Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ten of Pentacles: Let’s get physical

This is the third time in a short period I've drawn the Ten of Pentacles. I've written already about the importance of family and about what makes a house a home, so what’s next. Then I got it. The suit of Pentacles is all about physical things: health, money and possessions.
The Ten of Pentacles of today is from the Druidcraft Tarot. Although this family seems to live in a  simple dwelling they are well provided for which is most apparent by their clothing and the healthy dog.
When I was thinking about what to write about this time, my mind wandered to gratitude for my actual house and the things in it.
The daily comfort we experience is so often taken for granted: Warmth, shelter, running water, electricity, enough food in the fridge etc. Those are the comforts most of us have in common. So let’s get personal: my comfy old leather chair, my coffee machine, my decks, my bed with all my pillows, the soft towels in the bathroom,  candles all around the house, my fountain pen and let’s not forget my books. I know I can live without all of it  but today they make me feel safe and at home in my own house. That’s why I am also adding possessions to my daily gratitude list and I sincerely believe this practice is helping me to become more aware of the abundance in my life. 
What things are you grateful for?


  1. Wow, you set my mind whirling! I'm grateful that I have internet access to learn and communicate online, for the books I own, and for local libraries from which I can borrow books for free. I am thankful for the meditation room I have all to myself in my home (now that we only have one kid at home); in it I can meditate, do yoga, listen to music, create and do tarot readings. It contains many things that I hold sacred or have sentimental attachments to, like my bodhran, statues, found natural items, and pictures of many of my ancestors. Oh - and my reading glasses so I can read all those books and cards, lol!

    1. What a wonderful list of gratitude.
      Thanks for sharing these things from you personal life Sycamore
      I am grateful for my glasses too. Silly me, how could I forget :D

  2. My morning cup of coffee, a refrigerator that is always full, a couch to stretch out on after a long day at work….. chocolate. Trees.

    1. we do share our love for chocolate I guess :)
      Thank you for sharing