Thursday, February 20, 2014

Six of Cups: Closing the Gap

Druidcraft Tarot
A while ago I received a comment from Prince Lenormand about my creative blocks, in which he had added a link to the Six of Cups from the Druidcraft tarot. That card really hit the mark because it felt if I was torn between parts of myself and not being able to connect them: The man is inside the house, looking outside longing for the time when he was young and everything was still simple.The children are playing outside and having fun together. The only thing I could do was to go upstairs to my room and pick up my paint, some scraps of paper and make a mark  I was inspired to try this by a post from Sharon form the Wishing tree
It felt so good and it was much more easy than I had expected. I used to do a lot of Art journaling and what I have made this time is quite similar: I've started with pasting pieces of paper on a white sheet, added some paint en crayon and  I printed out some sentences I had written and the children from the Six of Cups. It is funny but after I had finished the collage bit, I noticed the gap between the two parts. And there and then I decided to use that as the theme for this Art journal page.

Bridging the gap between me and myself
In the end
We're not that different at all
Meeting at the playground of my mind
Where the gap between fantasy and reality is closed.

This was a careful start. I am not there yet, but I know now I am still able to create something. This wasn't about the result but merely about me humming, singing and playing without fear. I would like to thank everybody for their kind and encouraging words. They have meant so much to me.
Hugs Ellen


  1. Wow, I am truly impressed with both the art and the poem! I like how you chose to tear the papers instead of cut them, and the mixture of paint, paper and fabric. Well done my friend! Not only did you create a great piece of art, you also made a MEANINGFUL piece of art. :)

    1. Thank you so much. Please know that you've had a huge part in this too!!
      (To be honest the fabric are scraps of paper too :))

  2. Maravilloso. I love this! I always think of the 6 of Cups as the card that represents our center, our truest selves underneath all of the extra layers we build up over the years. I like how you've identified this "gap" - it is so interesting how it appeared in your collage! I think it presents a really beautiful facet of the card… bridging the gap between our present selves, and our "original" selves. I love it!

    1. Thank you for you kind words Olivia. You've understood it perfectly. Yes it is sometimes miraculous how our unconscious can give us messages through images whether it is through tarot or art or whatever.

  3. This is very beautiful, Ellen.

    I adore the colouring and the words just sit in there as if they were always meant to. I know that you didn't concentrate on the end result ... but it is a very attractive piece, isn't it?

    Am I the only one who sees a garden scene, where the scraps of paper look like a little house with a spinning wheel or sundial outside?

    Fab. Really pleased you worked against your block!

    1. Thank you so much PLN. The six of cups you've send me, was just the spark I needed. I am certainly happy with it but even more with the fact I did stood up to my IC
      Ps. You're not the only one anymore:) but I hadn't noticed it before :)

    2. I keep going back and looking at it - it's very visually uplifting. I also think collages look great when flattened with scanner or a copier. Maybe you should print a copy and have it near where you work?

      Yes, the little house with pink roof and large chimney running up it's side in grey. I love that you didn't realise that when you were creating it.

      (why do they never make the words you have to type in to show the site you're not a robot readible?!)

    3. You're such a dear :)
      Perhaps I will hang it in my room to keep this feeling to heart
      Maybe robots can read too???

  4. Very creative. I like this. I bet it was emotional and spiritual freeing to work on this. :)

    1. Thank, you Cher. It sure was. I can always tell I am on the right track if I am humming :)