes sometimes it feels if our whole life revolves around him (including my blog). He is even depicted in this card. J

I love feeling like the fool. It is exhausting and bewildering, exciting and rejuvenating. It feels so good! Nothing keeps you more in the present moment then keeping busy and active. Luckily my girls are feeling a bit better so I could find a moment to write this small blogpost.

Affirmation: "I tread the path of life with joy in my heart and a smile on my lips." Jan Shepherd

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ace of Swords – Keeping my head clear

Original Rider Waite Tarot  Ace of Swords
For today I've dawn the Ace of Swords from the Original Rider Waite Tarot: this card is all about having  a clear vision, bright ideas and deciding what is fair. But then I noticed how a crown is held on the tip of the sword:
Today for me this card is also about taking over the crown. Being the first in charge and decide how things are organized best.
Both my girls came down with a nasty cold (snotty and feverish and a soar throat). S (poor girl) has to go work until 8 PM (I will drive her)  and M is resting/sleeping on the couch.
Yes, that leaves me in charge of the pack. Today I have to decide about right and wrong and be a fair judge for all of us(especially for our naughty and stubborn little boy). I also have to come up with some clever ideas to make this a bit easy on me. so no cooking but a lot of orange juice should be enough. I've already done my grocery shopping while Jofee was asleep an my girls were “watching” him. Of course I want set some personal time for myself aside too: To play in my new notebook or read some pages from “Shadow of Night” part two of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  A book a  about witches, vampires, daemons time walking and lots of other mystical ingredients (yummy)
And last but not least I want to keep my head clear from murky pitiful thoughts of “poor me”. It is what it is and I have to deal with it as good as I can. There is no need for perfection just for loving kindness for all four of us

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seven of Pentacles – Practicing Patience

For today,  before I pulled a card from my Original Rider Waite Tarot, I've asked what we needed the most to make this day a wonderful day.
And I've got the Seven of pentacles: Patience, patience, patience!
Usually I like my life to be organized and scheduled. Setting out time for work, for relaxation, for making art etc. if I would try to maintain this quest for order I would get very frustrated because with a little puppy around the house, order is nowhere to be found. We follow his schedule of playing, eating, and sleeping and try to adjust it little by little to how it fits us best. This requires a lot of patience and thought. Like the pentacles in this picture take their time to ripen, it takes also time for a puppy to grow up and for us to get used to this new situation. I think in the beginning we did expect too much of him and luckily very soon we realized how little he still is. It is just a little baby. And taking that in consideration, he is already so clever: He pees and poops on an old newspaper on the kitchen floor and sits when asked. He comes when we call him and when he is tired he is falling asleep between the feet of one of us. Then we carry him to his bench where he continues to sleep. He is a bundle of joy. We talk about this new way of living a lot and although it is very tiring we do feel Jofee is bringing a lot of positive and lively energy to our family. And after each day we feel fulfilled, and happy with how he is developing and is experiencing and learning new things.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Five of Cups and Two of Cups and: opening up for new love

For today I've picked the Five and the Two of Cups from the Original Rider Waite Tarot face up, for they  represent so perfectly how we are experiencing some conflicting feelings these last few days.
Original Rider Waite Tarot  Five of Cups
Saturday morning we went for our lovely fluffy Jofee and we are enjoying him so very, very much. He is bringing so much life and joy into our home. Therefore it surprised us a lot that out of the blue there were feelings of intense sadness because how could he ever take Tara’s place. Tara who was embedded in our family, who needed less than  a word to understand us and knew exactly what we wanted.
With Jofee, we have to start all over from scratch, teaching him everything and somehow this feels very overwhelming, especially in the evening, when we are so tired. All this felt very much like the Five of Cups. Focusing too much on what we have lost instead of on what we were given: a new chance to be happy again with our little puppy.

Gradually we are moving from this card to the Two of Cups. Getting to know  and appreciate one and other without expectations and comparisons to former love. In other words falling in love all over again. We are making new memories with our little fellow and love grows quickly stronger, deeper and we are beginning to forge unbreakable bonds. Our hearts will  grow the more we love. There is room enough for everyone 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yeah! Pictures of Jofee!

No daily draw for me today. There is  too much delightful chaos going on over here. Our days are filled with playing, correcting, loving, petting, watching, grooming,  teaching, and without enough sleep. M, S and I are constantly looking after our little scallywag. Only 7,5 weeks old but such a handful.
Living in the moment isn't difficult anymore. It comes natural with having a puppy I guess. So no planning ahead anymore; just trying to create a new kind of structure and taking it one day at the time. Going with the flow is our credo now J
Following the first snapshots from S her telephone:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Purity - Our snow white Jofee is home

Spirit of the Wheel Purity Spirit Path of the North
Today’s card is Purity From the Spirit of the wheel meditation deck. The keywords on the card are Inner child, Innocence and Freedom.
This card is all about caring for our inner child and to let go of the pressure of our  daily life for a while. Sometimes this child is hurt in the past and has build layers of protection around himself.
To heal your inner little one it is very healthy to embrace life fully; to enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer and to accept life’s gifts gracefully.
Today the most beautiful gift for us was the homecoming of our lovely snow white little Jofee. A symbol of purity and innocence and a balm for our past hurt. The arrival of this lovely guy has brought out our three little girls instantly. We are sitting on the floor playing with him and our voices sound one octave higher to meet his little squeaking sounds. Nothing matters more than making him feel at home and time goes by moment by moment….

PS Photo’s will follow….

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Elder – Come join me

Tarot of the Sidhe The Elder Emily Carding
I was a bit hesitant to draw my card for today. After the two last ones, I honestly considered to take  an oracle break. But that didn't feel right. So I picked up my deck and started to shuffle and, what seldom happened, one card flew out of the deck in  my lap. I turned it around and I sighed with relief: The Elder!  How I needed this rendition of The Hierophant. A wise woman is sitting near a trunk and is inviting me to join her. A soft red velvet stool is waiting for me. Here I can sit down and rest from my all my swordy tribulations. Dreamer Ten en Dreamer three: what are the odds! Sitting in the shade of the Apple tree, which connects this card to the beginning of autumn, the season of introspection and reflection, we talk and she listens to me and after I've shared my feelings she starts to teach me….
Only after I have let go of all my rigid thoughts and beliefs, I will be open to listen to her message, to learn what really matters.
This card touched me so deeply and  it feels like this was exactly the right card for me today. I am ever so glad I continued working with this deck!

“Join me and see the pattern of life unfold. You may learn yet you may teach. Take the spiral path of aged rings and find your sacred welder within.” (Emily Carding)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dreamer Three - Soul Loss

Tarot of the Sidhe Dreamer three Soul Loss Three of Swords
Well to be honest, I didn't expect to get this card after yesterday’s Dreamer Ten. But today we've got Dreamer Three (the Three of Swords) from the Tarot of the Sidhe. We see a Sidhe woman with her heart ripped out. It is torn apart and eaten by three black ravens. The three trees which are rooted in her skirt are bare. With her hair she is connected to the blood red clouds and behind her a large sun is rising behind the mountains. She is fully merged with her surroundings yet she is heart - and soulless.
Every time when I get this card I wonder: What is eating away my soul? Which grief and/or pain have I not fully embraced yet?
So often grief and sadness are cloaked in anger, fear, guilt or regret. Those feelings can fester deep and feed off  your joy and energy. Only when we can dig deeper, beyond the surface and dare to feel the pain, we can heal and move on. It can be a scary and lonely road because when one pain is discovered a lot of the others might wake up too and  this can be a very overwhelming experience. So it is good to know the morning sun will always lead you home again. The relief and the related relaxation will make it so worth your while to embark on this journey.

“The heart of Dream is torn in three
Leaving a hole where the whole should be
The blessed ravens feast on sorrow
That the light may bring a fairer morrow”
(Emily Carding)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dreamer Ten - Desolation

Tarot of the  Sidhe Dreamer Ten Desolation Emily CardingToday’s card is Dreamer Ten (Ten of Swords) from the Tarot of the Sidhe. This is a very dreadful card: We see a sword, which pierces the sun and causing it to bleed heavily, a gushing stream of blood which floods everything in its way. People are drowning in blood and trees are falling from the hills: Everything is dying. The two eyes in the hills are red like blood. The only thing positive to this card is the yellow light of the sun.
Although a scary and depressing card, it is a very apt one for me. As is the case often, I am inclined to over think the unthinkable. So is my spirituality (as many of you probably will know)  a perpetual dance between doubt and knowing, finding and searching, intuition and thinking. After a reasonable time of inner balance, the thinking part is getting too loud and is pressing too much for attention. This is awaking my doubts and thus disturbing the balance. My primary instinct is more thinking, more reading, searching for more information. But this only causes doubt and insecurity to grow stronger. This card is telling me to let go of all my thoughts and convictions, of  trying to puzzle everything  in a neat structure. When I can manage to do so, the sun will come out again and will warm and illuminate my heart where God(dess) can be found.

So all must bleed and melt away
Before the dawning of the day
The tree must fall in land forlorn
This dream must die to be reborn
(E. Carding)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maker Two – Responsibility

Tarot of the  Sidhe Maker Two responsibility Emily Carding
For today I've drawn Maker Two ( Two of Pentacles) from the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding. Instead of the juggler trying to hold both of his pentacles in the air here we see an oak tree which has brought forth a Fey child with two acorns in his hands. The child is still attached to the tree by a navel cord. Two butterflies are flying in opposite directions and the sun is shining brightly.
For me this card is all about planting seeds: starting projects, committing to intentions and promises. But besides that it is also about being responsible for these seeds. Planting them is not enough; they have to be tended: fed, watered and loved. When a new project becomes a boring chore it is destined to wither and die. Without love and passion, seeds won’t grow strongly. Of course we all experience lack of these motivating feelings from time to time. Then maintaining the seed can be  enough for a while but the true responsibility in my opinion lies in to love and care for your "babies".
For me this is not always easy. I am a passionate beginner of projects but most of the time I find it difficult to keep working on them and even more to finish them. It is almost a miracle I am still blogging after a whole year. Painting regularly  in my art journal is much more difficult. It can take weeks before I pick up my dusted journal which I had intended to work in al least three times a week.  Yesterday I've joined the 365-30 lists Face book group. Only to receive the monthly list subjects, which I want to write daily  in my new Eldori. For now I am excited but I wonder for how long I can manage to keep writing those lists. J
Yes our seeds can vary in importance and need of support but when tended well they return your loving attention with fulfillment and pride and a sense of self worth

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My “Eldori” is finished!

Yesterday I've finished my Midori style notebook. Since it is made by me, I call it my “Eldori”.
Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook regular size and A6Some other names for the self-made version of the Midori notebooks are Fauxdori or Raydori (notebooks made by Ray Blake) I've followed Ray’s YouTube tutorial, which shows the making of this notebook very clearly so I won’t go into detail how I've made mine. I've made one modification to the back of the notebook: Now it has a flap to protect  the insert when closed. It was very difficult to find good leather but I've discovered a shoe factory nearby where they use very supple and beautiful dyed leather of the right thickness.
I had enough leather to make a regular and an A6 size notebook. The little one is not quite finished yet but I've already been writing and playing in the larger one. Although I've measured everything a few times, it was still very scary to put my knife in the buttery soft leather but after the first cut the whole process went very smoothly. 

Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook regular size open

Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook regular size open bulletjournal

Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook regular size open folder

The day before I had made already some inserts and a folder so I could put everything together right away and I felt so good and so proud. The charms I've got from M and are very seasonal (pumpkin and corn)
Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook charm corn

Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook close up charm pumpkin

This is such a wonderful notebook and already I am loving it so much. It is very versatile and playful and it is supposed to be messy and nothing has to match. I am super excited about it. This will be a place for me to play and experiment, to write and doodle, to draw and paint, to make lists and glue pretty pictures, decorate pages and what not

Midori fauxdori Travelers Notebook regular size and A6 in the make
Little one in the make

selfgrown pumkins in our windowsill
Pumpkins in our windowsill

(All the pictures are made by M)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ten of Cups - There is a lot to be grateful for

Legacy of the Divine Tarot Ten of Cups Ciro Marchetti
Today’s card is the Ten of Cups from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. At first I intended to pick a card myself which would represent my latest obsession with the “Midori travelers Notebook”. Besides being overly fond of tarot and Oracles decks, stationery, planners and journals etc  is something I am getting more and more addicted to. But since this blog is mainly about my love for tarot I decide to  just pull a card and see what the tarot had in store for me today. Well isn't this a lovely picture. I see both Tara and our new puppy in this card. Tara in dog’s heaven near a cozy fire place completely  healthy and happy, where cats are friends instead of mortal enemies J. On the other hand this might be our near future. In a few hours we are going to visit our puppy for the second time. We are so looking forward to this and we are counting the days until we can take him home with us.
Finally I see myself in this card, so happy and content with my finished leather project. I am going to finish it tomorrow and although excited to make my own version of the Midori, I am also a bit anxious to ruin the leather. Maybe this card is a good omen, so I pulled a card from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand: Bouquet! I see this one as the gift card and I suppose everything I’ve written  about in this post can be considered as gifts to be grateful for.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Page of Wands – Just play and have fun.

Original Rider Waite Tarot Page of Wands
Finally, no swords today! Today’s card is the Page of Wands from the Original Rider Waite tarot. He is the most playful, enthusiastic court card in the deck. He likes to experiment and start all kinds of different projects without the need to finish them. He sees life as a banquet where you can taste all kind of dishes to find out which one you like the most. He is creative, lively and  passionate in nature .
This card immediately reminded me of our puppy. How different our life will be when such a little rascal  is running around our house. Discovering everything, chewing on our things and doing other mischief. 
On the other hand I can see myself in this page too. Now summer is over I feel so much more lively and I have lots of ideas. One of them is a DIY project. I want to make a “Midori travelers notebook” knock off. This is nothing more than a leather flap  with a few elastics in the spine to hold some notebooks. They are very pricey (too pricey for me) so two day's ago I've visited a leather factory to buy some leather. Now I only have to decide on the size of the notebooks for this cover before I can start cutting my leather. This triggers my insecurity and I hope I can tap into the playfulness of this Page and just pick the best option for now and go for it….. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five of Swords - Chose you battles wisely

Druidcraft Tarot Five of Swords  Will Worthington
Today’s card is again a Swords card and to be honest I am a bit tired of it. Even my Major Arcana card  from yesterday, Justice, had a sword in it. Where are all the Cups, Pentacles and Wands in this deck???
Okay the Five of Swords for now is what we have work with.  The man in the front has won the battle; the guy in the back is the defeated one. When I draw this card  I always wonder: who am I today? Keep in mind this is a Swords card so this is about thoughts and ideas, about truth and conviction. A  battle with this in mind would be more like a debate and or hefty discussions; trying to hold on to your own ideas without showing any consideration with somebody else’s feelings. The winner doesn’t look that happy with his victory he is looking over his shoulder to the other guy. Maybe a bit remorseful?
Fighting to be right can be endless. Most of the time it is not so much about wanting to convince somebody of your point a view but more about wanting to be right. How much energy could be saved, how much more peaceful could sharing thoughts be, if we could  just appreciate each other’s  opinion.

“Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right”