Thursday, December 1, 2016

King of Cups – The perfect ally for this season

For this new moon I drew the King of Cups from the Morgan Greer tarot in the Embrace position. 
Morgan Greer Tarot King of Cups King of Swords
I am not a huge fan of the King cards in general but for me this one is the most easy to relate to. He is kind and wise, he is compassionate and tolerant and he is intuitive and artistic. So what is not to like about this King. Since he has come up in the embrace position I want to emphasize his  positive traits over his more challenging ones. What I love most about him is his emotional stability and great involvement  in the lives of his people and the way he offers them advice and guidance in times of need. He also teaches me not only to give advice but also to be open to receive advice from others. Ask M, because she knows how difficult it can be to tell me to slow down and rest more.
He is also a peacemaker which can be quite a useful  energy to identify with during the holidays. Together with his other aspects he is the perfect one to have around this season. And maybe this stretches a bit too far for some of us but he does remind me a bit of  Jesus himself.

So what could be a good way to manifest his energy today! and I got the (don’t laugh) the King of Swords. This card will remind me to keep a balance between my heart and my head. Embodying the king of Cups could perhaps lead to improvident actions. I supposes the clear mindedness of the King of Swords will protect me from becoming overly involved or too compassionate and he will make sure that my personal boundaries are guarded at all times. I am sure these two kings will have a lot to talk about.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Miss Spiderweb - Slowly beginning to work on my web again

Oracle of the Shapeshifters Miss Spiderweb
First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for your kind and warm comments and get well wishes on my previous post.  They really meant a lot to me.
Today’s card is Miss Spider Web,  from the Oracle of The Shapeshifters. This card is all about making new connections and rekindling old ones. Strengthening the parts of our web which are meaningful and  supportive and taking down those parts which are worn out and not adding anything of importance to the intricate structure of our web.
This morning my neurologist advised me to really take it slow and also to keep in mind that the recovery from my neck hernia will take a at least another six weeks or more. I was allowed to do the things I love the most but in only really small amounts of time. So this blogpost is done in several sessions of five minutes.
But at least I can start weaving and working on my online web again. Please understand that although I am doing the best I can,  I will not be able to leaves comments every day on the most beloved strings of my web but I do enjoy reading my favorites blogs each day.
I see this post as the beginning of my healing process for which I am ever so grateful.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Reason for my absence

As most of you already know, the last few weeks I have been plagued by pinched nerve in my neck. Last Friday I went to the physical therapist because the pain in my arm was getting worse every day. After doing some tests he was quite certain it was a neck hernia. So now I have wait for an appointment with a neurologist. This pain prevents me from typing (M is typing this for me) writing, photographing, painting, knitting etc. M is also doing our daily chores. Although this is a difficult situation, I also see this as an opportunity to try to become more flexible. I’m grateful M is helping out this much, but it also hard for me to let go of the control and my need to do everything myself. Please know I’m reading and enjoying everyone’s blogs, but for now I’m not able to comment.

I wish you all well and I hope to be back soon.
Hugs Ellen

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Page of Swords - First card from my new Fountain Tarot Deck

Today I received my copy of the Fountain Tarot which I had won in a giveaway in September.  It is a stunning deck. It is even more beautiful  in reality than the pictures  I’ve seen online presumed. It feels like a whole year round, multipurpose deck.
Fountain Tarot Page of Swords Three of Wands
After giving  it  thorough shuffle, the first card I drew was  the Page of Swords – bold curiosity.  A card about being open-minded to new ideas and situations. This page likes to try out new things and seek out new approaches to old concepts.  A perfect guide to dive into this modern looking mesmerizing deck.  But since the Page isn’t the studious type and has a rather short attention span, I asked what could help him to take the study of this deck more seriously and I pulled the Three of Wands – focused effort. Now this guy is holding on the his rope vigorously. He is not the kind to let go that easy when things get a bit more complicated. This is the  attitude I need for my tarot studies: dedication!   The guidebook talks about how he is alternating between energy puling inwards and energy pushing outwards. I love how this is depicted by act of rope twisting. In case of studying this deck this could be about reading and practicing versus contemplating and letting new information and experiences sink in

And last but not least like every Three of wands this cards also stands  for the promise of success !

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Veil and Seven of Fire – Divination or Exploration?

From the Halloween Oracle I got The Veil – Future, which represents the” thinning of the veil” around the Festival of Samhain or Halloween. 
Halloween Oracle The VeilDreams of Gaia Tarot Seven of Fire
It is said that during this season it is the perfect time for divination and all things magical. Although I hardly ever use my cards for giving me a peek into my future, for this one time I asked a little hesitant: “What do I need to know about my future?” Because I can’t get enough of The dreams of Gaia Tarot, I pulled the Seven of Fire, from this deck.
Seeing this card made me  laugh a littly bit. This card is all about divination and using your intuition and I think it might be the Minor Arcana counterpart of ‘Intuition” from the  Influence cards of the Major Arcana. Since this is a Minor Arcana card I think this card mostly about how to put our intuition into our daily practice and how to develop this highly influential part of ourselves.  According to the guidebook listening to our intuition can be a completely internal process; you just “know” something or it can be triggered by external stimuli (like our cards). But both ways do depend on a large amount of trust in ourselves.
Today this card is encouraging me to listen to and trust in my inner voice and also to be aware of those little things which happen during the day and which give me a that tingly feeling of a meaningful coincidence.
Or maybe I got it all wrong and this card is telling I  will to get into the card reading business any time soon now.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ten of Water – Happiness is a verb

Dreams of Gaia Tarot Ten of Water
Today’s card is Ten of Water from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot and to me it feels like I am continuing with my theme of self realization.
In this card we see a woman who is totally content with and by herself. She has found an emotional balance and a way to keep her balance when waves of disruption and turmoil clash in on her. I suppose her turtle will carry her through the ebbs and flows of her life. This lady has freed herself from limiting emotions from her past like guilt, shame and regret and now she is enjoying this present moment like it was her last. And maybe it is because this moment will never return, so we’d better make the most of it. And that is the advice of this card too. Whatever your circumstances are, there is so much to be grateful for and to enjoy if you look closely: a smile, a ray of sunlight or my beloved cup of coffee in the morning.

So today, instead of feeling sorry for myself because my neck and my arm are hurting I am going to actively seek out joy and contentment and hopefully pass it along to others. A smile is so easy to give and so wonderful to receive…

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Self - Who are you right now?

Dreams of Gaia Tarot Self
Today’s card is “Self” from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot and this card is all about self realization, discovering and accepting who you are and trying to live an authentic life.
Our idea of Self is (thank God/dess) ever changing and always evolving. For me this is beautifully represented by the roses in full bloom, the butterfly and the flying doves. We aren’t the  same as we were ten, five or one year ago and even not the same as we were last month, last week or yesterday. This might give us some insecurity about not knowing who we really are today but what we can be sure of  that we are the result of our past notions of Self.  Not only of our own previous perceptions of who we were but also who others told us we were (right or wrong) I “know” I am stubborn because my mother told me so frequently when I wanted to do things my own way.  Maybe if  she’d praised me for being determined, I would have had a slightly different idea of “Self”?
So this card encourages me to sit with “who am I right now?” and find out what is still true and what is outdated or hearsay . Only when we have established and accepted who we are today, we can choose intentionally who we want to become tomorrow.  
Visualizing our future self will give us some idea of who we want to become and when we are actively involved in becoming who we are meant to be, we will be able to unlock the door to our inner sanctuary called “Self” where we will find fulfillment and peace.