Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Delicate Fairy and her Ferret - Change is natural

Today’s daily draw is coming from the Oracle of the Shapeshifters and is called: The Delicate Fairy and her Ferret. The caption says: Change is natural, good – and yes, it can hurt!
The inevitability of change is a subject many tarot and oracle readers write about. Every deck has at least a few cards which represent change in some form. Whether it be sudden, gradual, disastrous or cyclic, they all include change as a major aspect of our lives.
This fairy too is telling us to be always alert to change. Nothing stays the same and although change is scary and sometimes painful most of the time it is bringing us gifts which are definitely worth the effort . The problem is we never know in advance what change will bring us so we are afraid to leave our comfort zone.
The Delicate Fairy and her Ferret acknowledge the pain and the fear but also encourages us to go forward and try not to evade change. At least she has a wonderful little friend to back her up.
Ferrets are cunning, covertly, skillful, clever, playful and inquisitive animals and therefore are excellent spirit guides for times of change. Jasmine Becket has paired up as much as three fairies with these animals in her deck
Jasmine Becket: “Having spent a lot of time with family ferrets, I can concur that they seem to be of the same magical & mischievous vein that the fairy folk are. Just imagine how much trouble they’d get into if they could fly!!!!”
When everything is going our way,  we have the illusion everything is okay and we are in control. We don’t want to know if change is about to happen. That’s what is making us anxious; we worry about what if....
Personally I don’t like change at all. Change is something I still fear. Only afterwards I embrace the changes in my life completely because they have brought me to this point ,to this place where I am now. Even the hurtful and the very sad changes. You should think I've learned something from those experiences…….and have gained some more trust in life.


  1. Those ferrets have very flexible little bodies, and they remind me I need to be the same way in my opinions and ideas. The only time I welcome change with open arms is when I am miserable! Yet with hindsight, I can see how many changes I fought against ended up being a good thing.

    1. Sometimes even when I feel unhappy I fear change. What if it brings more sadness and pain. I know this is a false sense of security but at least it is something to hold on to