Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dreamer Six - Insight’s Voyage

Tarot of the Sidhe, Dreamer Six, Insight's Voyage, Emily Carding
For today I've drawn Dreamer Six - Insight's Voyage (Six of Swords) from the Tarot of the Sidhe. In this card we see predominantly yellow and blue colors. For me these colors stand for truthful insights and intuition. The wind from the East with eyes as bright as the morning sun is blowing the little ship forwards to wherever she thinks is best. The sailor is steering and adjusting her sail so she can benefit  from this fresh bracing wind.
This card is all about journeying. Not only a physical journey but even more often a spiritual one.  I can identify with the wind as well as with the sailor. The wind, my inner self, will lead me into the right direction of my quest. She will lead me to where the light of understanding shines the brightest. But there is also the sailor; my conscious self, who knows what I want and where I want to go. The sailor knows which ideas have become outdated and which ones can use some patching up. She is also open to new ways of thinking.
When I look back at my believes and convictions I see they have changed a lot over the years. I've matured in my spiritual believes, became more liberal and open to other philosophies, religions and practices. I've embraced the notion that I never can get lost and I never can get it wrong. So I just sail away and throw my big net into the deep, blue ocean of new ideas and insights
Heed now Dreamer, a brighter quest,
The winds of Fate who know you best,
Will guide you now in secret ways,
To brighter truths  and clearer days.”
Emily Carding


  1. I really like the owl carved on the bow of the ship. Perhaps that represents "seeing in the dark" (or intuition, as you stated). Lovely card!

    1. Personally I go for intuition. I've been an Owl person for a very long time; (before they became fashionable) Even my baby brother called me "owl" because he couldn't pronounce my name right LOL

    2. Ps .I guess "intuition" and "seeing in the dark" are similar things

    3. Yes, if I've got no visual clues or intellectual knowledge about a decision to be made, then intuition would be my best bet.
      That is so cute that your little brother called you owl! :D

  2. Some lovely insights, into yourself as well as the card, Ellen! It's interesting to look back and see the path we've already travelled… :)

    1. Yes it surely is. Despite the fact that I have encountered so many problems in the past I am thankful for where my path has led me and where I am right now. :)