Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two of swords; my breathing space

Universal Waite Tarot
Today another swords card. Again a card I am pleased to see. The two of swords. For me this is a peaceful card. I tend to focus more on the stillness of this moment than on the decisions at hand. The woman is sitting on a solid concrete bench. She is blindfolded and she has her two swords crossed over her heart. Behind her the see seems calm, but she knows better than anybody else what is beneath the still waters…. She has to make a move, a decision, but not now, not yet. Breath, just breath…

I know I have to let down my guard at some point; to lower my swords and remove the blindfold to able to make decisions with more than only my mind. I have to be at peace with what I decide. My heart has to be in it. When decisions are made after just counting the cons and pros, you often feel regret afterwards but when your heart is involved, perhaps you dare to explore the see behind you al little bit more; drop by drop, wave by wave, tide by ti


  1. Breathing space is a good thing. And it allows me to drop below my thoughts and emotions to my intuition. :)

  2. It's funny, a friend was talking about this card just today, and how she saw it saying there's a stalemate and nothing to be done. I like your take on it of going deeper than just pros and cons, tapping into your intuition. I'll suggest that to her :)

    1. That is why I prefer two of swords depictions with a sea in the background as a metaphor to the unconscious.

  3. Hi Ellen!!! I love your analisys of this card, and yes I totally agree with you, I like very much your idea of diving in the sea!!!!!! Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!! :)