Monday, October 21, 2013

Tarot prompts from Mabon To Samhain (part 5)

These are the last prompt in this series. Have fun! Again, all credits go to Berthe van Soest.

October 23: The warm, beautiful colors of autumn trees can carry us away . But the colorful spectacle is also the harbinger of falling leaves and empty trees. They remind us of our mortality and the impermanence of things. How does autumn splendor affect me?

October 24: The first frost. A sign of winter, cold and stillness. What makes me quiet inside?

October 25: In the autumn hedgehogs do need  lots of food to build reserves for hibernation. In late November they go find a place to sleep. Which cozy warm place  can I make for myself now winter is coming?

October 26: In October it’s getting dark earlier. We make it cozy inside, lighting candles and we turn increasingly inward. What is center of my house?

October 27: When it’s slightly dark and the cold air is hazy and foggy you can get lost easily when you are walking in nature. How do I find my way home?

October 28: If a fallen leaf decays you can clearly see its veins. They form a dense network which has kept the leaf alive. What intricate network keeps me alive?

October 29: The falling leaves remind us of death and the afterlife. Does the soul keep on living after death and where does it go?

October 30: An angel on a tombstone, lovely flowers in a vase. A burning candle on a grave: there are all sort of ways and rituals to come to terms with death. What eases the pain of death for me?

October 31: Today it is Samhain. A day to celebrate and remember our beloved ones who have passed away. Name somebody you want to remember and pull a card on how you want to keep his/her memory alive.


  1. The picture of the hedgehog is the essence of "cute." :D

  2. Oh, I was especially touched by the last one, the prompt for Samhain itself. Though I haven't been using these prompts, I've really enjoyed reading them, and your responses. That one, though, I think I'll have to do myself :)

    1. It has been on great adventure doing these prompts. I think I'll write about my experiences after Samhain. The last prompt will be for my dad:)

    2. I'll use the last one for my maternal grandmother :) Will be interesting to read about how you've experienced doing these prompts every day!

    3. Sorry about that! (Google translate:))
      I will definitely write about it after Samhain. I've had a lot of new experiences