Monday, December 16, 2013

Magical messages from the Fairies – Practice, practice, practice

 Yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter M. came home from shopping and she had bought me two gifts. Just like that. It was such a sweet surprise. First she gave me a little package which held a beautiful crystal : a mixture between black tourmaline and  clear quartz. Isn't that symbolic for how life is for most of us.

Magical Messages from the Fairies
I was so amazed when she had yet another present for me. She had bought me The Magical Messages of the Fairies by Doreen Virtue. M. knew I liked it because she has this deck too. What I most like about this deck is the uplifting spirit and although it is a fairy deck its messages can be very practical and they are a great counterweight to the  more deep and psychological decks I have. But don’t be surprised for this deck messages can be very profound and accurate too
Of course I've picked my daily card from this deck and I've got “Practice, practice, practice” - With daily practice, you can polish your skills and talents and increase your confidence.  It’s obvious this fairy takes her music seriously and she enjoys her practice because she notices she is making progress. I was raised with the saying: “practice makes perfect”  Why , I wonder, wasn't the phrase : “Practice delights” or  “Practice fulfills” or something like that. Perhaps perfectionism wouldn't be that great an issue; who knows.
Lately I am very fascinated by the hare. I think I've noticed this animal  first in the Wildwood Tarot (Queen of Bows, Two of Stones) and later on I seem to encounter it on various blogs. This animal is connected to the moon (moon hare) and to several mythologies which I have to explore yet.
Black Tourmaline- Clear Quartz
This brings us back to my daily draw. I want to draw a hare, but I am again, sorry for whining, afraid I will fail. This card encourages me to make an effort and just try. This will cut both ways: I will practice drawing a hare and I will face my insecurity .When I look at my crystal I see the beauty of  the dark stripe accentuate the white clear parts. Perhaps my insecurity is such a stripe …


  1. What a sweet, thoughtful daughter you have! I think the saying should be "practice makes progress" (I don't care for the use of "perfect" either). Funny that you should speak about hares and rabbits. I just sent my book club a picture of one with a quote from the mystic St. John of the Cross:

    I was sad one day and went for a walk;
    I sat in a field.
    A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.
    It often does not take more than that to help at times -
    to just be close to creatures who
    are so full of knowing,
    so full of love
    that they don't chat,
    they just gaze with their
    marvelous understanding.

    ~ St. John of the Cross (Spain)

    1. That is beautiful. I sometimes have such an experience with our dog. She is blind but she has become more and more sensitive to how we feel and what we want

  2. Oh, that stone is wonderful! I like the idea of things like our insecurities being the dark stripes that accentuate the light :) Have fun with drawing your hare, and I hope you'll share it with us.

    1. It just hit me when I was writing about the stone:)
      I probable will share it. Did you make anything new after your Hibiscus?

    2. As I say, hope you do :) Haven't made anything new yet, though I have two things I'd like to paint. Been busy photoshopping some stuff… :)

    3. :) The photoshopped stuff will go up on one of my webpages, hopefully in the New Year. Funny to think, this time last year I'd never used Photoshop, now I use it daily! As for the paintings, I'll definitely blog about them when I finally do them. Am hoping Christmas will leave a bit of space for such things...

  3. What a nice gift. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is we use such different starting points to get to a similar place.

    1. Yes it was!
      And...all roads lead to Rome
      Same here I enjoy your posts everyday and I'm learning a lot of new words :D