Thursday, December 5, 2013

New moon in December

The day before yesterday I’ve celebrated the new moon of December. I call this moon the Moon of Trees and its theme is letting go. About every tree has let go of its leaves. So it’s only natural to consider what to leave behind in this year, which has almost run to its end and what to bring with us into the new year.
Before I drew my cards I meditated. Since I am a little bit uncertain about how to view  Divinity, I called my circle by visualizing the elements and when I decided to go a second time around to strengthen my circle, I was surprised to see animals which can be associated with these element.  I think I was unconsciously triggered by the court cards of the Wildwood tarot.
Afterwards I drew these two cards from the Osho Zen tarot

Osho Zen Tarot
Release: Postponement (four of Swords) This keyword could be my middle name. I procrastinate mostly out of fear for failure but postponing is coloring my life in grays like the person and the scenery in this card. She wants to participate in life. She longs for life in full color. And so do I, but it’s hard to let go of fear and anxiety. And that is where the next card comes in…..
Embrace: Courage (Strength) For facing fears you need courage. But not the courage of a lion, like in the RW decks but the subtle courage of a tender flower. I have a choice: I can be as a seed stuck between the rocks or I can grow out to my full potential; a beautiful flower. For that is the only thing I have to do to face my fears: I have to have the courage to grow into the light and face life.
 As always I am astonished by the cards I’ve drawn. They are so fitting for my current situation. On a literal level the postponement card speaks of my creative insecurity and at the same time my longing to paint (The window could be a painting)
There’s this funny thing about growth: When you keep focusing on it, you can’t distinguish any change, but if you step back, let go and later on return you’ll notices the change, the growth. So this kind of courage is all about trust in your own ability to grow
The cards complement each other perfectly since Courage is a beautiful attribute to help to let go of postponement and to move forward without fear into the new year


  1. I've asked those people whom I admire for their strength and courage, "How did you do it?" They almost always answer, "I didn't think about it, I just did it." Thinking too much can put me in a holding pattern for sure - I'm the world's greatest over-analyzer! :D
    I love the clear pieces of glass with your lovely arrangement; they look like pieces of ice.

    1. They are clear quartz snippets. Perhaps symbolic for how clear life can be if we just stop the analyzing and start trusting ourselves :)

  2. As you say, Ellen, a beautiful and poignant reading. I hope you can embrace your ability to create and grow - I love seeing your wonderful artwork, so inspiring! :)

    1. I hope so too Kerry. I must say it has become more easy to make something and show it here, thanks to you and my other readers

    2. Glad we can help, a lovely win-win :)