Friday, July 4, 2014

When you stay flexible you can reach for the stars!

Chrysalis Tarot, The Acrobat, Page of Stones
For today I've pulled The Acrobat, the Page of Stones from the Chrysalis tarot. This Page is all about changing your perspective, be open for new idea’s and knowledge. While swinging on her pole she is rising above her troubles and is able to see new horizons. Her monkey symbolizes the benefit of an agile, quick witted mind.
The Acrobat is studious with a playful sense of humor. She likes to keep her mind sharp and pliable. She has a positive mindset and encourages us to keep developing our skills and knowledge. That way we won’t get stuck in fixed and rigid ways of thinking but instead we’'ll always be able to see different sides of a situation
The question I can ask myself today is: 
“how do I keep an open mind?” 
I've chosen the Mystical Lenormand to give me the answer to this question:
Bear+ Rider+ Stars
Mystical Lenormand, Bear,Rider, Stars

In this line of three we see the Bear again as  the first card. He resembles power and inner strength. But sometimes also an older person who might be less flexible then our youngsters.
The second card is Rider, as a symbol for movement and new insights and messages  from other sources. Things are changing quickly.
The last card, the Stars, is a card for intuition, spirituality, dreams come true and nowadays also the internet: What a source of information and new contacts. Reach for the stars, the sky is the limit. In this depiction you even see the learning attributes next to the cat.
So I guess the answer might be something like this:
In order to keep an open mind you have to be willing to embrace and keep up with new ideas and information. Keep studying with diligence and enthusiasm and a touch of intuition. Your success is written in the stars!
Cher has taught me to add up the inserts to add an extra layer to the reading.The inserts of these cards (if they were depicted here) would add up to 25, which is Ring. So in order to be successful I've have to stay committed to study and finding new perspectives. 
Of course after this post I am open for suggestions how to read these three cards differently J


  1. You are really stuck with the strength of the bear, aren't you? LOL I know we are not supposed to look at the images in the Lenormand like we do in the Tarot, but I can't help but see the stubborn bear holding off the approaching message. :) You did great with this one too. Here's another take though: To keep an open mind, you must let go of old beliefs and allow new messages to arrive. These messages will come to you intuitively, and possibly through the internet waves. Pretty much, what you said. :)

    I like this deck, especially this bear, but I wouldn't be able to keep from adjusting the reading to image. Whatever lay on the left of the bear, I would think is being protected and to the right, would be shut out. Guess there's nothing wrong with that, but it would go against the Lenormand Tradition. Well, hey, new ideas(rider) coming to an old belief (bear).

    Have a great day.

    1. Yes ha ha, he has a firm posture, standing like that. I like how you've worded the answer. It feels slightly different.Reading Lenormand is a good way to practice nuances in English!
      I think I am too much a newbie to notice if something doesn't fit with tradition. The stars card isn't a traditional study card either but for now it fitted just fine with the astronomy equipment.

  2. I think keeping an open, permeable mind takes even more work than keeping the body flexible as I age! Another wonderful reading (and reminder). :) I've never heard of inserts - does this mean to add the numbers associated with each card together?

    1. Thanks Bev, the more I practice with the Lenormand the more fun it gets
      The inserts are the little playing cards you see often in the pictures. I hope my "flexible mind" will make up for the stiffness of my joints :D

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Loved your reading, and the way you were open to interpreting that Chrysalis Tarot Court, rather than sticking to Page of Pentacles meanings :)

    Okay, another way to read these would be seeing the centre card as modifying or explaining the other two. So, you keep an open mind by exercising (Rider) your determination (Bear) and clarity (Stars). If you decide you will be open, then that will happen. And if you allow yourself to see, without the blocks of assumptions, you can spread your mind open like the wide heavens above. Both of these, though, may take practice, hence, the exercise for your mind :)

    1. Well I am definitely open minded to this interpretation! I Thank you Kerry. I guess it is all depends how you start out your reading or can you mix up the card afterwards too?

    2. I normally think that if you create an intent before you do the reading, it is good to stick with that. However, the positional meanings are not always rigid. After all, a wild cat and a cat that is wild are the same thing. Yet, a big cat (lion, tiger, panther), and a cat that is big (fat, domestic cat), are not necessarily the same… :D

    3. I've seen youtube video's of a nine card spread where the cards were read together in all sorts of different combinations :) Corners, rows, columns first and last, knighting etc A bit of mixing up is fine by me but to much is getting confusing :)