Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ace of Wands: Take a leap or wait some more

Druidcraft Tarot
This morning I've pulled the Ace of Wands from my Druidcraft Tarot. For me this is one of my most beautiful depictions of this Ace. From the heart of the burning fires of the Sun, the great spark of life on Earth, we receive a branch of a Birch tree. The birch is a symbol of new beginnings since it is the first tree who grows back after a forest fire. It is also the first tree in the Ogham, the Celtic tree alphabet.The Stag is associated with fire and passion which we all can imagine why… He is standing on the cliff waiting, weighing, will he jump or not?
The keywords for this Ace are: creativity, inspiration, desire, renewal, growth
The tension in this card and the one I am feeling lately, are much alike. A few days ago I've written about my creative blockage and the way I would try to work through that.
Now this card has come up and it feels like it is saying: Get up and do something, anything! I have been a bit in a creative slump and avoiding any “risky” situations. I’ve been playing it safe so to speak. (these are the reversed meanings of this card)  Before I will run upstairs like a mad woman and get my paint out again (failure assured) I want to figure out what I want, how do I want to express myself creatively at this moment. What feels good for me now. Is it time to jump or not? The sun will still be there tomorrow. For me today this card is a like a nudge, a little push of encouragement, to wake up my inspiration and my drive. This quote couldn’t have been more fitting:
I am the thinkling, the quiet whisper of inspiration. I am the novel idea at its moment of conception, the spark of something wonderful. I hold unlimited possibilities if you have the courage to run with me. New life blooms with a touch of my hand. Reach out and share my joy of creation.” (Leila Veh)


  1. Instead of diving in, maybe you could jot down some ideas or just make a quick sketch? Your post made me think of over-fertilizing a plant. It gets too much leafy growth before the roots have time to support it. Sometimes we need to do the inner work (roots) before we start on the outer stuff. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Sycamore. These are the kind of nudges that really help. I am planning on doing something small as a practice of letting go any expectation
      Love the fertilizing metaphor !

  2. Beautiful! It can be really hard to push oneself to create, but I think it's a necessary part of the process. I can't really talk, since I haven't produced anything worthwhile in way too long!! But I am aware that I need to just "do it" and stop thinking about doing it. I agree that this Ace of Wands is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks. I have finally managed to play with some paint ,scraps of paper and words. It felt good to let go of the result: Now I am just having fun. :)