Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've got Presents!

This morning I drove my daughter to town. She had some shopping to do and it is was raining cats and dogs. The shop was nearby a new age store where I went to drool over some beautiful things they had in displayed. I thought it was time for a treat. So I bought myself a beautiful smooth Labradorite. The properties of this crystal suits me fine. It helps to hold on to your energy and don’t let it slip away in draining situations. It is a very protective stone and I am utterly in love with the iridescent surface. I’m carrying  it with me in my jeans pocket, so we can become best friends.

labradorite crystal
My new BFF
My daughter had decided to buy me a present too. That was a lovely surprise! When we had returned to our car, she gave me two beautiful wrapped packages: a gorgeous carved little box for burning Incense cones and two boxes of the finest incense of  “The Mothers Fragrances”.  We always burn incense of that brand. It has such a natural, soft smell.

incense burner, incense amethyst rose quartz
Yay, I'm so happy!


  1. Wow! That is a fantastically beautiful stone!! I'm not sure I've seen a stone quite like that before, and now I feel a need to keep my eyes open for one :) That was very sweet of your daughter!

  2. Thank you and yes, she's the greatest!
    This stone only leaves my pocket to hop over to another jeans:)