Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flower Power haul!!!

Just a quick update about our trip to the gardening center. It was a very hot and moist day. But M and I were determined to buy some blooming plants for our garden to add a touch of color to al the greens. It was very difficult to choose from such an wide range of plants. Our garden isn't that big so we  had to be careful not to buy too much. 

After some serious decision making we went home with a nice set of plants,which are now a member of our garden family. After seeking out the right spot and planting them, we welcomed them home with a lengthy watering session. J

To be honest, although we enjoyed working together, most of the credit for this project goes to M. as well as for the photo’s she took with her new camera.

For this occasion I have picked three lennies which in my opinion are very representative. Although the meaning is of course crystal clear, I tried to elaborate a bit….just for practice
House + heart + bouquet

Enchanted Lenormand, House, Heart, Bouquet
  1. Some flowers in the house and garden is good for everybody’s well being!
  2. Receiving love from your family is a precious gift
  3. Homemaking is a satisfying talent
  4. An abundance of love will give emotional security
  5. Trying to make a small business from home using your gifts and talents
  6. Developing you talents at home with care and love 
  7. ….etc
(The guidebook of the Enchanted Lenormand is AMAZING!)


  1. Zowie, those are some beautiful flowers! It's become so hot here, I dare not plant anything (getting close to 100F most days), so with your lovely pictures I was able to enjoy the riot of color without planting. :D Please thank M for the great pictures!

    1. I don't envy you Although it is 30C here, it still is 8 degrees cooler than where you live!
      We have the fan running the whole day
      I've passed you compliment s on to M (BIG smile!!)

  2. Beautiful flower and cards.

    We have many flowers here and the colours are so uplifting. I have yellows and purples outside of my window. It's so healing just to look at them and obviously, the smell of them in our garden is lovely.

    Great post. And a wonderful day too!

    1. Thanks Steve! From the pictures I've seen so far, your garden is gorgeous and so spacious
      Somehow after the spring flowers died we were left with a lot of foliage plants. Beautiful but not so cheerful. So these flowers make a huge difference :)
      Have great day! ( It is soooo hot here)

  3. Beautiful! I especially like the tall pink ones. :) Agree on the note on the guidebook. I found it very helpful in my Lenormand journey. I was a little disappointed by the cards, not that they aren't amazing. The images deserved a larger landscape. Enjoy the flowers. :)

    1. Yes we thought so too. I've been back to the store and bought another one for my husband :D
      I like the cards being so small and sturdy. But with perhaps a little less branches in the borders the pictures would stand out more
      And thank you Cher, we will! :)