Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cups, cups, cups: A three card spread for my Daily draw

For today I've pulled a lot of cups from my Morgan Greer Tarot deck. It is becoming a bit of a theme these days.  It seems to me my cards like to communicate a certain message to me:
Morgan Greer Tarot
Seven of Cups – It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the innumerous amount of choices we are presented with these days. Some are healthy and bring about spiritual growth and some are more shallow. Some are very tempting and even addictive. How do we find our way in this enticing labyrinth?
Temperance – This card is teaching us to practice patience and maintain a sense of balance. Sometimes it is wise to take a step back and carefully consider your options, think whether you really need and want what you wish for.
Ace of Cups -  Our reward, our ultimate Cup, overflowing with love in whatever form. This is the card of receptivity, creativity, openness, spirituality and intuition. It is the holy grail of the seeker. The Cup which stands out from all the other cups in the first card.
To wrap this up, I think it is so important not to be tempted by all sorts of glamorous possibilities but to really weigh your choices and to go for the most fulfilling option.
"An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit". – Pliny the Younger


  1. Had this been a spread I drew for myself, I would immediately key into the Temperance card. I can be very "all or nothing" when I get involved in something, which I think that card warns against. If I want a "full cup," its probably not going to happen by me putting all my eggs in one basket. :)
    Morgan Greer's Aces are beautiful in their simplicity!

  2. Yes they are. I am very happy with this deck. Lately I am so fascinated by R.W. decks and look-a-likes
    Ha ha. I can be like that too. My kids call me "obsessed" when I act like that
    Sometimes my cup can be "full" with he tiniest little thing: a word, a gesture, a good book, a nice card etc

  3. Nice reading! Yeah, the 7 of Cups - Ace of Cups combo really hits home that idea of "make a decision - pick one!" And Temperance makes a very nice bridge :)

    1. Thanks Olivia!
      Ha Ha! I just noticed: The color blue is dripping from this spread :D

  4. Looks like the universe continues to tell you to grab that Cup. This spread speaks a lot of finding your focus and balance and grabbing a hold. Look forward to seeing what you do with your cup. :)

    1. It can't be more obvious! Maybe it will all become clear to me, if I try a little less to find the answer but in the meantime keep an open mind for anything that strikes me as helpful :)