Friday, September 6, 2013

New Moon in September

After a meditation in my garden, I drew two cards for this new moon from my Osho Zen deck. (This is an idea from Neopaganpriestess).
What should I let go of: Conditioning
What should I welcome in my life: Playfulness

osho zen tarot conditioning playfulness
Osho Zen Tarot
 These cards gave me the goosebumps for they talk about attitudes I really want to try to let go and to develop.
The time is now right for me to shed my sheepskin and let my wild woman run free to play and enjoy herself. Perhaps first like a gentle fun-loving cat to rediscover my inner self. But I am certain my inner Lioness will emerge in due time.
I have combined this spread with a slight variation of the tarot spell from Monsoonmagick:
Pick three cards from your deck that represent your intentions for the next mooncycle and put them on your altar as a focus point;
One card for the waxing moon; for what you want to welcome in your life.
One card for the full moon; for your goal. What do you want to have accomplished  and is to be celebrated on the full moon.
And one card for the waning moon; for what you want to release or be careful for.
From my Crystal Visions Tarot I’ve picked the matching cards: The devil and Page of wands,
so for the waxing moon I've already got the page of wands. For the full moon I've picked the Strength (Yes, me and my lioness J) As my goal for the full moon is to embrace my inner lioness. For the waning moon I've picked the eight of swords. My all-time nemesis card.  I want to be strong enough to prevent myself from falling in to repetitive blocking and paralyzing thought patterns.
All four cards are now on my altar. During this waxing moon my page of wands is on top. I put some  carnelians around them to enhance the energy.
crystal visions tarot jennifer Galasso
Crystal Visions Tarot - Jennifer Galasso
I am very excited to work with these three cards this monocycle and I will let you know how it went.


  1. I really like this idea of picking out three cards to represent your intentions! Also lovely to see a bit of the Crystal Visions deck, which I've never seen before.

    Great blog too! :)


  2. Nice of you to stop by. And thank you for the compliment. It is a lovely deck and it reads like a charm. It is soft, but not fluffy. Perhaps you should watch some youtube video's about this deck. :)