Monday, December 2, 2013

Ask and open up to receive the answer

The Singer of The Chalice
As you perhaps have learned from my previous posts, lately I've been searching for ways  to reconnect to the Divine. One way was the theme of this November month: “going with the flow” I've experienced this flow mainly in letting go of trying to control the lives of my family (pff… that’s a difficult one) and trying to find a flow in my creative efforts. I've noticed some of you  are getting the jitters to start  playing with pencils and paint too. This feels good.
Then I did clear my altar. To make more room for a new way of connecting to Divinity and to ponder what divinity means to me.
Yesterday I picked up my Faeries’Oracle and asked: “Who will guide me on this quest?” And what do you know, I pulled The singer of the Chalice. (will I find my Grail?) This card teaches me to be receptive and open. And willing to receive the energy of the One. And that is all there’s to it. Be open, meditate and ask.  I am pulling a  lot of Singers. At this moment I am glad because I find it easier to regard the divine as formless.
The book says: Trust. Joy. Patience. Creativity. Hope. Miracles.
“With The the help of the Singer of the Chalice and of the faeries, you, too, can get this one feeling that is all the good feelings in one--unconditional love, trust, hope, healing, patience, and so on. Open is open. Be open. If you don't know how, ask. It is right there”
The Green Man
For some more down the earth guidance I pulled a card from the Wildwood Tarot: The Green Man. Now that was a bummer. I’m not a fan of most of the Emperor cards I have. And this one didn't look very appealing either. He has that grim look on his face which makes him for me very unapproachable. I didn't feel open and intuitive at all seeing this card. I have to admit I even felt the urge to put it back into the pile and pick another one. But instead I just opened the book and started reading:
“The Green Man is generous in his bestowal of creative, fertile energy and he will move you to a new level of confident and assertive dynamism. This is a time for both giving and receiving the natural flow of life both inwardly and outwardly. Be prepared to find a new and thriving drive to begin projects, relationships and even new ways of living your life and fulfilling your world. Now is the time to experience being at the apex of the cycle of life. Enjoy it.”
So this card is not only all about receiving but also about doing and giving; not just letting my cauldron be filled, but actuality be energized to come into action and do something with it. I know I am more a passive receptive person. I think that’s  why I don’t l like emperor cards. They want something of me that doesn't come natural.
So the first thing I am going to do is….. no, not coffee and chocolate this time J, but I am going outside to ride my bike to encounter the energy of this Green Man


  1. I don't have an altar, more atabletop naturescape. I love looking at it so much it had probably been 4 or 5 years since I'd cleared the dresser top to clean, the items were really packed in and I knew I'd never get it just right again.
    But because every item was from nature, of course it went back together, in a new way but just as wonderful. Just a few weeks later the way came clear to get my mother out of the nursing home and to care for her. Amazing. So many different things had to line up to make this work I would have said it was impossible, never happen in this lifetime...

    All I brought north with me was the vase full of all sorts of feathers, but they sit at my elbow in a sunny window...and remind me 'all in good time'.

  2. This is the beauty of life: al things, good and bad, do work together to bring us just where we are right now. And I think we both wouldn't want to be any where else, although it isn't always easy :)

  3. The willingness to receive can be tough for me - I always want to send out a "wish list" with specifics, lol. But the Emperor/Greenman tells you to take what you receive and do something with it - within reason. He will tell you "Don't make a resolution to paint every day, just do it today." His parameters can help make what we want to accomplish more manageable. :)

    1. You are quite right. The emperor energy could be turned around in rigid controlling. This is a serious pitfall for me. Thanks you for reminding me to take on step at the time :D

  4. I'm not often a fan of the Emperor, either. I see him as often bossy and domineering and rigid. However, a little structure can be a good thing - we cannot hold water without a cup or something else to contain it. So, if you want to be open to receiving, you also need some structure to support you in holding what comes, so you can use it, rather than just being a channel that it passes through and then out… :) Hope you found some of that Green Man energy out on your bike ride!

    1. Yes I did, It was a beautiful afternoon. It is the only physical exercise that doesn't hurt. So I enjoy it very much. It is so much more easy to connect when you're outside :)

    2. Lovely that you got out, and I'm glad you've found something that doesn't hurt! :)