Friday, January 20, 2017

Thurisaz and Two of Wands - The Gate will wait one moment more

Wild Unknown Tarot Runes Two of Wands Thurisaz
Today’s rune is Thurisaz (thorn, gate, giant). For today I wanted to highlight the meaning of Gateway. Often  a gateway holds the promise of something new. This could be a.o: a new opportunity, a challenge or perhaps a new insight. In my case it is often fear which prevents me from walking through this kind of gates. I also realize that this fear prevents me from having new experiences, meeting new people and broadening my spiritual beliefs. So for today I asked my cards what might be a beneficial way for me to approach such a gate.
And I got the Two of Wands from The Wild Unknown Tarot . In this depiction we see the moment just before the two wands touch each other and call for action. Notice how they almost form a gate themselves. When we dare to go through this gate it might open up so many colorful opportunities for us. This is the moment to focus, to consider, and weigh our options carefully. What will be the reward of going through the gate? What could be the worst thing that could happen? Where does my fear come from ? More than often we learn that our fear to go through the gate has nothing to do with this particularly situation. Most of our fears originate  from very long ago.  But since each gate holds a promise and a risk, it is up to use to find out if the promise is worth taking the risk.
So it is advisable to take a moment and really assess the situation and then our wands can come together and give direction and focus to our journey and we will continue to walk out path and whether we got through the gate or not it is still our path.

“Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.” J. R. R. Tolkien

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fehu and The Star – Gratitude for feeling good

Today’s Rune is Fehu (cattle or "vee" in Dutch),the first rune of the Elder Futhark. This rune stands for wealth, happiness, creativity and the physical manifestation of everything good. So in what area of my life might this energy of Fehu come into play? After giving my new edition of the Wild Unknown Tarot a thorough shuffle, I pulled The Star. This is one of the most  beautiful cards in any deck. It is the card of Hope and Renewal after the devastating  force of The Tower.  But what does this spiritual Card has to do with Fehu?  Then I remembered how I feel when I am standing outside, looking at a starlit winter night sky. The splendor of it all and the promise of hope and fulfilled wishes always give me that deep physical sense of well being. Yes feeling good isn’t always about material things, although you should have seen me yesterday when I got my new deck, but more often it is this deep rooted feeling of gratitude for what we already have and what is making us extremely more happy than anything still on our wishlist.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hagalaz and Six of wands – Hope in the face of Adversity

Today’s Rune is Hagalaz (hail). This is the rune of disruption, sudden drastic changes and loss. Nothing to look forward too. So instead of being scared of what today might bring and hide under the covers until this day is done, I asked: "What do I need to be able to cope with the energy of Hagalaz?" And I pulled the Six of Wands from The Fountain Tarot and what a gorgeous Six of Wands this is. It is almost as if the victor is lifted by light but when you look closely you see the other figures carrying him. When we are victorious it is also good acknowledge which part others have played in our victory.
The guidebook  calls this card: "Hope and Motivation" and this reminds us of everything we have overcome in this lifetime already. In some situations we were victorious in others we merely survived but we are still here; alive and kicking. From those past experiences we can receive hope for the future that whatever comes our way, we can deal with it one way or another.

For me today this card encourages me to keep walking my path even though it leads me through hail storms and icy weather.  I am confident that I will find my spiritual balance again because I have done so many times before. This card feels like an protective umbrella for any kind of bad weather

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Three card spread with the Dreams of Gaia: To move beyond doubt

As usual I wanted to draw one card and share my thoughts about it but when I drew the Seven of Air from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, I knew I had to add some more cards. This card represent so beautifully what I have been struggling with these last few months. This card is all about belief systems and the different teachings of wise and spiritual people.  
Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to belong to a group of people who shared the same beliefs as I did and I have never came across such a group. I tried to fit in with some of them but it never lasted long.  Gradually I have accepted that what I belief is personal and ever changing. But sometimes I feel the need for some conformation that I am on the right track. Sometimes I even envy the confidence of some religious groups who are “absolutely sure” of their spiritual convictions. This feeling is strongly connected to my word of the year: Trust. Do I trust myself enough to keep following my own path, even though it is leading me along deep chasms filled with doubt and steep mountains covered with insecurity. 
So after pulling this initial card I wanted to know how to deal with these feelings and I pulled Choice, the first card of the deck. This card is asking us to move forward, to make a choice which is fulfilling for both our heart and our mind. There is no way back. The past is gone forever and there is only this little moment in time. If we don’t choose, we are stuck there in a kind of limbo where we can mull over which door to choose so long that we might not even remember why we are stuck there in the first place.
Then I wondered what would happen if I would trust myself enough to follow my intuition, to chose a door, any door and continue to walk my path? The answer to this question is the Ace of Air, the gift of insight and clarity. Some keywords are, belief it or not: unlearn and let go, a new personal ideology, personal truth, new ideas.  So now I realize it doesn’t really matter which door I choose; the gift of The Ace of Air is always within me and I will take it with me wherever I my path will lead me. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Raidho and the Queen of Cups - Trusting you inner Compass

Shadowscapes Tarot Queen of Cups Raidho
Last weekend I have immersed myself in Norse myths, the Edda, and my rune studies. It seems that a light snowfall is all it needs to awaken my love for that part of my ancestral heritage. So with that in mind I wanted to pull a rune for today’s post and I got Raidho (wheel, travel). This rune is not only about physical travel and all the preparations this involves but maybe even more so about spiritual travel; about finding our path in life and following it. Both kinds of travels require some similar attributes which are a.o. resourcefulness, determination and flexibility.
So which aspect of ourselves can help us to keep moving forward in the right direction?
And I got the Queen of Cups form the Shadowscapes Tarot. I love that in this depiction she has risen from her throne and is walking the path with one carefully placed step at the time. She has no need to watch where she puts her feet. She is following her inner compass, which tells her exactly where her companions will emerge. It looks so easy, almost effortlessly. She is dancing on the waves for as long as she keeps moving forward because in movement we can find our balance.

I think our intuition is our most important guide on our journeys. It allows us to travel with ease. If we can muster the courage to trust this sometimes elusive part of our soul, we will able to  dance through life and over whatever waves we will meet. I also believe we can trust that we are carried when needed.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nine of Wands – Guarding our space and time

Shadowscapes Tarot Nine of Wands
On this Saturday morning, my card for the day is the Nine of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot. What a welcome card this is. For me today, it represents the necessity to guard my space and time from unexpected intruders. I want, I need this day to myself. The coming week is packed with appointments, birthday visits and whatsoever.  As you all know I am a Hermit at heart, so today is a perfect opportunity to stock up on some much needed solitude (if something like this is even possible??) I  have the whole day to myself and I want to keep it that way. It is so easy to be lured into someone else’s activities when you are prone to please everyone around you. No today is for me, myself and I.  (Ouch, that’s sounds selfish)
What I love about this card is that the sentinels are outward directed protective energy . It is that part of ourselves which is mindful  to what is going on around us while we can focus on doing other things. This in contrary to the Seven of Wands where our entire self is defending her right to her own space and time.  

Today I want to respond mindfully to questions asked, instead of jumping into pleasing mode right away. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Five of Wands - Wait for the right time to go for it

Today’s card is the Five of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot. This card is all about competition; wanting to be challenged and more importantly wanting to win. It is my “go for  it” card.
Shadowscapes Tarot Five of Wands  Shadowscapes Tarot Page of Pentacles
Al the foxes want to catch the hare and are jumping over each other  and are obstructing the guy who wants to go the opposite way. It doesn’t feel to me like the foxes are doing this on purpose because they only have on thing on their mind : Hare!
Since the beginning of October I have not been able to do the things I love the most due to my neck hernia. I am happy to say my pain is decreasing gradually and typing gets easier each day. But writing longhand in my journal, drawing and knitting are still difficult. Now, since the new year, I have been ill. Nothing serious but enough to lower my energy levels and not feeling up to do anything productive.
Oh, how I want to run up that hill just for the fun of it. Not because I have to but just because I want to feel my blood running through my veins and feel the fulfillment of reaching the top.

As advice on how to deal with these fiery feelings I got the Page of Pentacles: Just sit this out patiently and enjoy what I can do. Read a good book and write a blog post. Find wisdom (owl) in waiting because my opportunities will keep slumbering for a while longer until I am really ready to wake them up.