Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It all comes down to energy

The Sun of Life
For today’s daily draw I've chosen The Wildwood Tarot and The Faeries’ Oracle.
From the Wildwood Tarot I’ve got: The Sun of life.  At first glance a rather strange card for this time of year, since this card is connected too Midsummer, warmth and light. But it’s also a card about self: self-esteem, self reliance, self worth and after that even unselfishness; you have to be fully aware of self before you can put it aside. Otherwise unselfishness can lead to exhaustion. Being aware of self is a life theme for me. Since I am, like many of us, so often tempted to ignore myself and cross every boundary if someone else’s self needed me to. In that light I’ve asked which faery can help me to explore and strengthen my inner me: The Rarr. This is a little spark of energy; an igniter for whatever energy there is available. Energy is not good or bad it is just energy. So whatever intent I put out, The Rarr can give a extra spark to it.
The Rarr
When I look at the two cards, energy wise they seem  each other’s opposites: as to color ( bright and yellow -  dark and blue), shape (size of the sphere) and vibe (radiant, bold, sun -  inward, dormant, moon)  Just as we are on one side of the wheel and Midsummer is on the opposite side. It occurred the me our preschool teacher once told us that little children often start singing Christmas songs at Midsummer, because they sense the connection between the two solstices.
And then I realized it all comes down to energy.  We want to name and distinguish energies, to label them. But in origin we and everything around us are all the same in terms of energy. We  need our sense of self to survive in this material world, but wouldn’t it be a great Christmas experience to look beyond that without losing ourselves. To see and acknowledge Energy (or God(dess) in our friends and family and eventually in everybody else

Perhaps it is a bit of a rambling post but I’ve done my best to put it into words J


  1. I think I know what you mean; we tend to look at life from a linear perspective - past, present, future. But really it is more like a circle - connected. It just seems different because we may be standing at different points on the circle and it looks different to us. Nice post!

    1. I've read somewhere that the universe is multidimensional and everything is everywhere and here and always and now. This is just as difficult for us as imagining a box for someone in a two dimensional world; (like living on a flat surface)