Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Letter from My Inner Self with the Enchanted Map Oracle

Last week, Kate from Daily Tarot Girl  wrote a post about a tarot spread which could be seen as a letter from your Inner Self to you. I missed this post and was happy to read how Cher from Tarot Guidance had done this exercise for herself
I personalized the letter a bit and used an oracle instead of a tarot deck.
Question: Inner Self, what message do you have for me at this time?
Answer: My dearest me. I would like to tell you three things you need to know for now. You need to_____________ and_________________. It is also very important to let go of_______________. Please  know I write to you with love and affection and I hope you’ll take my advice to heart
Love to hear from you soon
I pulled the followings cards from the Enchanted map Oracle:

So this could be my letter:
My dearest me. 
I would like to tell you three things you need to know for now. You need to Slow down and take it easy. This is no time to hurry and you need to realize you a whole person and have everything you need within yourself. It is also very important to let go of The urge to push others to see things your way and do what you want.
Please  know I write to you with love and affection and I hope you’ll take my advice to heart.
Love to hear from you soon

Cher has made an affirmation to go with her reading so I would like to finish this post with mine:
Slow down; I am okay and so are they J


  1. Oh wow, I love the idea of sending a letter to yourself using the cards - thanks for sharing this (and thanks to Kate for coming up with this idea)! And it looks like you got some pertinent and valuable information in your "letter." :) I will definitely have to give this a go. Every time I see you use this oracle, I am tempted to buy it myself - some of the cards are so beautiful.

    1. You should try this. It is a really great experience.
      It took me long time to connect with this deck but now I love to use it especially for this kind of exercises.

    2. Used the Roots of Asia and got: Ace of Pentacles, Four of Wands and King of Swords
      Dear Bev,
      You have the seed of creation in your hand to manifest what you need. You have the four tools of aspiration, effort, thought and investigation to successfully build what you are passionate about. But using your intellect to objectify and detach from people is probably something you need to let go of now; instead allow your heart to be more open and vulnerable.

    3. What a sensitive and beautiful written letter. I hope and guess this exercise had some valuable advise for you too :)
      Thank you my friend for sharing this!

  2. Wow, two beautiful, wonderful readings! I loved your summation affirmation, Ellen! And I loved the way you made the letting go statement more gentle, Bev, a suggestion rather than a command.
    Hugs to you both!

  3. Ellen, Wonderful Letter! Love the affirmation. Bev, yours was great too. Glad I brought this exercise to Ellen's attention so she could send it further. Hope all of you enjoy your Inner Self letters. Who else better to have a conversation with! :)

    1. Thanks again for posting your take on this exercise!!
      And "inner self" is so much more intimate to talk to than "higher self" :D