Monday, October 7, 2013

Tarot prompts from Mabon to Samhain (part 3)

These are the prompts for the next seven days. Have fun! Again, all credits go to Berthe van Soest.

October 8: Some days in October are sunny. What do I need the sun for, before the beginning of winter?

October 9: A large oak tree can grow from a small acorn. Acorns symbolize the harvest of projects that need a long time to bear fruit. What takes a long time for me to bear fruit?

October 10: At this time the birds are migrating. The birds fly high above the ground and see a lot. What gives me a wide field of vision?

October 11: October is the time to plant bulbs. Plant the bulbs about six weeks before the first frost. In that way the root system can build up sufficient structure before it really gets cold. What can I put to rest in the earth so it may root during the cold winter?

October 12: These days the sweet chestnuts are falling from the trees. Poor people were fed by those trees for free. Who or what will provide for me?
October 13: The Greek goddess Hecate belongs to this time of year. Hecate was associated with passages and crossroads. Nature is at a her crossroad. Hecate gives wisdom, courage and strength. What wisdom do I need at my crossroad?

October 14: The latest hazelnuts are harvested. The Hazel symbolizes wisdom, secret knowledge and divination. Forked hazel branches were used for dowsing to find underground water. What do I want find out or get to know?


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  2. Oops. Hi Ellen. I like these blog prompts, they look very good. Thank you for providing them. :)

    1. You're welcome. I am glad you like them. They do give a nice spin to a daily draw.:)