Friday, October 11, 2013

Putting some of my desires to rest.

October 11: October is the time to plant bulbs. Plant the bulbs about six weeks before the first frost. In that way the root system can build up sufficient structure before it really gets cold. What can I put to rest in the earth so it may root during the cold winter?
seven of cups, Druidcraft TarotThe seven of Cups from the Druidcraft Tarot. Usually this card stands for fantasies, illusions, daydreaming and that sort of things. For me today, this card makes me think of something slightly different.  I've had this card in my Inner sun reading. There I had asked myself: “and what is the one desire I want the most? Do I dare to look into that?” Now it seems as if the guy in the card has moved on a little bit. He has chosen finally his favorite cup which is standing beside him on the rocks.
And what to do with the other six cups? “Put them to rest in the earth so they may root in the winter” When I shift to my daily reality I translate this to releasing my other, less pressing desirers and see if they will develop their intensity over time; do I keep  mulling over them or do I completely forget about them?. Do they root or do they perish into oblivion. The main issue for me is, the guy in the picture has chosen his cup but I’m am still not so sure about mine. The advice however I get from these readings is a sound one. So I’ll meditate on this a while longer

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