Monday, December 9, 2013

Following my own path and staying on track

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
I had mixed feelings and wasn't sure what to do. Yesterday I had planned a little detour with my tarot cards. It seemed fun to me to explore if I could do predictive readings. I have been talking with some of you about the possibilities of predicting and I even invented a new word for hindsight interpretation which is a very common manner to fit a prediction: Afterdiction (© lol)
Talking with you made me realize I didn't want to go through with this experiment at all.  The way I work with cards is just fine with me. And I respect and encourage everyone to do what he/she does best and feel comfortable with. But I am positive predicting is not for me, in anyway not now
But I wouldn't be me if I felt a great pressure to accomplish this experiment because I said so.
Gilded Reverie Lenormand
So this morning I drew three lennies for this week: stars + scythe +ring. These three cards could mean a number of things: A divorce from a celebrity. Hopefully a contract will be ended.
For me they just cried out: Follow your bliss and don’t fulfill this commitment!!!
So here I am writing this post. I asked the tarot for a guidance card: The Hermit from the Legacy of the Divine came to the rescue.  Well I’m sure he can guide me through my inner landscapes, encourage me to read my map and help me to stick with who I am and what I want and not to get distracted so easily. I've already picked up my daily meditation and gratitude practice  to reconnect to the Divine but it will be also very helpful to stay focused and on track


  1. Sometimes I have to laugh at how blunt and to the point the cards can be. Once I drew the Ace of Cups from the Druidcraft and later realized (afterdiction!) that it had to do with me getting dehydrated from not drinking enough water. Now that card means more than just love and compassion! :)

    1. Sycamoretree, the same thing happened to me with the Ace of Cups. I drew it about a job interview, and during the interview my mouth got so dry my speech became impaired. And there I'd thought it was about being open-hearted. Ha!

      Ellen, I like to use Lennies for predictive readings. I sometimes use tarot that way, too, but mostly tarot is the more touchy-feely introspective type reading. Not always, though, obviously! (I didn't get the job, by the way. ha ha)

    2. Like I said, afterwards the cards make often more sense than in advance.
      Tarot is a great tool and so versatile; everybody can use it according to his own understanding
      sorry about job :)

  2. Yay for following your bliss! And I'm glad to hear you're getting back into your meditation and gratitude practice - it can be so nurturing of our souls :)

  3. Thanks for the support.
    Yes it feels so good already even after a few days. Besides that, it is so wholesome to give yourself those moments every day :)