Friday, September 1, 2017

Nine of Pentacles – Happy September!

Goddess Tarot Nine of Pentacles
For today I drew the Nine of Pentacles from the Goddess Tarot. This is a card of enjoying everything you’ve accomplished and of an abundance of material and spiritual wealth. This card is also about being enough for yourself and enjoying your own company. As I have probably mentioned before, this card is one of my favorite minors…
It is a beautiful card for the first day of September, the very beginning of Autumn. I see this card not so much as an indication of today’s energy but more as a general promise for the coming season. I mean look at those pumpkins! Yesterday M. counted 17 pumpkins in our little garden.
What really stands out today is her invitation to the white dove, which is for me the symbol of Spirit, to come sit on her hand. Their renewed connection is adding so much deep felt joy to the material riches around her. Without it the Pentacles are meaningless. She would feel lonely, abandoned and perhaps even scared to be outdoors on her own.  But there is no need for all that now. Because she and her little white dove always seem to be close.  The only thing she has to do is lift up her hand and She'll be there...


  1. What a lovely card and post. You'll have to get M to take some pictures of the little pumpkins. :) I think life is lonely for anyone who has no connection to something greater than themselves, whether it is Nature, god or goddess.

    1. Thanks Bev! I've just asked M. and she is happy to oblige to.
      I agree, feeling connected makes it so much more easy to embrace life with all its beauty and flaws and it makes us really feel part of that great whole