Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sun - A Good Omen?

Is my Tarot deck pulling my leg? Yesterday I’ve written about the ”horrors” of Summer. And I came to term with taking some Hanged man time in order to fill my well. Today’s card is The Sun from the Original Rider Waite tarot. My first reaction was: "You've got to be kidding me"! But then I realized this card is so much more than only a symbol for the Hot Summer Sun. The Sun in tarot is all about understanding, enlightenment, self confidence, feeling vital and happy, being radiantly energized, etc. And although I don’t do predictions, I cannot help but wonder, if I heed to the call of the Hanged Man, The sun might be  a likely outcome (Yeah!!!)

The Sun is also representative for trusting my abilities, letting my inner child play and feel free. So regarding my next art project this is very good prospect. J

I am the welcome burst of good fortune and clarity that floods your senses like the midsummer sun. I bring understanding and glory, happiness and freedom. I bestow vitality and radiance and usher in times of success and confidence. Bask in this moment. Enjoy it; savor it for this time will not last forever. Just as the sun sets and makes way for darkness, so my brilliance must, in time, give way to rain.” (leila Vey)


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  2. Let me try this again after a cup of coffee, lol:
    I completely agree with Vey, "Enjoy it; savor it for this time will not last forever." I can get so caught up in thinking, "But what will come after this, what will happen then?" I forget to enjoy the moment NOW. This was a good reminder for me to soak up the sun while it shines. :)

    1. Figuratively speaking I am growing more and more into a sun worshiper. I guess I've learned the hard way: now is all there is. But lately I am seeing a lot of articles and post about consciously pulling in that sunshine with a positive attitude. I have my mind set to give this a chance