Monday, November 18, 2013

Slow and Steady …wins the race

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards
Today I’ll take a break from my beloved new Wildwood tarot. As you have noticed or perhaps have experienced this deck is asking a lot of yourself. It’s pulling you inwards, softly but determined and it’s often not easy what you find there. So I've picked up the Enchanted Map Oracle Cards. The theme of this deck is the inner map of your life; the landscapes and guide’s you will find there and how to play an active role in shaping this world.
So I shuffled and asked: Am I still on the right track”?And I've got “Slow and Steady” .I sighed with relieve. After a good but hectic and tiring Sunday this is such a fine card to start my week with.
The card depicts a fairy who has curled up inside a snail shell and in doing so she has adopted this animals movement speed. I suspect this little fairy to be a busy fluttering creature who has a life speed much faster than we humans have. For today I'll interpret this card as a temporary but o so welcome adjustment to my daily routine
The book says:
“Remember the old saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? This is the time for easy movement, unhurried steps, and a steady heart. Trust that taking life at a more leisurely pace will give you greater access to your dreams. Slowing down allows more contact with the juicier elements of your life. Savour them!”
ments and savour them to the fullest; starting out with a long luxurious shower followed by coffee and … Chocolates


  1. I have a friend who constantly tells me to "move at the pace of guidance." It makes much more sense than the frenetic "hurry up and wait" pace that I normally set for myself, lol.

  2. I've never heard of the "move at the pace of guidance" saying, but is is one I will remember ! :D

  3. Beautiful image with important message. Here we say:"lento pero seguro" (something like: slow but firm).
    Coffee and chocolates...matches perfect!!!! :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!!

    1. This is surely a universal thought: Every language has its own version :)

  4. A day of taking things slow sounds lovely :) Hope the chocolates were good ;)

  5. This card was pulled for me, what does it mean I should be doing?