Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Queen of Wands – it’s like magic

Druidcraft Tarot. Queen of Wands, Will Worthington
This morning, I drew The queen of Wands from the Druidcraft Tarot. This queen is the one I admire the most and resemble the least. Look at her sitting there. So confident, with her feet firm on the ground and totally at ease with herself. In the background we see a blazing fire which symbolizes her passion and drive. Beneath her chair there is a cat sitting. This reminds me of the fierce and also intuitive, sometimes magical nature of this queen; The goddess Bast and Freya are both connected to cats and they are self confident and outgoing goddesses. Freya is also connected to magic. She is the one who taught magic to Odin.
It is funny, this morning I did a quiz on Daily Tarot girl.com: “which suit are you?”.
I thought I would be a Swords person but in fact it turned out to be my suit was Pentacles. I can live with that  but the funny thing was that I hadn't chosen a single Wands answer in the entire quiz!

So maybe this Queen will help to light my fire and to find joy and excitement today. This can be found anywhere, also in the little things. To channel her energy it is important though to do something, to get of my throne and interact with people and seek out joy actively. 
I am the personification of the joy of living. There are so many exciting things to do and see, and I will take you places you have not dared to dream of. I bring wholehearted dedication into everything I do. I find light in every task, every situation. I am confident in my ability to create gold from even the basest of circumstances” (leila Vey)
When I give this card a second look, her wand looks like a magic wand. Who knows……..


  1. I love the Scottish wildcat under her chair - that is the symbol of my heritage (Sutherland clan). The clan's motto was "sans peur" - without fear - very appropriate for this queen. I did the quiz and had scattered answers among the suits, but still ended up with a majority in pentacles. :)

    1. ha ha, so you are woman with many faces.
      I've googled the Sutherland clan. It is great to have your own crest.
      "Peur"is what stops me often form trying something new. so I could use some of her her braverey

  2. Fun quiz! I can never just go with one answer, so I got 20 answers to the 10 questions. Largest group was wands, followed closely by swords, then pentacles, with cups only getting 2 out of 20! Probably roughly what I would have guessed :D
    Hope you found your inner fire, Ellen!

    1. Haha We are quite the opposite then!.
      Well I had a little fire going when I went spontaneously with S to a unfamiliar shopping center where I'd bought for the first time in my life two portfolio's with marble design in black and white for my drawings and paintings and I felt like a real artist!

    2. That's lovely, taking a spontaneous trip and owning your passion! And you are a real artist! :)