Monday, July 3, 2017

Two of Coins - Taking a step back

Two of Coins Margarete Petersen
Today’s card is the Two of Coins from the Margarete Petersen tarot. In this card we see the soles of our feet while we are walking, carefully putting on foot before the other so we won’t step on the snake who has carefully wrapped herself in a lemniscate around our feet. She resembles the continuity of how we journey through life, of our ups and downs and of all our attempts to find balance again each and every time we seem to have lost it. This card also encourages us to walk (or whatever activity you want to engage in) more mindfully, to take a step back and become aware of what it is you are doing right now. Watch for a moment how you have been rushing and not being present with what you were doing and then do it differently; change the pattern

Today I was doing my grocery shopping and since this is not a hobby of mine I tend to do this as quickly as possible so I can go home and do something more to my liking. But today I slowed down and I was walking peacefully and mindfully from shop to shop and through the aisles, filling my shopping cart. It was a much more pleasant way of doing my shopping, also because I wasn’t so agitated and tired when I got home.


  1. I love her paintings. I notice her feet don't include the heels, only the balls of the feet and toes - a position that definitely calls for balance!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. To keep our balance we have to tread carefully. :)