Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My first Square of Nine with the Lenormand about Creativity

Yesterday I've read my first square of nine with the Piatnik Lenormand. This little deck is my main practice deck. I like the pictures and it's classic look and  also because I have two copies of this deck so if I'll ruin it, I still have a spare one left. This little deck is living in my purse so I can practice my combinations where ever I go.
I've seen how Chloe from Inner whispers  has tackled her square and I thought her approach was clear and structured, which is wonderful way for a beginner to learn this spread :
Piatnik Lenormand, cross, lily, key, bouquet, moon, sun, fish,whip, heart, square of nine.To add something personal to the reading I decided to turn the center card first, in order to determine the topic of the reading: Moon - intuition , creativity. These keywords jumped out to me for this reading. 
Then I turned over the other cards....
First I've read the corners. 
Cross + Key + Heart: 
Open your heart to lighten you burden. The solution to your emotional setback is to be found in your heart.
Cross + Fish + Heart: 
Setbacks are asking for abundant love. An abundant rich spirituality is the solution to your problems
The Action Cross has the following cards:
Bouquet + Moon + Sun: talent and intuition will lead to success
Lily + Moon + Whip : Practice frequently until you  are satisfied  and content. Don’t beat yourself up but be gentle for yourself
I like it how the corners clearly state the problem en the action cross contains a practical advice: it is not only talent you need but also practice, practice, practice.  And not to forget a kind and gentle attitude towards your efforts. It is also good to notice the first card was the burden (Cross) and the last card is love (Heart).


  1. Wow, I am very impressed! I don't have a clue how to read Lenormand cards in this way, but it sure looks like you do. :) And I agree - your beginning and end cards make it appear that things will work out in a positive way.

    1. Well to be honest it takes more practicing than I thought it would. Who would think after finally being comfortable with a deck of 78 tarot cards I would feel so overwhelmed by this tiny deck of only 36 cards :)

  2. Just a little test, Ellen. Having terrible trouble commenting :(

  3. A lovely reading, Ellen! As Sycamore says, you are doing beautifully :) I might also read the corners as 'ethical (Cross) emotions (Heart) flow (Fish) to a solution (Key)' a variant on: stay true to your heart, and you will find that flow of creativity you desire. As for the action cross, how about: 'creative (Bouquet) harmony (Lily) comes from energy (Sun) and repetition (Whips)' - so like your reading, it's about both inspiration and practice :) I like the way you created triplets for each part - a nice touch!

    1. Cross has a much more positive meaning this way. I like that and also how you read the four cards of the action cross together. I feel like you are my own private teacher and I just earned a star!:)

  4. I like this method of issue and action. I will have to give this a try in a reading of my own. Add this into the other methods for a 9-card square and one would have plenty thing think over. :)

    1. Hi Cher, I am glad you like it!
      In this learning stage I think I will stick to this method, because otherwise it will get to overwhelming for me. Perhaps later I can add some other techniques too.:)