Monday, March 10, 2014

The High Priestess - You don’t have to know all the answers

Crystal Visions Tarot
This is a card I seldom pull from a deck and now  I've got it twice shortly after each other. It is my Embrace card for this lunation which encourages me to focus on listening to my inner voice.  (Listen is a my word for this year.) And to be honest I am having a hard time with it. Lately it is difficult to silence my inner dialogues which contain mostly worries, negative self talk and bottled up irritation.
What stood out the most in this .of The High Priestess, is the fact she is surrounded by butterflies and none of them are touching her . The guidebook tells me the butterflies are a symbol of transformation but to me, today, they are representing every fluttering thought which crosses my mind during the day and sadly sometimes at the night too
So what is her secret? Why is she able to keep them at bay?
For a new perspective on this card,  I picked up one of my tarot books.  For today I choose “Tarot 101” by Kim Huggens.  (One of my favorites on this subject). And there I found an eye-opening sentence: “The High Priestess is the silence of true wisdom and the ability to truly listen to others and the world around, instead of trying to think of an answer”
Especially the last part of the sentence was enlightening: I don’t have to know the answers! I just have to listen; to others as well as to myself.  My inner dialogues are always tempting me get involved and to come up with solutions for (non) existing problems and when I do so, the merry go round keeps on turning, because none of my answers are ever good enough.  But what if I didn't fell in that trap over and over again. I don’t have to know the answers and maintain control. Sometimes things will just have to unfold by themselves and I will observe, listen and only act when needed. And again it all comes down to living in the present moment  and to be mindful.


  1. Oh, I SO can relate to this! When I meditate, instead of being receptive I often find myself actively searching for answers. My ego becomes like a yapping Chihuahua dog - constant, annoying, and not a bit helpful. What a great message for me today, to patiently wait and listen!

    1. "Yapping Chihuahua" lol
      It is a good message but it is such a difficult one. I've noticed that chanting is helping me a lot me to silence myself

  2. That is indeed a comforting and reassuring reflection, and just perfect for me today. Thanks, Ellen <3

    1. Hi Olivia, you're welcome! I'm glad my post resonated with you :)