Saturday, July 5, 2014

Three Card Daily Draw with the Chrysalis Tarot

Since I’ve received the Chrysalis Tarot, I’ve been playing and reading with it constantly. I like the new perspectives these cards are giving me and how they are requiring the open mind I was writing about earlier this week. It is almost if I am  just starting out on my tarot journey. Of course this deck has the familiar Rider Waite foundation but there are so many different angles and viewpoints; it keeps surprising me.
For today I will do a daily three card spread with this fabulous deck. The positions are as follows:
1 The general energy of the day
2 The challenge of the day
3 The gift of today

Chrysalis Tarot, tarot bag, Eight of Scrolls, Eight of Spirals., Two of Stones

1 The general energy of the day – Eight of Scrolls
This card is all about letting go of preconceived notions and self-limiting thoughts. See how pieces of the scrolls are flying over her head. When you reach deep within, you will intuitively know how to break free from these repeating inner tapes (scrolls) and how to change your perspective into a more positive outcome
2 The challenge of the day – Eight of Spirals
Run, don’t hesitate, you know the right way to go. There is a lot of movement and change going on but everything will be alright. You will survive this meteor storm and find your way out but it will be a hectic challenge
3 The gift of today – Two of Stones
This is the grounded attitude I will need for today. When everything is changing(the ice is melting, spring is coming) it is good to be careful and look out before you make your next move. Make sure your are safe and secure. With three paws on the ground and one in the air nothing can push you over

The gift is somewhat contra dictionary to the challenge but  to me it looks like you have to find a place of stability inside yourself;  of feeling strong and confident, before you can face the challenge of the Eight of Spirals . By the way it did you notice the bear (again) J


  1. I suppose the gift is that you will find the balance needed to deal with various obligations today, even if those tasks require you to be moving at top speed! :) That is a lovely (and practical) bag you made for your cards.

    1. I love the steadiness of that last card!
      Thanks. This is my favorite pattern.A lot of my decks have "sleeping bags" like that. It is a bag and reading cloth in one :D

  2. Love the reading and the 'sleeping bag'. :)