Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Indi – But, what if……?

Faeries' Oracle Indi
Today’s card is Indi from the Faeries’ Oracle. This fearie is finding it very difficult to make up his mind, to choose and to commit.  His mind races back and forth, from left to right and up and down, gathering every “what if’” he can find. When you look at this card, you can only feel sorry for him, because he isn’t going anywhere. He is afraid of making the right choice,of making a mistake and it is making him question his own self worth over and over again.
One thing I have learned over the years is, if you don’t make a decision by yourself, someone or some situation is bound to make it for you.  The only way to avoid becoming a victim of circumstances is to take matters into your own hand. Is this difficult for me? Oh, yeah! But I know how it feels otherwise.   

So for today Indi will remind me to make my own decisions; probable about the little things in life like what to do, to eat, to say…  Yes,even making these minor, more insignificant decisions will definitely add to our own sense of self confidence. And for the major ones? We always can reach out for help but in the end we are responsible for our every decision we make.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Sage - Pay a visit to your inner Wise One

The Faeries' Oracle The SageToday’s card is The Sage from the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud. He is the Wise One from this deck. The hermit, the teacher, the shaman. And he is also old; very old. He is painted with the colors of the many seasons he has witnessed. And from every experience he has been through, he has absorbed  a spark of insight.  He has one blind eye which allows him to see into the other worlds and to turn a blind eye towards mistakes and failures. Those are better met with compassion than with harsh judgment.
I usually look for this kind of wisdom in all kinds of books and online articles about religion, philosophy etc. but today it seems The  Sage is asking me to turn inwards and look for wisdom there.  I have seen many seasons too, but I don’t  consider myself as wise. Maybe a tad wiser than before, but Wise with a capital W no, not nearly.

Maybe it is time to turn a blind eye to my fearful insecurity and stop  berating myself and expecting too much of myself. Yes, maybe it is time to embrace the silent Witness within and sit and chat with her for a while.  Perhaps, when I give her space and time, she has more to share than I give her credit for…..

Friday, March 17, 2017

Five of Earth - When the rain comes

Gaian Tarot Five of Earth
Today’s card is the Five of Earth from the Gaian Tarot. In this card we see someone taking shelter under a makeshift  little hut made from whatever the forest provided at the time.
Although I am feeling better and Spring has arrived over here, it is still raining inside me from time to time. This card highlights our ability to survive whenever storm  blows in; accompanied by heavy rainfall. Then we have to make do with what we have and what we are capable of.
The  little shelter in the card represents the times when I have been able to lift up my spirit and to chase away the dark clouds. This could have been as easy as taking a little stroll, painting intuitively with watercolors, watching series etc. Just as with making this shelter, it doesn’t matter what you use or how you do, it as long as it is fit for purpose.
Several years of therapy have equipped me with some really helpful tools and insights for whenever the weather might change. Although I still suffer from depressions, I am grateful that lately it is not as scary and dark anymore as it used to be. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Child of Earth – Every apple tastes differently

Gaian Tarot Child of Earth
Today’s card is Child of Earth from the Gaian Tarot. The child is holding an apple in his hand. He is looking at it, he is smelling it, it is making his mouth water.  Almost all his senses but one, are  satisfied. “Taste me”, the apple seems to insist. “Take a bite. You know you want it”
The apple has always been an alluring fruit. Perhaps because it holds the mystery of the universe in its core.
Since the child is curious and eager to experience something new, we can almost be certain he will take that bite in the end. With this attitude he will remain open and flexible towards his environment. He will learn new things and will be able to adjust his opinion about the things he thought he knew for sure.
What can I learn today? How can I shift my attitude from narrowness to openness. How can I stay young and playful at heart?
It doesn’t have to be complicated like learning a new language. No, it can be as simple as taking an other route for your walk,  buying a different loaf of bread or even wearing something other than what you always wear.

I am curious what you would do to take  a childlike approach today…..

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Guardian of Water - Rest in my embrace

After having been mothering my mother for a couple of days because she isn’t feeling all too well, the Guardian of Water from the Gaian Tarot is a very welcome card to receive for this weekend. When our mothers aren’t capable of mothering anymore, it is up to us to find an other source of this energy to replenish our Inner Child’s cup from time to time. Today this Guardian invites me to join her in the water, to rest in her soft motherly embrace. She nurtures us with compassion, love and intuitive knowing. Her siren song to unburden our sorrows and anxieties is alluring. It is so easy to confide in her because she always forgives our wrongdoings and unkind thoughts.
God(dess) knows I need this today. I had lots of plan for when I got home again but that was a bit too optimistic. This weekend is for  rest and self-care which involves writing this post, reading, meditating, walking, drinking coffee, …. Oh no, that sound like making plans again. This weekend I am going to try to take it moment by moment and really trying to listen to what I need right here and now.

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Queen of Wands - To Life!

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Queen of Wands
This morning I got up a bit earlier than usual with the intention to meditate, draw a tarot card and journal about it. I even lit a candle for the occasion. And what a wonderful way to start the day it was. I wonder if I will be able to remember this until tomorrow morning. Just kidding! Since I am not a long distant runner and terrible with challenges, I will try to do this morning “routine”  for a week from today and I promise myself not to beat myself up if I skip a day.
My card for today is the Queen of wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Look at her cheeky smile as if she is saying: “I told you so, everything will be okay. Even if you don’t feel my warmth and my fiery energy for a while, it doesn’t mean I have abandoned you. I am always on your side. Together we can accomplish anything, even a a nagging and paralyzing depression. So smile my dearest, take a walk, create, dance, write, cook, anything will do as long as you do something, even if it  seems you are only pretending. Action is the way of out of sadness. So go for it girl and life!"
Somehow the cards in this deck are so talkative. I used to find them very hard to read with but nowadays they word so perfectly what I need to hear.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Six of Wands – Ignite your fire

Tarot of the Hidden Realm Six of WandsToday’s card is the Six of Wands from the Tarot of The Hidden Realm. Traditionally this is the card of victory and success. Although this card often relates to experiencing a successful completion of a project, today I feel it is more about an internal victory. Sometimes, often without knowing, we lock ourselves in a mental stronghold, which seems impossible to break out of. The only tools to escape we have left are our inner resources, how scarce they may be. When the day comes we begin to feel restricted and imprisoned instead of safe and protected, we will have to ignite a tiny spark of courage inside us and feed it with brave and fiery kindle. It is okay to be afraid, this is in no means a sign of cowardice. Still your mind and nurture your flame so it will grow stronger with each breath you take. This fire inside you will forge the key to freedom. Nothing will be able to hold you back when you tap in to this fire.
And as we can see in this card, fire attracts fire(flies). So our inner fire will keep feeding itself with everything we do and with whatever makes us happy!
“Courage isn’t a lack of fear, it’s being afraid and doing something anyway” (guidebook).