Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two of Air: Listen….

“A woman stands by a hawthorn tree in bloom, listening to two cedar waxwings making companion calls. She closes her eyes to shut out extraneous noises so she can hear the quietest bird call, the one behind all the other ones. She cradles something precious in her hands — perhaps a stone or broken bird's egg. It becomes a talisman of silence and awareness.
"The quieter you become, the more you can hear," Ram Dass.
You are learning to become so still that you can hear the quietest sound of all: the voice within your own heart, the voice of Spirit. Come into the awareness of silence and stillness. Make time and space in your day to sit in silence and allow insight to appear. When there are decisions to be made, it’s best to "move at the pace of guidance," as Christina Baldwin says in Seven Whispers.”

This text came from my First Android App, The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert,  I've bought from Foolsdog, a company which sells tarot apps for iPhone and Android. Yesterday I've also bought Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll, a lovely deck but due to high shipping costs to The Netherlands too expensive for me to buy as a real deck. I like both apps; they are fun to play with and it is rather handy because if you tap on your card it turns around and you can read the meaning on the backside J. But I do miss the feel of a deck in my hands. I think you can compare it with reading a physical book or an E- book on your reader. It is okay but you miss the smell and the feel of real paper. Still I do enjoy having those two decks on my tablet. The card for today was very timely. Because as I've told you before I am trying to meditate more frequently. This card is showing me what wonderful peaceful experience it is to be still, to listen and to become aware of that soft inner voice of intuition.

Affirmation:” I take time in my day to listen, and be open to receiving insight”


  1. I had the thought that (although she is holding something in one hand) she is checking her pulse rate too. Waiting for those emotions to calm... :)

    1. Ha ha yes that is a healthy benefit of a quiet listening mind :D Isn't it wonderful how many idea's and insights can be derived from one picture?

    2. A beautiful image, this card. I agree with you Ellen, nothing compares to the feel of cards and same as reading. Most folks don't make it through reading articles especially if they are long. They lose their focus. If it is too long forget it I can't read it usually. Research studies have shown that children online can't concentrate and it changes neurotransmitters in our brains. Taking time to meditate and listen to the still quiet voice. especially in this time of instant communication, and everyone in a hurry it seems.
      Your post is a good reminder, of this important daily practice.
      In part, it is why I journal, and read daily meditations. I know this has made all the difference and why I love living in the countryside. All good things for the soul!

    3. Yes reading something online is definitely more challenging than reading a book. I've read somewhere that it gets harder to find people who can focus for a long time on one problem. We are becoming more multitasking people nowadays
      I enjoy meditation so much this time around. I even skip looking for excuses not to meditate as I used to do before :)