Monday, October 21, 2013

Gonna catch a dream

October 21: Nights grow longer and we’re falling to sleep more easily because it’s getting colder. what are my dreams telling me?
guidance Osho Zen Tarot
Osho Zen Tarot
I am curious what the cards will tell me this time because I can hardly ever remember my dreams. A blur at the most, but mostly just nothing keeps lingering in my mind after I wake up in the morning.  
The three of Rainbows from the Osho Zen Tarot. This card is called Guidance. It depicts an angel guiding a woman who doesn’t watch where they are going. Is she not interested, is she afraid, or sad  for what she is leaving behind? A usual some may options so many questions.
I wonder if the reason I’m not remembering my dreams might be caused by an unconscious fear or sadness which I’m afraid to be reminded of in the morning.
Yes this woman is clearly hesitant to follow but I know, she , or rather I, really want to go with him. Perhaps it’s time to loosen up and give up my need for control. I mean if you can’t trust an angel then who can you trust. Who knows what wonders lie ahead for me if I go freely with this guide at night


  1. I like the cooler nights because I have fewer hot flashes, lol. I have a friend who tells me often to "move at the pace of guidance." Like you, it is rare my guidance comes from dreams (I generally don't remember them either). But I do get spiritual nudges when my brain is distracted by mundane tasks or as I'm waking or falling asleep.

    1. Perhaps that's why I like tarot and oracles so much. They seem to give me those spiritual nudges. And sometimes just like you when I am not in the least expecting them.
      happy to know I'm not the only one without dream recollections :)

  2. I lived for most of my life in the temperate regions with all four seasons, and now I'm living in the balmy south, where there is never snow, and the few leaves that change color don't do so until December. In some ways I love it, in others I truly miss the four seasons! But sometimes I wish I could experience a true autumn, even for just a week! So last night I dreamt that Oprah Winfrey bioengineered her very own kind of watermelon, which was a cross between a melon and an orange. Hm.... Trying not to interpret that one, hahaha.....

    1. lol! How creative a mind can be at night !
      I wish I was that inventive during the day :)