Thursday, June 12, 2014

Five of Swords – The bitter taste of victory

Shadowscapes Tarot  Five of Swords
Today I've drawn another five card: The Five of Swords. Five is representing strife and conflict, instability and loss.
This cards is all about conflict and the drive to win at any cost. Putting your own interest first, because if we lose we have to suffer the consequences: a feeling of failure and the realization of being outwitted. But we have to ask ourselves if the victor is truly happy with his victory. How can you feel victorious if you win at the expense of others? When you look at the angel his wings and hair are white and his clothing is black. As are his two companions, the black swans. This could symbolize this intrinsic conflict in the card's meaning. Do we identify with the victor or the defeated?
This card teaches us there are always alternatives to be considered before you act and slash your sword. 

For me this card is mostly about mind games, quarrels and arguments, because it is a Swords card. Swords can be sharp and ruthless and inflicts severe wounds.  Perhaps it could be wise to broaden our horizon; to look at multiple options and opinions before we claim to be right. Ignoring this and go for victory is the easy way out, because when we try walk the middle way there will be less victory but also less defeat: there will be compromise.


  1. I always think of this card as winning a battle but losing the war. Like trying so hard to prove I'm right about something that I end up alienating the people I'm discussing it with. There is a self-centered approach here - "my way or the highway." I wonder if the pain of the Three of Swords has an undercurrent of payback in this one.

    1. It sure can leave you heart broken after being left alone with your "victory". I think the Five of Swords from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot depicts this lonelyness rather well