Sunday, September 8, 2013

Autumn is coming…..

Finally the temperature is dropping to normal for this time of year.
I am really an a fall/ winter person. When summer is almost over I begin to long for the indoor activities. The wonderful peace and quiet of my own living room, where I can read a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee . I long for my long-sleeved shirts, for scarves and for socks and boots. Lots of earthy colored candles  can be lit again…. .

Yesterday I have pulled out my Watercolor supplies It has been too long since I have played with them. Yes that is the main issue: dare to Play. Don't be scared if it is not going to good enough. It doesn't have to become a  beautiful painting on the wall. Just play. I recently had bought some small books in a local  thrift store about how to make watercolor paintings. One was about making flowers. So I made a flower and It felt so relaxing to copy this flower right out of the book  with the watery paint on my paper. Just one flower, nothing more. It was fun to do and I am sure I will play again.

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