Sunday, March 16, 2014

All the ingredients for nice relaxed Sunday

After the challenging cards of last week according to my tarot cards, I am going to have a lovely Sunday. I am going to enjoy my own company as well as spending some quality time with my daughters. So this is going to be a day of harmony and balance.
I seem to be more inclined to acknowledge the predictive qualities of the tarot when I pull positive cards like these two. Perhaps I am more eager to be influenced by the energy of these two cards rather than feeling depressed about my nine of swords experience.
But as always it all comes down to my own perception of reality. What are my thoughts and how do they make me feel? If I feel down how can I be mindful enough to be aware of my thoughts and change them into more comforting ones?
Perhaps cards like these can be helpful in this process. Today I have drawn them from my deck but sometimes I pick the cards which will remind me of qualities I want to embrace or manifest. Almost like a sort of a visual affirmation. I used to do this more often and I am glad that I have rediscovered this practice by writing this post

Which card would you pick for yourself?


  1. Today I would pick the Nine of Pentacles, mostly because I feel in need of some solitude (I actually didn't attend a huge birthday party last night for that reason). The previous week has been full of activity, and I need some "down time." Of course once I rest up, I'll be back in party mode. :)

    1. It seems we agree on that card. It is my all time "me card". It is good you've declined the invitation and took care of yourself first. Sometimes all we need is some time to recharge our batteries. Enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. I love both those cards. Right now, for me, it has to be the Nine of Pents for sure. She is speaking to me quite loudly. I've worked hard for all I've accomplished and it is important for me to remember what I want just might be what I have. And remember to enjoy it. I hope your Sunday is lovely :))

    1. "Remember what I want just might be what I have"
      That is a beautiful thought. It sounds so simple but is forgotten so often
      The Nine of Pentacles might be a favorite of many women :)