Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Queen Tarot Spread for Beltane

This lovely tarot spread is created by Christine Jette for Beltane and is found in her book “Tarot for all Seasons”, which I’m using this year for every turning of the wheel: “May is a time of fertility and high spirits. By Beltane, the dark time of the year is a distant memory and the possibilities of life seem sweet. Use the May Queen spread to regain or confirm a sense of abundance and safety”
For this spread I will be using The Joie the Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy 
1: Safety. Emotional security.  Page of Swords
What do you need to feel safe. Where are you secure in yourself?
This is one of my favorite  court cards. He cuts to the chase. He is direct and refreshing. His hair is blowing in de the wind and clouds are clearing. His mind is full of new and exciting idea’s and he is eager to follow his desire to learn. It makes me feel safe, I can always rely on the insights and clarity of my mind.

2: Abundance. Feelings of plenty. Eight of Cups
Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breath of your life that is full and sweet.  
Abundance can also come from the feeling of emotional fulfillment and the longing to broaden your  horizons. The possibilities are numerous. There is always room for emotional growth. The beauty of this card is that he's taking his cups with him instead of leaving them behind. Spiritual journeys are not always taken because of dissatisfaction with your current situation. Sometimes you just want to explore and feel free.

3: Regeneration. Exploring the possibilities. The Fool
The bold action needed to grow and flourish.
It couldn't be more bold than this. The Fool encourages us to take the leap and go for it. The little spider on her staff is reminding her she is the weaver of her own life. She wants to discover and experience. The fool is also about trusting your inner voice. Deep down you know you are on the right track. See the world with childlike eyes and look for new opportunities but don’t ignore your little bat

4: Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, The World
Apparently my relationships are doing well. The last couple of weeks I've been painfully  aware of the fact how much I love both my daughters. My other relationships are quite easy going. But when I look at the winged Merlion and how careful he is holding his world between his paws, I realize love is never to be taken for granted but to be cherished and respected. Love and relationships are dynamic forces which are asking for our constant attention

5: The Future. The present conceivable outcome. The Six of Cupsok how confident thes three are on ther way.
Look how happy and confident these three are on their way. They are strengthened by their happy memories and emotional contentment. From this stability they can move forward to seek out new possibilities. Al the cards in this spread are talking about moving forward and trying new things. It is obvious I am emotionally in a safe place. Perhaps it is good to acknowledge I am strong enough to expand my horizons and not to be afraid because I can always rely on my wits J


  1. What a lovely spread - I had to smile when I saw your first card was the same one I drew today. :) And what a great card you drew for the last position! The one that struck me (if I had drawn if for myself) was the Eight of Cups. I often forget that my emotional fulfillment is my responsibility; I can't blame other people for my happiness or unhappiness. I can move on or stay stuck.

    1. "my emotional fulfillment is my responsibility": So true my friend. I've been a "victim" of my circumstances long enough to have finally learned we're able to choose a hopeful and positive state of mind. How difficult life might be, we are the only ones who can change our perspective
      Pfff heavy stuff for the first day of May :)

  2. What a beautiful reading, Ellen! I love your conclusion: "I am strong enough to expand my horizons and not to be afraid because I can always rely on my wits." Wonderful, too,to acknowledge the power and importance of love :)

    1. Hi Kerry Thank you!
      Yes my wits. I feel always the most comfortable when I can rely on my sword to get home safely :)