Friday, January 31, 2014

The second new moon in January

This month we have two new moons. Some call this one the black moon. Personally I don’t feel this new moon has more meaning than any other new moon. Nevertheless, I have adjusted my ritual a bit to try out something new. I've visualized  my circle by calling the elements as I’m used to. It felt pleasant and familiar. For the first time I've incorporated mantra singing in my meditation and I loved it very much. I've chosen to chant a mantra for Tara,originally a Hindu mother goddess whose name means star. Later on she was adopted by Buddhism and now she is widely known as a goddess of o.a. peace, wisdom and compassion but it seems she has some fierce strong attributes too. This mantra has a peaceful feel to it. It is short and easy to remember and it did connect me very well to the Goddess. I didn't expect it to be such a fulfilling experience. I think I will try to do this in my daily meditation too and see if it is something that works for me.

After my meditation I drew two cards from the Osho Zen tarot
Release: Seven of Rainbows –Patience.  
At first sight, his card as Release card did confuse me. Just recent I had another seven of pentacles and I rather enjoyed its message. But then, that might be just the problem. This card is all about waiting patiently, being passive, but perhaps after my “hibernation” of the last few months patience can easily turn into sleepiness or indifference. And that is something I have to be aware of and let go. With the coming of Spring it time to shake off my indolence and become more active and alive
Embrace:  XIX Innocence.
My first impression is to encounter every moment with the innocence of a child and see all things as it was for the first time.
This old man has a playful conversation with the praying mantis . I wonder what they are talking about. The pink flowers are falling around him as a symbol of his innocence and of letting go of preconceived notions and ideas.
 “The innocence of children is beautiful, but ignorant. It will be replaced by mistrust and doubt as the child grows and learns that the world can be a dangerous and threatening place. But the innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever-changing wonder of life.”
I like to understand this as a message to be open minded and open hearted for the changes of nature when we move into the next season and also for the wonder in everyone I meet and everything I see and experience. To except wholeheartedly the gift of change in my life. And most of all to be like a child; alive and awake in every moment. 


  1. Had to smile when I saw the Release/Patience card... A friend has been in labor all day yesterday and into the evening, but when I got up this morning, she had sent me a picture of her beautiful baby boy!
    The falling cherry tree blossoms around the older man tie back in to what you said about the coming spring, maybe. :)

    1. Congratulations for your friend with her son. I am so looking forward to the spring. The sun is shining here and I am going out with my bike to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun light (it isn't warm yet :))

  2. A lovely combination of messages/images for you :). This is one reason why I don't always like keywords on cards… release patience?? It sounds so strange, isn't patience a virtue? But then you think about the underlying essence of the card and can understand why it might be necessary to release a time of pause or contemplation. All the same the cards are really pretty, and I love how you use this deck for meditations and personal exploration <3

    1. Yes is has become my new moon deck, because the overall feel of this deck is very positive even when you have to release patience.:D
      I like it when the positions bend the meanings of the cards. Sometimes its is more difficult to read a daily draw without question than a spread with five cards