Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knight of Vessels - Eel

The Wildwood Tarot  Knight of Vessels EelAfter we've chosen our path and have received the blessing of the Archer we are on our way again until we arrive at a brook in these luscious woods. Here we encounter the Knight of Vessels; the Eel. Quietly he moves through the currents of the stream and he is teaching us to move along with our emotional ups and downs without being unexpectedly washed ashore. It is a real challenge to be fully aware of our feelings and emotions and not to be overwhelmed or intimidated by them. It could be life changing if we could use them as a guiding light on our way instead of hiding them deep, deep down inside ourselves. So deep, we are tempted to deny or even forget about them. Thankful for the wise lesson of The knight of Vessels, we are following our path through the Wildwood leaving the eel to continue his personal quest on his own.
I wonder how great it would be if I could deal with my feelings and emotions like this Eel does. I used to be a great hide and seek player, for myself as for others. Putting on a mask and pretending everything is okay has been my coping mechanism for many years. Lately I've been learning to be more honest about who I am and what I feel and I've discovered that sharing does bring a sense of relief and acknowledgement, which decreases the strength of my emotional currents


  1. I wish I could remember when I'm in the middle of some icky feeling that it won't last forever. I am not this emotion, even though I may feel it consumes me at the time. Then I could swim as freely as that eel!

    1. I've learned that a raw emotion doesn't last that long. Only when we start thinking about it is will get a hold of us and it gets more difficult let it go. Perhaps it is our thoughts we should be watching instead of our emotions

  2. "Perhaps it is our thoughts we should be watching instead of our emotions" - that my dear, is some wisdom well stated!