Monday, November 4, 2013

New moon in November

So short after the festivities of Halloween/Samhain it’s already time to celebrate the new moon in November. The first new moon after the Celtic new year.  A time for letting go of old and no longer serving idea’s and attitudes and to embrace new ones, which may be helping and strengthening. Also it’s the time to reassess what it is you want in life and if you’re still on the right track. Tarot can be very helpful for this purpose.
Before I've drawn my cards, I have meditated a while to calm myself down and to reconnect with divinity. As usually I have visualized a circle around me, not so much for protection but more to feel embraced by the Goddess. This time was the first time I have called the Goddess in four of her aspects to represent the elements and the four quarters of the wheel of the year.( this is an idea I've got from Neopaganpriestess). I've called Persephone (in maiden aspect) for air and spring, Freya for fire and summer, Hekate for water and autumn and Holda for earth and winter
From the Goddess inspiration oracle by Kris Waldherr
It felt good and it was far more easy to connect with Her than when I just call the elements. I called on Isis to represent Spirit and the Goddess as a whole. The meditation was good and whenever my mind wandered it was like she brought me back again and again and again….. J
Afterwards  I've drawn two cards from the Osho Zen tarot
Osho zen tarot
Osho Zen Tarot
Release: Schizophrenia ( two of swords). Well It’s very obvious that I would be glad to let go of this attitude. Although I know from experience that it’s so difficult since I’m such a swordy lady. I like to keep thinking an rethinking and postponing instead of making a decision from the heart and trusting my intuition to be right. The figure in this card is holding on to every possible solution but he has to choose, for not choosing at all is also a choice.
Embrace: Going with the flow (Ace of cups) this cards represents just the opposite of the first  card and it’s so difficult for me. Writing this I feel that it’s my insecurity, my fear of making a mistake which keeps me from flowing free. When you go with the flow you’ll give up control and let the Universe guide you where you need to be right now and what the best choices are for you at this moment. The only thing we have to do is trust and surrender to Love. Because that’s what this card connects to the Ace of cup; The ever flowing Love
There’s a clear connection to yesterdays card Flying, which told me get out of the maze and fly free where my intuition is guiding me. I think this is a beautiful theme for this month
It will be a challenge not to see this as a challenge of  my willful mind but to give myself freely the pleasure of going with the flow J


  1. Our cards and thoughts seem to be running parallel to each other today! :)

  2. Nice post! It's funny that today you are talking about being Swordsy, but needing to develop your ability to let your intuition guide you and go with the flow…while today I was talking about how I'm more Cupsy and needing to develop my logical, decisive swords side! :)

    1. Lol, we can really learn a lot from eachother. That's a nice thing about blogging: you meet so many different people :D