Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eight of Pentacles - Practice with Passion

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Julia Jeffrey,Eight of Pentacles
What is joy for the eyes this is. This is the eight of Pentacles from the Hidden Realm Tarot. We see a strong male Fey: a dedicated muscled blacksmith who is proud of his work and wants to improve his skill with every item he produces. Hour after hour he stands in the sweltering heat of his smithy while he forges one pentacle after the other. Look at his eyes. He is examining his work with the greatest attention. Is it perfect or could he perhaps do better the next time?
This eight of pentacles is so much more then only practicing  conscientiously in order to  improve your skills. This is about expressing a deep fiery passion and  hot flames of creativity; about not being satisfied until you get it right, about focus and fine tuning, about being totally absorbed by what you are doing and becoming one with your work.
Lately my thoughts and actions have been scattered and all over the place. It is tiring and restless. So I guess this is good reminder to pick myself up and try to focus on one thing at the time. I suppose this will improve my inner calm and help me to stay more centered.

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut


  1. Your post is a nice reminder to keep the "shoulds" out of my vocabulary when I am creating something and instead follow the passion of my heart. Those "shoulds" have a way of dousing the flames with cold water, and they tend to put out my fire.

    1. This is a wonderful metaphor.
      These "shoulds"can be so nerve wrecking. I know my parents have done the best they could but I wish they would have been more flexible and without so many expectations of what our life should be like
      Sometimes I wonder how many "shoulds" I have instilled unknowingly in my own girls.

  2. Sadly, I think we always instill shoulds in our children, all unknowing. What we consider the right way to be, becomes their shoulds. And even with good things, it can be stifling. Like I have from my mother that I "should" care for family. And mostly, that is good. But when it puts their needs ahead of my own, it isn't always…
    Good luck with finding your passion and your focus today, Ellen! :)

    1. This is so true Kerry. most of our "shoulds" aren't so bad if we maintain our inner balance and approach them as adults. Should's becomes unhealthy when they are exaggerated and our inner child
      I had a rather calm day and is was good; thank you Kerry! :)
      Have a nice evening!